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  1. They were sold in book stores, of all things. I remember some of them at a local "christian" bookstore, but never saw them anywhere else.
  2. I kind of like them, when they work, which isn't often. Seems to have a ridiculously long throw,but I guess that depends on the game. Always thought those baseless sticks were supposed to be mounted on a board or something.
  3. I played the crap out of it on n64. Man that system was awesome on racers. Always wanted the Xbox one, it was supposed to be a launch title for live, but I think it disappeared .I wasn't aware there was a dreamcast version, I'll have to look for that one. Of course, 64 doesn't network natively, and I don't recall to much supporting any of the network adapters, but I loved building my own tracks. One of the 64 games that required the ram pak iirc.
  4. I usually just use the original clamshell case. If you buy a lot from GameStop, getting cases is a rarity, but most everything I get still has the case, even if it is in terrible shape.
  5. Well I'd pick up the arcades once they come out. Nothing against nintendo, or Nintendo versions of games, but by the time I got in on nes, I'd already had my till of arcade ports. I find it funny the 2600 versions of many games (asteroids, centipede, millipede, etc) are often faster and more challenging than the 7800 versions. I'm on the 6th charge, and seventh cart. Fixing to get into some weird stuff, never recalled piko or madcats games before. Probably played them, just don't recall them. I'm definitely putting more time into this thing than I was expecting. The large buttons are great on fighter types where your hammering away on them. Doesn't help my lack of skill in that game type, but that's another topic lol.
  6. Looks like a multicart for one of those famiclones from the 00's era. If you have a famicom to nes adapter, you might could try that.
  7. That's pretty cool. Good luck with your project, keep us posted!
  8. Aww that sucks. Considering some of the ques to do your button presses just blink bits of the screen, I could see cropping images making the games unplayable. I wanted it too.
  9. Not really a console, or even a game, for that matter, but in the late 90's I was installing something on the computer, and it kept coming up with "insert disk in drive a" or some such. After half an hour or so I was pretty raging. I put my hand through the front of the computer and ripped out the 3.5 floppy drive. It's a wonder I didn't get hurt, all the sharp metal bits, and I crushed holes in the disk drive. Still have that mangled drive around here somewhere. Thinking back I guess it was pretty funny, probably an Adam Sandler movie scene or something.
  10. Small library doesn't necessarily mean easy to collect. Game.com is a small library, and the system is dirt common, however, it's not up on ebay very often. Granted, it's over all terrible, so no biggie if you can't find them. Is wof2 really considered rare? I couldn't see it going more than $10 even if it is considered rare.
  11. Well if your doing a cabinet, even a bartop type, you should have enough space for a more traditional power bar to hook up however many psu you need. If course, sounds like your going into heavier modding, and it could be cool to have a single switch to power in the system an display at once. May not can handle it, but could the display mooch off the 5v power that runs the cart, or would that over tax how much power the cart port outputs?
  12. I've fully run the system down and recharged twice already. I'm on the third cart now (data east collection) and have so far, not run into any issues at all. The second cart, namco, is emulating some console, rather than the arcade, at least for pacman. I've played a lot of variants of pacman, but I couldn't tell you which console had orange dots and pacman. Looks like something that would have been done in 7800, but I don't recall Pac man being on there. Anyhow, so far, having a great time with this system. I'll need to find a mini (micro?) HDMI and see how it handles on tv. Oh, one thing I didn't mention, carts have the game name on the back as well, so you can see what cart is inserted without removing it, or powering the system on. Also, the boxes have the cart number listed on the spine, it that continues, it could make it easy to find a cart you missed, if you did.
  13. Wasn't aware teen titans existed in the 80's. I liked it though and would have loved a 2600 variation bitd (Or even now) As for et, eh, a lot of assumption goes into "if you didn't like it, you didn't read the manual" which I guess for some, it's true, but that's out and out false for others (like me) it wasn't a good game, even among adventure types, because it wasn't a good game. The idea was simple enough, it just wasn't to fun. It's the ONLY adventure game I ever "beat" within thirty minutes of getting it, most took me days, weeks, or even months, not necessarily related to age either, I think rotla took me the longest to beat, despite being the final adventure game I got. The only thing et added, that I'm aware, was the mobile chest (elliot) so the ghosts didn't jack your stuff. Outside of that, the world is WAY to small (but cool that its, er, "spherical" outside of that, it did manage to semi follow the movie, and was largely self explanatory , unlike most adventure games (rotla) They could literally done a Pac man hack, and it wouldn't have gotten nearly the out and out hate it did, yes, even bitd. As for swordquest, I wasn't aware they were even considered games. I'll totally give you that et is solid gold compared to any of those, which were so bad, I only ever "finished" one of them, and even Atari didn't complete the series, now that's a bad game. Their also the reason that, while I don't consider et good, by any standard, I also don't considered it any near a "worst" list either. I'd totally read that book if I found one, but then I'm weird.
  14. Faster blaster? Never heard of that one, but looks like it would be good for asteroids or something. I couldn't see playing much other than that with it. Most the rest I've got, and even consider some better than the Atari originals.
  15. Played through the first Atari collection. I couldn't figure out how to start double dunk, other than that, all the games worked. Most the 7800 games I don't own, so I can't say how well they emulate, but the 2600 titles are as good as the more recent console emus. Night driver is barely playable, but it's properly a paddle game so I wasn't expecting it to work as well as it did. The buttons are great, despite being rather large, they feel good, and are responsive. The d pad I was worried about, but have had no problems with it. The screen is really nice too, yes it's low res, but it works well for the Atari games. I've played for a couple hours, and not experienced any crashing issue, despite my random jumping in and out of games like a kid on Christmas day in the early 80's lol. Oh, and the cart is extremely tight in the system, as well as practically being seamless when inserted into the handheld, making this a decent pocketable system, though I could see it catching the label while being inserted or removed from the system, time will tell. Over all, I'd say this is a pretty nice little system, and feels like something one of the big boys came up with, rather than some unknown (to me) company. Hopefully it gets many more games and collections over the next year or two.
  16. All mine have officially arrived. The system is plugged in atm so it'll be charged later so I can try it out later. Seems just as durable (feeling) as say, agb handheld. I'll say more as I play with it. I'm going to get a lot of time in since I'm now quarantined
  17. Different games have different scanlines, since the 2600 isn't standardized, it was up to individual games to dictate how many to use. Of course, old fully analog crt, didn't particularly care what signal is piped in (within reason) but it can cause issues if your tv doesn't like the scanline count. It can jiggle, or even outright roll the image. This is most notable on pal games (which are often higher resolution than ntsc games) being played on ntsc systems/sets. Because the games themselves determine resolution, some games will switch resolutions as they play, usually between title screen and gameplay screens, but it can change resolution on the fly too, and really mess with the image the tv is expecting.
  18. That is a plug so you don't need a switchbox, which causes static, or at least can. On ghosting, I think it's a limitation of hardware or something. I've noticed it on many games (and even other systems bitd) most notable, I'd say blue bleeds a lot, think the ice crystal guys on Mario bros, who have a dark border down one side, and blue eyes, despite being monochromatic light blue sprites. The effect never really bothered me, but it may be different from system to system, cart to cart, and crt to crt. If it was consistent, I'd think some games would have been programmed to make use of this, er, "feature" to give more colors, or a 3d effect to games.
  19. I'd say look for a box scan. I don't recall it being called a jr bitd, but I've no recollection of ever seeing the box anyways. The commercials just mentioned it as "the 2600" which wouldn't be definitive by any means. I figure most refer to it as a jr, simply because it's a smaller system.
  20. Surprised marble craze (homebrew) wasn't mentioned. It has a main theme, as well as four full tracks that play while your playing. All I can think of otherwise has been mentioned.
  21. Well, orders say the rest should be here Monday. Hopefully it'll be here, and awesome, but I'm not necessarily expecting it to be above average, I just like things like this, and it makes WAY more sense than pnp consoles (imo) I'm a hardcore fan of handhelds, tbh I play handheld more often than consoles, and always have, even back in the day. Partially, I liked not being tied to the tv, but I think mostly it was being a generation of two behind consoles often netted more refined, often better versions of older games. It was also amusing to see how people tried stuffing things in there that probably didn't actually belong. Granted, not being a "real" console (considered by both developers, AND most gamers) often netted a lot of crap too. As for reviews, heh, not sure how good id be at that. My knowledge of emulation is mostly from pnp, which usually I'll give a pass because it more of less looks like the game I want, and I've never been hardcore enough to know every single pixel on, say, Pac man anyways. As long as it doesn't just out and out blow, it'll probably be fine for me.
  22. LOL yeah it was pretty modern in 03. I was going to say how to get high res out of playstation, but the original had rgb built in. Later models may have supported it, or svideo through a plug. By the time I got the system, the rgb was long gone, and when I replaced it, even the parallel port had been axed. The final dedicated console I got was the one, and it was pretty bare bones by then.
  23. Depends on which system you get. Being amazon, I didn't have access to all the "combos" but the one I got was the Atari collection. The rest of the carts I bought separate. I think initially there was several with one game included, and one with three games included, but I don't remember what they all were, probably Namco was one though. If you bought direct from blaze, there's even a combo with all 9 launch carts.
  24. I never even heard of evercade, anywhere. It's just something that poped up on amazon back in February when searching for other stuff. I liked the idea so I ordered it. Most the stuff came up as "shipped" this week, still with a delivery estimate of the 22nd. Today I went and checked the mail before going to work, and one of the carts has arrived. Most humorous thing? The first piece I get, was the last one I managed to pre-order. Lol, that's right, Namco collection 1 is he first item I've received. without being able to play it, I can say so far I'm impressed. The cart is about the size of a game boy cart (little shorter) it comes with a color manual, which has info about the company and games, tips, and other available games. But the box? Wow, I was expecting something cheap and shitty like gamegear, or worse, game.com boxes. No, it's a clamshell, so it'll be a good place to keep games not in use. About 3\4" thick, 5 .5" high and 4" wide .in f anyhow, the stuff is officially being shipped, all you guys who preordered, keep an eye out for it.
  25. It's dead atm, I'll check later once the battery is charged again. the world file is at 380 MB, which is super small (for a similar sized world on pc, it would be nearly two gigs) I thought the switch had 32 gb built in, which was why I said I should have 28~ish, about three gigs for whatever filing system they use, and probably half a gig or so for the various game saves. Second biggest would likely be skyrim, but that's the hundred plus save files there, not that they are particularly big (individually) I played a ton on computer, but mine died a couple years back, and Minecraft isn't compatible on new computers apparently. That or there's some program I need to make it work, but it doesn't say it's missing anything, it just sits forever on the loading screen until it locks up.
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