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    Pitfall II

    D**M I have never realized how huge the world on Pitfall II really was. BTW, what system is that map made from? The characture sprites are all the same, but the enviromental graphics are way different from the 2600/5200 versions.
  2. LOL @ Electroshocks. *One customer had this to say* "After getting shocked for the 7th time, I let my Atari 2600 go flying out the window. It still works. I bet that wouldn't happen with a PS2 or X-Box. Game ON" Hey, I'm all for new controllers, especially if they get new games written to use them so you have a reason to buy the extra controllers. But an addon like this would make hacking games easy and people would start doing it for everything (combat, berzerk, space invaders, pac-man, pretty much any game could be enhanced this way) I'd definately buy one, and I'll be waiting for you to announce it.
  3. Video

    foam inserts??

    I never thought that you could insert the cart with the foam in it, I always removed it (and lost most at a younger age) Though I guess that would account for the reason that the Acrivision carts have such a deap cart edge, for the foam to squeeze up into when you insert the cart. Interesting, but I doubt it worked to successful over much use. That's probably the real reason theys topped using these.
  4. I must have a different design or something. The POT thing on mine is a square plastic block rather than a round metal one. Heh, oh well, should be just as easy to take apart like they mention there. I'll try it later. I hope pulling off the paddle won't strip it so it can't be put back on.
  5. Thanks Rob and Mitch, I'll definately look into it. Hope our crappy radioshack has all the stuff I need. Won't work, there is only one wire available for the two possible signals. Oh, I see what you are talking about now. I was thinking of something else at the time and wasn't thnkiing about how the paddles actually work. Sorry, worth a shot anyways I guess.
  6. Wow, I didn't know that about the 7800. I hope some people start dabeling in homebrew stuff on it sometime. It'd be nice to see it really pushed. Seeing what is possible on the 2600 now, it would be amazing to see the 7800 whip out some serious stuff.
  7. I think it would have been an obvious game. Especially with a two button controller, you could have three missile towers just like the arcade, left for left fire, right for right fire, and both for middle fire. Maybe It just got lost, I'm pretty sure it was advertised to come in early mags and catalogs.
  8. Here are a few of my favorite games. Doom Wolfenstien 3D Iron Soldier (Beware, more sim for controls that DONT utilize the jag controllers very well at all) Iron Soldier 2 Cart (don't have a Jag CD cause I'm to broke, but caught this cheap on EBay luckily) Aliens vs Predator I War (lot of people said it sucked, but I like these simple tank games) Tempest 2000 (it's simple mindless fun, with some fast paced action) Defender 2000 (like Tempest, a great old school remake) I don't own that many games, but of the ones I have I'd suggest to NOT get. Checkered Flag (If you get the driving down, it's to easy, but the controll ruins the game) Kasumi Ninja (tried to be Mortal Kombat, and while it looks cool, it's got a nasty time delay between button press and onscreen action) SuperCross 3D (crashes way to easy, hard unforgiving corners make it more annoying to play than fun) Bubsy (Nothing like the SNES game)
  9. I believe Atari made the 7800 Public Domain just like all their other systems. The last system they made PD was Jaguar, in 98 I believe. One absolute must. If someone makes a 7800 system, put a STANDARD power port on it. The 7800 power supply was, and still is very hard to find, and systems are rarely sold with them.
  10. Instead of putting the switch on the paddle, put it on the box. That way, no moding of any actual controllers is needed. Oh, and I'd love to know how the Masterplay type circut works. I've been trying for years to find out how to make a digital controller work in place of the 5200's analog joystic. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Video

    foam inserts??

    Some of my activision carts had that, I believe it's just to protect the contacts, as they have no self closing door to do so. Not all my games (that I bought new) had that, so I'm not sure if that's rare or not.
  12. Awesome cart dude. Someone would love those LOL
  13. I know that. I have a copy of double dragon somewhere, Man, that games' hard as hell compared to it on anything else. :lol Yeah, It's understandable that Activision wouldn't want to pay (who owns it) for the right to make copies of ghost busters. To bad, It's one of my more favorite games. Oh, that, and Pitfall II Why is that not on any of the Activision classics?
  14. Video

    Pitfall II

    Pitfal II is a great game. It is probably one of the best side scroller platform games on the old system. 5200 version is even better, I have not ever been able to beat the second world, because I suck at that part of the game. I thought it was odd that the 5200 graphics were nearly exactly identical to the 2600 version of the game. But considering the game looks awesome to begin with, no biggie. If you touch the red plusses on the floor, you will start at that point when you die. You can touch them as many times as you want/need to, just remember, it drags you back to the LAST checkpoint you touch. I've beaten the game many times. I'm still aiming for that ever elusive Perfect Score, but I regularly get 160,000+ on it, so i'm a lot better than I was back in the day (when I'd consider it a good game to break 100,000) Hey, Anybody got Ed's Pit, Pitfall III? I saw this mentioned somewhere, but never saw copies available. I was wondering if it ever got released, because I'd like a new pitfall game.
  15. I liked Checkered Flag. The choppy framerate did suck, but I liked how it looked otherwise. I didn't like the AI, I haven't nearly mastered steering, and I can still take first easily, that's just bad. And the steering just sucks. It's like this, You hold the direction you want to go, and for a half a second, it does nothing, then all of a sudden, it turns as sharp as it can, sending you into the wall on the other side of the screen. The controll crappiness, and the way it handled, hints that there was originally supposed to be a driving controller available to play this game with. I'd certainly buy a re-release of this game, if the controll was fixed, and nothing else, but if everything was tweaked, I'd have to buy it. In the mean time, I'm playing Super Burnout, and waiting for WTR to come in the mail.
  16. That's interesting. I didn't know they made sell sheets for arcade games beyond the eighties, due to not much in the way of any arcades existing beyond then.
  17. Aww Oh well, worth a shot asking. Maybe someday someone will find a way, but it's still col though. I just ordered Pac-Man Arcade, and am looking forward to playing it the right way after playing the other verson 20+ years now.
  18. I really like to play my lynx, but my eyes are bad, so It's hard for me to see the screen. I just wanted to hook it to my TV so I could play it still. I'll look for those things though (to broke to get a TV video card, though emulators are free, so it might be a neat Idea)
  19. I really like to play my lynx, but my eyes are bad, so It's hard for me to see the screen. I just wanted to hook it to my TV so I could play it still. I'll look for those things though (to broke to get a TV video card, though emulators are free, so it might be a neat Idea)
  20. Hey, i'd certainly like to buy one. That's a good price for something that can use a flash card alternative to other conventional means of D/L games to it. As long as you'll take a check or Money Order, as my credit card only allows a $200 limit. Sign me up, for sure. Oh, and if someone wants to sell their cuttle cart to buy one of these, I'd be willing to buy one, I was to late when they ran innitially.
  21. Video

    Second button?

    I can play Jinks ok without a special controller. You just have to lift the paddle and drop it on the ball in order to change it's direction or angle. So far, I get that pretty much any game can work with a standard 2600 controller, with some functions done differently if you use a 7800 controller. I liked Rambo on NES OK... I didn't know it was out on the 7800, I'll definately look for it. Well, thanks. I just bought some pads and sticks for 7800 off Ebay, Maybe I'll get to play with them soon.
  22. I never even noticed they were even two players till the other day I hit the wrong button and it started, and after duying I couldn't controll the game till it died again. What an awesome feature, I'm going to get a friend to play me sometime.
  23. Wow I didn't know that. I went back and looked, and sure enough, the score is messed up when I play on the 7800. Well, I'll just have to try the other 7800 I got, when I get it back from a friend who's borowing it for the week. I think the other one I have has an expansion port, but this one doesn't. The sticker's gone though, so I'm not sure how old it is.
  24. Yeah, it'd have to be digital, I know where I can get digital parts. So I'll have to go with that, unless you have Idea's for analog sticks. I thought about using the stick off a PSX controller, since it's all there, but don't know if it'll work. I guess it wouldn't hurt to check it out. And it's self centering, so if it happened to work, I'd have a bunch of cheap sticks on old controllers I have laying around.
  25. I've read that the Keypad, Keyboard, and Kid Controllers are all enternally the same controller. I got a question. How does the Atari use all the buttons on them? I 've got Basic programming, and it shows all keys being used in the overlay? But I've never seen anything that shows the pinout for a key controller. Maybe I'll just take one apart and see how it works.
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