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  1. 1702 Commodore monitor. Yes it's only 13" , but it's Atari notnot really super tiny high res images to deal with. Outside of that, I've got several crts (crt all the way) and my consoles remain unmodded, and likely will will repair becomes required.
  2. Very nice. If I didn't hate PayPal or be interested. Looks a lot nicer than what I'd do, almost pro. As for compatibility I seem to recall issues with some special carts, and homebrew, but I've not modded mine, so that's speculation. I'd rather bring an original console back than hack it up for parts.
  3. I wouldn't buy a graded game (I want to play it) but yeah, prices are going up, probably some artificial due to corona, but they've naturally gone up too.
  4. Faster? I want that! One of my favorite things about arcades was many had a speed chip mod, which imo made Pac Man say more playable (probably screwed with people's "winning pattern" too)
  5. Video


    Cool I guess. Most joysticks, first party, are hollow, so I can see it. Maybe the original owner liked silk sticks "hat" button, but preferred the cx40 for comfort?
  6. Oh I thought they meant actual hd, only the rgb port can output higher than 240 (some sort of technical (and later, legal) limitation) but people often see the 480 and forget the "i" bit. That's interpolation, and is literally outputting half of that resolution, whether the image is true 480, or artificial, it's being output at 240.
  7. I didn't actually try saving the piko games. Some crashed on booting, most the crashes were just random though, like get in a fight, and get kicked out of the game. I've played all 10 initial carts, and so far, it's great. Love top gear, er, racer, hope a next piko cart has topgear 2k, and or 3k. Even though it's buggy, that's probably my favorite snes era game. Like someone above said, crashing doesn't happen reliably, most times the cart behaves, but sometimes, it's just going to crash. Maybe something happens when you power on the system that occasionally corrupts the emulator, but it seems only the piko cart has had issues (in handheld mode) I've not tried on a tv yet, upconverting to hd may yield more issues, but I've not ordered a cable yet, and I'm mostly interested in the system as a handheld anyways, so till the console version comes out (two playered baby!) It's not much of an issue for me. Only thing I really don't like about the system is really the save state. Instead of a single slot being displayed, I'd prefer a page display. It would also be nice if the slot at minimum, said it was occupied, and preferably, with what. I've no idea how many save slots the system has, I scrolled through over 200 before going back, so it has enough slots for multiple saves for all games (currently available) but it's up to you to remember what is saved where. Edit, on saves, when you select a slot, and save, the only hint that it did anything is it goes back to the game. If it just sits there, I think it hasn't saved. Loading a game doesn't appear to care where, as long as your in that game. It needs an indication it's saving, but my experience so far is it it was successful, it kicks you back to the game. Oh, cart 12 has a virtual empty shelf in amazon, so I take it 11 and 12 are out now, or very soon.
  8. Nice, that needs to be an intro screen on some game. I want my rainbow Atari goodness
  9. Think some of the Activision carts were pricy. I seem to recall some people paid like $45 for pitfall 2, and that's sans additional controller. Of course that's 84, I got mine for a lot less, like $20 iirc.
  10. Well I know the game has to support it to get higher res video (like the handful of he games on Xbox or ps2 that supported 720 or even 1080) I was just meaning, rgb on the oldest ps consoles was it's own rca style port, and I've no idea when it was removed, but it was gone by the time I got mine. Time crisis (?) Was an early game I picked up, cause I loved lightgun games, but to play it, I actually had to rent a console, as mine wasn't compatible, because for some oddball reason, the gun plugs into those rca ports. It's ok though, I never got to properly use rgb anyways, as no reasonably priced available tv's of the day had them. Back in 07 I got my last crt (hd) and it was the only tv outside of early lcd sets to have that port. Man games looked awesome on that, to bad everything tried to force widescreen at that point, so despite being hd, you lost resolution as everything got letterboxed. Never tried psx o it though, now I don't have the tv, and modern stuff doesn't even have typical basic ports anymore. That tv worked fine, just no reason to keep it while I was moving around, and lugging that 200lb bastid around was to much.
  11. CD and DVD may be 80 year media. I've never heard anybody make that claim on any of the recordable media. My first hand experience is it can last years, but look to reburn after five years of so, after ten, most the discs I've burned start having obvious degradation, sometimes even visible.
  12. Well, got to the piko cart, and this one is rather buggy and crash happy. Several games I've had to exit an restart to play, several have kicked me back to the game list, and one crashed hard enough to require turning the system off to restart. Games themselves are ok, but it's going to crash on you. Lot of rpg types on this one.
  13. Maybe. The system certainly has enough buttons, but I've actually not tried adjusting any settings on 2600. I DO know, don't pause, or select, those buttons do what they do on the 2600 lol.
  14. I'd hazard, also not a lot of 12 year olds swearing constantly online is nice, but "trash talking" certainly isn't a desirable part of the experience imo.
  15. What could you use in place of tennis? Think it would be cool to have the same Atari logo on each box (if possible)
  16. Megacat is pretty cool. Definitely old style, and is the first cart I tried saving on. Love puzzles. Saving works well, I assume the console saves rather than the cart, but I've not switched carts while saved, so idk.
  17. Nice. I'll have to get some. Bet a few look really cool under blacklight.
  18. Classic dn3d? I'd totally play that, I might even buy it if it got a physical release. I've got enough duke 3d though, and it's hard to beat the pc original. The remake was pretty good though, got it for ps4, but I don't see it getting a cart release for switch. Love that it has modern control scheme, and you can play with the old, or updated graphics.
  19. Theme is awesome! Now somebody needs to make the game, but with all the monsters and bubbles, it may be to hard to pull off. I think mostly the title screen could be done on actual hardware. The fair line may be to long, and the Atari logo would need to be on a separate line from bub an bob, but otherwise it looks right.
  20. What are the balls? Knob toppers for joysticks? Pretty cool, I've only ever seen the red ones.
  21. Nothing about the game is out and out broken (to my knowledge) I thing the "broken" idea came from the characters being side view, but the holes suck you in if the top of your head touches one, which is nonsensical. I think there was a hack that made hit detection with your feet only. Not that the game is unplayable or anything, just that by this time, the average game was a bit better designed. Oh, forgot the big image title screen, that was another addition st did for adventure games. Do any others have an actual title screen?
  22. It was a larger store in texas, Dallas I think, but it's been to long, and Atari was on the way out by then. I don't even remember the stores name, back in the 80's I was more interested in another store that had used media, I'd get laserdisc and vinyl records there. Local, local just kind of sucked in general, and, well, still does honestly. Heh, the joys of living in a small town.
  23. Pretty cool. I don't have that many colored boxes, but cool none the less.
  24. They were sold in book stores, of all things. I remember some of them at a local "christian" bookstore, but never saw them anywhere else.
  25. I kind of like them, when they work, which isn't often. Seems to have a ridiculously long throw,but I guess that depends on the game. Always thought those baseless sticks were supposed to be mounted on a board or something.
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