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  1. How much memory does switch allow for saving games? I mean game save data, not games themselves. I ask because recently I've been running into an issue, specifically on Minecraft, where the console randomly kicks me out of a game and says "your running out of memory to save games, delete data for more room." Two things, switch has 32 gb built in, not to mention the 128 I added when I got the thing (probably 28 or so gigs usable, unless system resources mooch a lot) And, all my games are physical, so there shouldn't be much space taken up by saves, even with Minecraft ever expanding world. The switch version seems the most efficient, saves wise, no multi gig worlds yet, unless the save size on the game select screen is wrong. is there some arbitrary limit to save data size?
  2. Minecraft. Other than that, f$#% modern games. Though to be fair, is it still a modern game if it's a 10+ year old last gen title?
  3. For your tv, many of the crts from the late 80's on had an option to display certain things like channel and sound input. If you have it's original remote, there should be a "display" button, which you'll have to push to cycle through its various options. I always hated this, as many people even bitd, seemed oblivious to the ability to turn these display icons off. It didn't help that some tvs seemed to have channel displayed as a native setting (probably a store demo thing) If you don't have the original remote, try setting up a universal remote, but no promises here, as even if the remote works, you often have to find the right button, if the remote even uses it. Display is a different option from input, that button just switches between cable, and whatever other inputs your tv may have. The tv itself may have options or menu buttons, but how you access display options varies from set to set. Good luck, hope you get it set right.
  4. Yeah the 64 controller worked fine, but the three handle design artificially limited it's actual button count. Unless you have three hands, and I certainly dont, you either lack access to the dpad and left shoulder (most common) the joystick and z button, or the c buttons a/b buttons, and r shoulder (least common) as far as I'm aware, it's the only controller ever to limit your access to all of its features. Personally, I never had problems with its stick, I'd personally get years of use out of a new one. Most people have some weird grip of death on controllers though and it often lasted a month or less, getting it a bad rap. It was comfortable though, and had decent button placement. Nintendo controllers always have a great d pad, and button feel imo too. On batteries, yeah, you can charge them. If your a responsible enough adult, it probably lasts plenty of time, but some of us get weekends off and have gaming marathons then rather than short daily jaunts. Also, charging a battery to often shortens it's life, to say nothing of when it dies outright and won't charge anymore. It's why I prefer cords, or if I must use batteries, replaceable ones. Never understood the idea that it you use AA batteries, you couldn't possibly use rechargeables, but to this day, that myth still persists.
  5. I always wondered about that, many games are 2 player, but as near as I can tell, the evercade has no controller port, not that there's an additional controller anyways (that I've seen) BUT, all the boxes depict the cart going into a console.
  6. That was the thing with 64, while it was an over all terrible design, it could still pull off fps the right way, dreamcast controller was between clumsy to unusable for this (at the time) exploding genre. Nothing at That time beat the ps controller, till Xbox came out. It's huge, but I love the duke. Ditto on wireless controllers. WTF man. I know, "but cords suxors" yeah, but you know what? So does dead batteries, and guess which one can actively stop you from playing a game? At least Xbox one is a simple pop in replacement instead of built in like everybody else.
  7. Programming a game would be rather easy. The "console" is merely a holder for batteries, controller, and the game itself, like microvision, or game wizard. Technically, as long as the game works within the controller limitations, you could make a cart with Xbox level graphics and gameplay. Of course, I think it should at least try to fit in the original consoles style. The hard part would be getting a mask made for the LCD array. As hard as it is to get one for a much needed microvision screen replacement (which is sorely needed, AND would be a basic drop in component) which would net hundreds, or thousands of sales, I doubt you'd get one made (for a reasonable price) for a few dozen, or maybe a hundred on the top end, custom homebrew carts.
  8. never had the crystal, but I got the original one, and a few games. Having never been localized, it's not very friendly to you if you don't know the squiggly language of Japanese. Of course, most text games (rpgs) don't particularly care what you select, so other than missing the story, it's still playable for the most part. to my understanding, the games are the same, so if they were put in the crystal, they'd be the same, just colorized, kind of like neo geo pocket vs color, though I could be wrong. the buttons are imo indeed terrible, but I did like the horizontal or vertical ability of the system.
  9. Xenoblade chronicles 3d was cool for 3ds, but despite being a beautiful 3d adventure game, the weird bastardized psudo live action/turn based combat system was just to complicated and clumsy for me to enjoy the rest of the game.
  10. Wow, I'd totally forgot about this. I had the curiosity, but the next week I went back, somebody had already picked it up. Anyhow, neat machine, thanks to all who had posted all those years ago.
  11. Hated the rather sharp SQUARE handholds. The buttons were to far apart, one option button, only triggers, which were nice. To few buttons over all, and only one stick. Also, the cable comes out the bottom, wtf? over all, it's just a terrible controller, especially considering it came out in 99. Yes the 64 sucked as well, but four years earlier gives it a pseudo pass, not that it doesn't still suck. only real good about it is, the triggers are nice, and the like three total games that made use of it, the vmu was a handy "second screen" before that was a thing.
  12. Well, the reflective layer is separate of the label layer (on most discs, I see no reason Wii u discs would be different) that reflective play disc is so thin it's fairly transparent anyways. Look at many new music and movie discs, you can see through many of the modern ones. Especially the ones without painted (probably Silk screen) labels. yeah it can be bitrot, but assuming the Wii u discs are manufactured the cheapest way possible, it's still WAY to early for them to be giving problems. I have disc media as old as I am that still looks (and works) new, while some stuff from the 90's are showing deterioration. Old discs used to be pressed, like vinyl, but at some point, the manufacturers decided making the data layer out of chemicals was easier/cheaper, and that took over. Even there, 20+ years (with minimal car e) is still a perfectly reasonable lifespan for discs.
  13. Why the hell is it so much? Wheel of fortune 2 isn't rare (as far as I'm aware, I've got two copies myself) I too would like to see a homebrew attempted on game.com, but don't see it happening as it's pretty universally hated. Specwise, it's a pretty decent system, but saddled with that multiscan screen, most any action game will likely look bad, but heck, trying to overcome system limitations is supposedly one of the reasons many people code for old limited systems anyways.
  14. That's some pretty sweet end labels there. I did something similar with standard address labels, looks like hell, but works for me. People forget, jaguar was two things, ataris last console, AND rather rare and obscure. Depending on where you get the numbers, there was only 1-2.5 million or so consoles made. Of course, games will be far rarer than consoles. Look at any console, and it's top game, even there it's rare for their to be more than roughly 10% as many games as consoles, and that's for the TOP selling games. Now your talking only one or two hundred thousand, for the TOP sellers, which aren't necessarily the best games. Jag CD is even worse, only 10-250k depending on where you get the numbers, think how rare some of those games are? jaguar is an Atari console in a unique position of "being somewhat modern", meaning it's more desirable to say, the "nintendo" generation (who often won't give "that old shit" a second look), and many of even that post Atari crowd, are now adults with disposable income, who likely already have all their childhood wants and are branching out to other consoles. Considering how big games got in the 80's and 90's (and will be even more exaggerated as more of the playstation, and later crowd come of age) there is just far more people who want it, than say 2600. like already said, there really isn't a good emulation, and no clone options out there, and it's actually quite surprising how much of the hardware made, was never boxed, or in some cases, even assembled.
  15. I don't ACTIVELY collect manual variants (or cart variants for that matter) but I certainly pick them up on the rare occasion I find them, and love seeing the differences. I'm more about playing than collecting, so finding a new game not in my collection (even a crap one, lol) is WAY more exciting than anything. Of course, something as old as atari, finding anything is still quite the rush.
  16. Well, next week is still the estimated launch (22) but being an import I figure early next month for me. Guess then I'll find out what's it about.
  17. Yeah, I forgot about the sewing machine one. Wonder if that required a special machine, or just a sewing machine with an input. I imagine it either used ir to communicate with the machine, or a weird dedicated link dongle thing. Speaking of that, there was a third party cable so you could hook to a computer and dump your pictures. But yeah, turning a gbc into a universal ir remote could be quite cool. AC is simple, since most remotes (that I've seen) only have four buttons, but doing a screen interface for extra buttons, no reason you couldn't do a tv or box remote.
  18. Could be a bad trace on the cart, or just a bad ic. If you don't mind opening it, you can do load test on the individual traces, a bit of solder can fix it that's the issue. If it's the Rom itself, not much to do about that, use the cart as a donner for a working but bad looking game. You could even get California games to put in it, from a cart that's toasty, but the games fine, or have one made.
  19. I've seen pinholes in lots of discs, not just games. It's just a printing error when the disc is made, or wear on the label, but doesn't actually affect the data layer unless it's external damage, like gouges from drops or abuse. The drive should be dark internally, so the only light source would be the laser, though I could see an open drive causing errors if external light was shining through the holes.
  20. Well being cart bassed, if the emulation sucks, it's possible to include their own emulator on the cart. most of us who ordered it weren't expecting perfection of anything, just that it took a few right steps in the right direction, in my case, using carts. Sure, other devices exist, or have existed, but digital, what's the point? I can (and have) built my own digital handheld, so...
  21. There was all kinds of neat stuff made for various game boy systems, some official ones too, such as a GPS device (if I ever find one, I want it) at least two barcode readers, one was a game, but one was intended as a store computer of some kind (telecom type thing) several mp3 readers. That's just things I knew about bitd. Making an ir remote should be easy for one skilled enough (that cared) to try to make. It is just a handy low power integrated computer, so if you know the proper programming language, most anything could be possible.
  22. It's pretty universally hated as a console, so I doubt anyone has ever tried. would be cool, if you could bypass that quad scan shader thing that causes the movement to break up so badly...Not that the system has a huge selection of awesome games anyways. I like duke nukem and resident evil, but I'm weird, and never expected it to be even remotely a gb replacement.
  23. The satellite works using ir sensors to make it wireless. This adds a LOT of lag/latency, which you can compensate for with controllers to an extent, but guns just get screwed up on wireless. it's possible the makers intended to make a gun, which I assume they found wouldn't work so I imagine it never materialized. As for one controller not working, could be a bad wire in the plug, a burned out led, or burned out sensor. Could also be a bad chip somewhere, but it's going to require disassembly and testing to find out what exactly, and if it can be fixed. Eliminating an led would be easiest to do, just book it up, use a camera with ir (night vision) capability, and cycle through each controllers buttons to see if it lights up.
  24. I never got the love (hardcore freepass alert) for the Wii and it's "light gun" games. Over all, while I know it sold well, I'd say the Wii was one of the worst modern consoles. Yeah, but say that and here comes " but all those amazing light gun games " yeah, uh, no. One, like you said already, it's only a motion control mech and is nearly unusable without a crosshair. And even worse, the games where you move are nearly unplayable (in addition to not very fun) due to being unresponsive, slow and sluggish. Tbh, the only thing the old school zapper did, was look at a blanked screen to see if you were aiming at a light or not. Thing that threw that off was latency, which any half assed console can be programmed to compensate for quite easily. I doubt anyone would buy a new duckhunt for nes to gain a calibration screen so it could be played on a new tv, but no reason new consoles couldn't have a true light gun. Speaking of new consoles, there's no reason to not put a decent camera and processor in the gun to recognize shapes and colors, so it could tell what you are aiming at when the screen blanks. Of course, if it's good enough tech, it could define what it's looking at with no need to blank the screen at all.
  25. Fascinating. My childhood Vader does have it's channel select switch. I don't imagine it's required, it only changes the output to change channels to potentially get a better signal, really important bitd when we used ota for tv, usually one channel was blank, but nowadays, all the typical us channels are used, so it's better to use a tv not hooked to cable anyways. They probably did it to be cheap, but if that was the only case, I couldnt see them capping the hole. It's a common switch of the era, so I also don't see them running out or anything either.
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