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  1. For asteroids and berserk, you'll have to look up instruction manuals (there here on Atari Age) you can adjust the difficulty switches to get the asteroids to be more horizontal, and the uof to appear, making the game !more challenging /fun imo. And berserk has a invincible ball (otto) that can be toggled. Yars is a bit more nonsensical, but it ramps up in speed and difficulty quickly as you play. But don't worry about it if you don't like some, or all these games, everybody likes different flavors and those game may just not be your style.
  2. The lines are a way the 2600 keeps track of sprite data on the screen you can have as many as you have objects on the screen, or even fill the entire edge of the screen with them (this is how some games appear to not have them) you'll lose 4 bg pixels, but some programmers appreciate the cleaner look. As far as I'm aware, these lines are always black, but I know a very few games have a different colored border, so I'd assume if you can willingly change the border color, the lines color would match. Like the mockups, yes a ball could complete the monsters tail, though how Atari works, while a sprite can only be 8 pixels wide, each line can be shifted a bit left of right to give a character that is over all more than 8 pixels wide, while not exceeding the 8 pixel (per scanline) limit.
  3. I don't know how powerful evercade is, but keep in mind it takes considerably more power (so to speak) to emulate a game, than it does to play a game made from the ground up for your system/os. That being said, I have serious doubts the evercade can emulate a 32 bit console, (despite handling 16 bit nearly flawlessly) but it programmed for the evercade, rather than emulated, I have no doubt you could do early era 32 bit style games. I'm just not sure if anybody would be interested in programming a custom evercade exclusive, when they could emulate their 8/16 bit games more easily. As for homebrew, heck yeah! There's plenty of stuff for 2600/5200/7800 and a few others to make quite a few carts. It would be cool to see an Atari Age cart (or three) on the evercade, granted, I doubt that would happen as there are a lot of people that programmed those games, licensing would be a nightmare.
  4. The original nyko(?) Zoom didn't work that well either, unfortunately. It's just a set of plastic lenses that snap over the Kinect and (in theory) let's it work in a smaller area. When it worked, it indeed worked well, but it's more sensitive to ambient light I think, so often it would quit working sporadically, when it worked at all.
  5. If they make a "pro" version, I hope they mostly keep the single piece from factor of the lite, just add a tv out functionality.
  6. Just finished the first cat quest. I wasn't expecting that, but it's on the cat quest 2 cart. I thought about playing 2, but I'd forgotten that I'd preordered munches oddysee and I've not played that in like 15 years, so I may temporarily jump ship to that game instead lol.
  7. Could have sworn sonic had been translated/ported decades ago. I remember the "but snes can't do that speed blah blah blah" from bitd, and while I forget the exact level, I used to always point to a particular level on smw which indeed ran at an insane speed (faster than sonic tbh) but I've not played in over a decade so I forget now. Super Mario world doesn't particularly do anything that wouldn't work on genesis, it just wouldn't be as pretty being dropped to a 64 color palate. As for super Mario 64 on psx, doesn't that system do like twice the polygons of the 64? Still, that rather ugly crooked polygon thing the psx does, especially towards the screen edge.
  8. I don't mind the timer (et spends much of the movie "dying" too), but the well detection I like fixed (et is depicted from the side, and even in video game land, hitting your head making you lose your footing never made sense)
  9. I think all those keypad/ keyboard controllers use the silicone (rubber) contact types. You likely have a corroded contact, or the graphite rubber contact may be worn or missing. You can take it apart, their just held together with screws, it'll have a pcb with a grid of contacts, you can clean the dirty ones with alcohol and a qtip or paper towel. If it's extremely corroded, like green rusty stuff, an eraser works good too. You can use high grit sand paper, but he careful as you can strip the circuitry or contact itself if your to aggressive. For the rubber button part, if the graphite dot is still there, you can lightly rub it with an eraser or sand paper, that will rough up the surface a bit to make better contact as well as removing dirt and oxidation. If the dot is missing, you can glue a foil dot there. Typical kitchen foil works well, if you have a hole ponch, they come about the right size. Glue the foil dot on the little standoff rubber peg and let it dry before reassembling the controller. I say it's likely corrosion or a contact problem, because it the cord or a trace was bad, you'd likely have more buttons not working.
  10. I was going to say sonic an knuckles, though I think it ran as an independent game, it was an add-on for sonic 2 and 3. Not sure if gameline or Sega channel count, it's definitely a download service, but as far as I'm aware, neither had unique titles. I seem to recall several dnd games for the c64 had expansions you could buy, but I don't remember. Sure, not technically a download, as it came on discs, but still expansions using the original games.
  11. Most sticks use dome contact buttons, Atari first party have always been rather stiff imo, I'm sure the 'boots (rubber stick cover) can become stuff due to age, but it's still normal for them to be stiff. You can buy new sticks (look up hyperkin or retron 77 joystick) or there's any number of old sticks, including Sega compatible sticks you can use (master system or genesis pads are great) and you can use your originals or buy modern replacements. 2600 is a standard db9 and most controllers with that plug work on it, though there are a few that wont. Are you just looking for a softer feel, or a longer throw? Someone could make a recommendation based on what you want. I personally like the wico batwing types, and those have a hat button too.
  12. If your looking for investments probably not. They probably won't go down much, but as most are consistently available new, they are unlikely to go up either. There are a few exceptions, like originals limited runs, but outside of something like princess rescue, I can't really think of any.
  13. Been playing spirit of the North recently. It's a different take on adventure. Nothing really to guide you, you just wonder around till you find where to go next. It's probably short, but looks ok, and the Fox and spirit Fox thing is neat to play with.
  14. Sorry that took so long. Covid and my obliviousness and a few other things so I forgot about it. The system claims about 24 gigs left, and the 128 doesn't appear to be touched. It seems Minecraft is simply limited to 500 (probably 512) meg save sizes. I just started a new world and have had no further issues, despite the big save still being there. Maybe it'll be updated to support larger sizes at some point, the console ones topped at 2 gigs before exhibiting issues. Heh, my computer version was up over 8 gigs in size when my computer died, and it doesn't work on win 10. Weird it's still for sale, but doesn't work on the owners os.
  15. Super Nintendo would be first for me, yes it's mostly a rehashed nes, but the games are far more refined on the snes. It also has many unique games that got their start there (console wise, many of played on pc of the era) games like lemmings, populous, non final fantasy rpgs (nothing wrong with ff either) mariokart, f zero, starfox, doom and plenty of others. I've never been one to stay glued to a tv, so all the handhelds are great too. Gba being my favorite there, being most like snes from a capabilities standpoint, and being fully bc to dmg didn't hurt either. Switch is amazing and all, the screen and controller issues are imo overblown (some of us know how to take care of our stuff) but due to far to many games that could make it an absolutely stellar handheld being broken, it's unlikely to make my favorites of all time list.
  16. Wow, that's a lot. Considering just a year earlier games were commonly going for .25-$5 each, most hovering in the $2 range. By 85 I don't recall seeing 2600 stuff anymore, outside a few Activision titles. They seemed to weather the crash better than most others, even atari.
  17. Neither particularly. The state of internet in my area means I don't have an option for online, and sure as hell not for streaming. Xbox will be fully online, not that the one wasn't already (it's only the third console I've ever sold off in my life, and the only one ever while it was still current) playstation will step in that disaster this generation, which is funny, considering there is a reason ps4 outsold the xone, but magically Sony will act oblivious. That really just leaves Nintendo, but last gen, even they screwed up with the fractured games, and to much online stuff (no link or game moving capabilities, wha?) So while their next system will likely suck too, in theory it should at least be playable still. Do new consoles impress me? Not since original Xbox have I really been impressed by the barely crawling forward state of games. Sure, handhelds have been impressive, but that's just because they were pushed so far back during the 90's, so they really were just playing catchup.
  18. All I can guess is the current crop of Pokemon games just aren't "doing" it anymore. Between needing a service just to trade Pokemon, a big part of the game, and modern games not even being able to catch/trade all of them anyways, the older games are more appealing even to us old school players. Sure sword/shield or evee/pikachu may look amazing, but their amazingly dumbed down from their earlier counterparts. Still, those old games were produced in obscene numbers, so uber common ones going for $20-100+ just doesn't make sense. I've been going back through the series getting games I've missed over the years, but finding them in decent shape is rather costly atm.
  19. Wonder how much of the issue is" covid" ,vs, "we don't want to deal with it cause it's not local"?I It's why I started a funstock account, Amazon apparently isn't going to be a reliable access point for evercade. Speaking of that, lynx collection 1 and 2 are available to pre-order now.
  20. They probably last better while you actively use the system and keep cycling the battery. Unfortunately, mine is old enough their both beginning to bulge. Not sure it's safe to use, but I only charge it when I have time to watch it, in case it goes nuclear or something. I need to try running it without a battery, if that works I may build a power pack and use that, the originals are certainly on their last legs, and all the currently available ones are nos, and likely to be in the same, or worse operating condition.
  21. Lynx? I'll need to pre-order those. Started a funstock account to order tanglewood and Oliver twist carts, what's two more? One says september, the other october, so it'll be a bit before they come in.
  22. Cool that someone who worked on it dropped by to say some stuff about it. I do know in the late 90's many of those early cheaters got found out on x games. It's just like "wow, you had to cheat to become one of the "greats" but thought that would fly in an actual competition? " lol Always wondered if you could cut the middleman and use xband to link two systems directly today. How much was handled by servers? Granted, what's the interest, since, as far as I'm aware, all its games are still available today in better formats.
  23. What's wrong with it? Don't believe me, look up 480i yourself, once you find it means interpolation, look that up, and once you figure out it's only outputting half the image per refresh, go ahead an come back and explain HOW I'm wrong. Jesus, 2020 and people still don't understand this, there's a reason even the media companies themselves finally let go of interpolation, even lower end average Joe's were figuring it out, and those who couldn't, well, there's google.
  24. I wasn't aware Simpson's was even still around. I enjoyed a few back in the 8/16 but days, despite them being generic platformers, I'll have to try the racers sometime.
  25. It was a toaster because it resembles a toaster oven, which is side loaded, at least all I've ever used are. That moniker only came out after the "toploader" came out, I believe in 93. My problem with the dogbone controllers is they were WAY to small. They look nice, and the curves dig in a bit less than the square controllers, but just weren't as good as the original.
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