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  1. If I was going to suggest a "best" Pokemon game to get, it would be either new sun/new moon, or one of the remakes, fire red, soul silver omega ruby, games like that. Most of those are 3ds games (or compatible) too.


    Don't get me wrong, I doubt many people will ever 100% their pokedex, it's just annoying when you can't get a favorite for your team because the new games have removed them. Like others said, I have some older ones I like better than many of the new ones anyways. Really? A trashbag? Wtf?!

  2. I just picked up a new, er, used gba glacier white, I was thinking of getting a sp screen and updating that sucker. All my gba stuff got stolen a few years back and replacing stuff is taking time, especially all my modded systems.


    Jeez, is it really $80 for a backlit screen now?, Heh, my original glacier was afterburner modded, but that's a frontlight, imo it was better than the mk 1 sp frontlit screen.


    I like the frontlit dmg newtmonkey, that's cool, reminds me of game boy light.

  3. Yeah I remembered balls or missiles shared sprite or bg color, just don't remember which.


    Still that looks awesome, and I'm not nearly as anti blinds as some people. I hope you can get sprites and ai and such working on it, I'll certainly buy one if it happens.

  4. Eh. I didn't read that whole wall of text, but what I did read sounds like your essentially suggesting the big boys do what Android (and I assume Apple) does. Most games, if for sale, are cheap, usually sub $5, though in recent years some are creeping up. Also most have a free version, that's got adds, and paid versions that dont.


    I don't see this as anti consumer myself. Try it before you buy it is great. If the games not your style, don't buy it. If it is, you can opt to buy it to unteather it from adds, or just deal with the adds for the free version, letting Coca-Cola (or whoever) foot the bill. Sounds like a win for everybody to me.


    The only makers who have a problem with this are likely making trash or me too hacks, and those don't do well regardless of physical, digital, sale, or free.

  5. That actually looks pretty darn good.


    I was going to suggest using a ball for water (it can be any width on each line, and you have two. Then the rest of the playfield could be done with two colors, black for the job interactive bit, and a light reddish color for the ground, while using the blinds for walls, giving the appearance of another darker red color.


    Of course, either way, you'll end up with blinds, so using it on everything like you've already done, might look better? Though memory usage may be more efficient on what I mentioned.

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  6. Heh, retro bump!


    Now you could get something like retron5 and there is a "mastersystem" cart that has ports for carts, cards, and gamegear games.  I can't comment on how well it works, but retron has a rather bad rep, so...


    to my understanding, the console itself does whatever it does to make gg games work, so unfortunately you can't just buy the adapter and use a stock genesis. Pitty, but it will do master system like the various master gear converters, so depending on what those go for, it could still be worth it for just that.

  7. It's dependant. Like a previous poster said, I've only bought them for more expensive items like computers. I don't bother with media, as it either works, or doesnt, and unless your abusive to your things, it'll work forever if it worked when you got it, and if it doesn't work, well, Wal-Mart does let you exchange within a certain time frame, so no need for extra insurance.


    So far, Wal-Mart gives the option (which I'm almost exclusively "no" on) but it won't surprise me when they just go to adding it to everything even if you don't ask.

  8. Cool. I'll have to see about picking those up now, when pre-order becomes available.


     yeah I know you can switch weapons on cybervirus, it's just a few times I've destroyed a tower instantly with a grenade, while most times I can't destroy even one using everything I've got. Didn't know about missiles, other than I started with none, I'll see if I can find them. The radar (or map?) Only shows objectives and enemies though, so that's little help, especially when all the mobile enemies are gone. Maybe I have to hit the tower precise, or not hit it, but I couldn't figure out the secret since success happened so seldom I couldn't tell you what, if anything, I did different.

  9. Intellivision had the running man, not sure if they considered it a mascot, but it was definitely associated with them.


    While I like Harry, one, he's Activision, not atari, and two, a bit to close to running man anyways.


    If I was to think of an Atari "character" for a mascot, the closest would be bently bear. He was actually in a lot of games, usually as an "easy mode" icon.

  10. I've got a couple, as others have said, it's rare, but not super rare. I've never come across the other variants, leading me to believe the "game brain" is likely the most common version.


    Nice idea, but also as said, due to non paired wiring and no internal shielding, it creates noise on screen. May be cart dependant, some games are tolerable while others seem nearly unusable.

  11. I tried cybervirus and wow. First mission, kill the blue towers and get to the exit. Heh...well... Not sure but it seems being able to destroy the towers is completely random, sometimes I can kill one instantly, but mostly shooting them does jack. You can kill the robots, but apparently not the towers so needless to say, I've not advanced past the first level.


    I looked forward to getting that in 02 (I think) but now I'm glad I didn't 😛

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  12. I have a 1k and a 3k, the 3 is lighter, and slightly thinner, it also has a video out port so you can get various video cables to attach it to tv. Keep in mind, on tv it has a post card border since the system is low resolution. The 1k is my workhorse though, taking a larger battery gives it a longer life, but as batteries are all old now, this may be a moot point.


    Over all, I liked it, when you stick to "made for it" games, but many console games made it that just didn't work due to go few controls. It was hit and miss on consoles, gta was imo great, but that's about all the consoles I liked on it. 

  13. Neat. Never saw that, I would have said clone system if others hadn't already said what it was.


    I remember the disc swap, but had the ps2 slim version which was just a spring to hold the open door switch down while you swapped the disc. Never much used it, had a few dbz games that didn't make it here at the time, but not much else.

  14. On yeah, chips challenge was a favorite of mine bitd, that was the one I wanted lynx 2 the most for. I originally played it on pc, and it's not a knock on lynx, the game really does look like that lol. Checkered flag quickly became a favorite, very "pole position" in play style, I love it, and man, what a track selection.


    I guess my order got in just in time, as when I checked the mail friday, lynx collection one had arrived. I've only played the game you as a monkey, but looks like a lot of good ( or at least interesting) titles I'm have to try.


    lot of great lynx games still missing, maybe a lynx 3 cart is in the future. :)

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  15. Consoles never were a real issue though, until ps2. Don't remember exactly, but some production problem, like earthquakes or something. That year you could sell one for thousands, even a couple weeks later. Ever since then EVERY console has had usually major limitations the first year, and some (like wii) were limited a year+ later.


    I might give a pass the first year, might, but anything longer is strictly artificial. And why not? It works, again like wii, it was hard to come by for years, as a result, a lot of people continued to claim it was the next best thing to god, not because it was particularly good, but because "I have one and you dont" 


    Outside of nintendo, I don't buy much day one anymore, let others be the beta testers. Nintendo does seem to at least complete and troubleshoot their stuff before releasing it. That said, the Wii was order of magnitude the worst system I've owned, not because it wasn't capable, but because artificial rareness hid the fact that motion controlls often didn't work and/or wernt wanted.


    There's not much reason for companies to limit their stuff from a money standpoint, it's not like they scalp their own stuff on eBay or whatever, but the limits do provide artificial demand that might not be there otherwise.

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  16. I'd buy one, that's for sure.


    To my understanding, the multiplayer games will work multiplayer, but not on the handheld, due to not having a way to add a controller. Well, they might could, depending how the usb port is set up, as you can load updates, it is a com port, but I don't know if it would use a controller, or a patch (link) cable.

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  17. Never heard of the herbs bit before. I always understood the reasoning for using 91% was because there was less water in it. Discs shouldn't care, but carts and other electronics don't like water. Honestly, unless your soaking (like submerging) electronics, it shouldn't matter, and imo, alcohol could be worse for plastics as it could leach the oils that plastic is made of, out of it, making it more brittle. (For cart shells and discs)

  18. Looks like water damage, which doesn't always destroy the consistency of a labels feel, but definitely will discolored it. Had the original label been darker, I would have said Sun damage, as it often bleaches the colors.


    I hope it works, I'd like one, but not come across one yet.

  19. I haven't had a working jr in ages, but my 7800 will do the bouncing. If it wasn't packed away I'd try the switch settings on my 7800.


    Supercharger problem is that the dust flap pegs are part of the circuit board and are to long to let the card edge get a good connection in the 7800's port, outside of that I'd imagine it works, if it fits your console, that's great.

  20. Maybe 64 was the Rom chip size, though I doubt it.


    I'd agree chess is likely the first ten game options with Othello being the next four options. You just gotta hit the select switch however many times. Don't know about Othello, but chess goes between single and multiplayer, and higher numbers let the computer think longer.

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  21. I forgot to ever mention that, about the charger, or lack thereof. I have so much crap that uses micro usb that I didn't think about it. I use my Amazon basic charger, rated at 2A, and no problems ever occurred because of it. I just assumed it didn't come with one, it's been years since I've seen any usb device sold that included one.


    I believe reaperman is right that the mah rating is what your device will try to pull. Using to big a charger should be no problem (though personally I'd probably not try one of the newer 3 or 5 A chargers with a 500 mAh device)


    Using to small of charger is probably not a problem, though the smallest I've ever seen was 250 mAh for an old phone. 


    Idk if you can charge and play simultaneously or not, as I've never tried, to small a charger would definitely goof that though, and potentially ruin the battery.


    When is the consolized evercade coming? Or have they decided against that?

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