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  1. Thanks a lot! Yeah hopefully the cart release isn't forgotten and we will still see a release in the future, but this will keep me busy until then
  2. Quick question, is the download in the first post the full game or just a demo? I was thinking about starting to play the game since it doesn't seem likely there will be a cart release at this point after 3 years of waiting, but only if that's the full version would be frustrating to put much time into it to later find out it's just a demo
  3. It does work fine on MAME, great stuff thanks again for the dump.
  4. Oh great thanks, let's hope someone will be willing to take a look at that. Does anyone know if that dump will work on MESS/MAME? I see there's a PCB Type specifically for CRU banking carts, will give it a try later and see if I can get it running.
  5. Nice, thanks for the info schmitzi. And I didn't even notice the blocked dots at the top
  6. So I checked the rpk from the MAME set and it's v2, I find this curious because on the cart lists I always see it referenced as Micro Pinball only. Like here: http://www.videogamehouse.net/rarity.txt Then again naming on the TI has always been a bit chaotic like Jawbreaker II ingame title being only Jawbreaker. Since the cart was only released in 87 I suppose it makes sense that V2 has been released. If you ever have the chance to test your cart I'd be interested to know, also curious to see what's written in the cart label is it only Micro Pinball?
  7. I came across this version of Munchman on the Gamebase, anyone has any info about it? Not the TI release of course, so I wonder if this was some disk/tape game released by some small company or some quickly coded homebrew. I'm guessing the second, but interested to hear if anyone might know any details about the game.
  8. Thanks guys, would be very nice to have a dump of Red Baron. While we are at comparing games, I have one more: Micro Pinball vs Micro Pinball 2 Anyone knows the differences between these 2? Seems both versions got a disk release: http://www.ebay.com/itm/262185336406 http://www.ebay.com/itm/391345397948 What was the version released on cart was it v1 or v2?
  9. Thanks, I'll check that out. Curious to see the differences between them didn't know they were so similar. I always thought there were some differences between Red Baron and Spad XIII, aren't there? I do have the Spad XIII disk version.
  10. Ciro, I'm having trouble getting Panic on the Titanic to run on MAME/MESS even following your instructions. Any chance you could have a look and see if I might be missing something obvious? Don't have issues with any other of your dumps.
  11. Are there any dumps/rpks of these 2 games available? Have been searching for them and the best I could find was the rpk for Tris 2.
  12. As long as you don't have it installed in Program Files you shouldn't have any permission issues on Windows, pretty much all emulators store their configuration files on its root folder because of portability. Not sure why you say Mac OS doesn't allow it, there are several applications/emulators that write to its own folder. A command line switch to specify the config folder location would be a good solution imo, this would allow you to keep your current solution as default and then users could change the location if they desire it (at their own risk).
  13. nanochess, couldn't the coolcv_mapping.txt be stored in the emulator's folder instead of \Documents? This currently breaks portability and you won't be able to run it from a portable hard drive, you'll need to recreate that file on each machine you use the emulator. You could use a -portable command line switch if you prefer to write to \Documents by default.
  14. Nice collection! Any chance you could dump those? Quite a few are still not preserved. Thanks for the game! Hope you will have some more Christmas goodies for us by then
  15. This is... brilliant! Thanks for your effort on compiling all this stuff on a single post. Been looking for something like your cassette software list for quite a while. Glancing through it just makes me realize there's still a lot of work to do when it comes to preserve TI-99 cassettes, never heard about a lot of the games from those listings.
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