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  1. All true, but at this point he was talking about connecting through an actual modem. If I set my modem to 2400 and call another modem, it's going to connect at 2400 (or maybe negotiate lower) right?
  2. Could be interested in the viking, fujitsu and one of the modded adapters depending on price.
  3. ... and when I say "need to see more info".... I mean, I just need to have a better understanding of the issue. I'm not trying to say you're wrong... I'm just trying to say I'd like to understand it better... Because if it's really that much better, maybe this is something the whole retro community should be considering.
  4. Well... guess we'll see. I mean, I sincerely hope you do well. I'm not out to see you tank because that doesn't benefit anyone... But everything I said stands... I'll be happy to be proven wrong.
  5. Oh hell... once that guy posted the BBS address on Reddit.... I got slammed.... SLAMMED. I literally watched it for a couple hours and you couldn't get in if you wanted.
  6. How does calling a modem->modem connection at 2400 just go up to 9600?
  7. Just out of curiosity... I know you're promoting the whole "RAW" thing, and I'm not sure I disagree, but are you sure that it's of any benefit for ST BBS's? We don't have the CR/LF/EOL translation issue and frankly, I've used SyncTerm to upload and download files to my own BBS when I didn't want to be bothered with floppies or moving the CosmosEx and it worked like a champ (and some guy who called a few times and never again back in 2014 and downloaded all my 80's hottie chick pics didn't seem to have a problem with file transfers either). Like I said, I'm not saying I have a problem with this "RAW" thing, but doesn't it require the caller to make adjustments, and given the people on the internet are generally morons.... is the cost/benefit ratio good enough for the ST BBS's to recommend that? I'd even question it on the A8 ones, since I never seemed to have much issue... but I know others had, so I'll let that be... but on the ST side... Need to see more info before I sign on to that.
  8. That's really a shame. I would love to get my hands on an 8-system setup. Maybe someone will work on something like that instead of "yet another drive/storage emulator". "Oh, but this one is blue and you can control it with your dishwasher!"
  9. Which CosmosEx do you have again? I can move mine from machine to machine at will. Are the new Lightnings available for order yet? Need to pick up one more once they have the new design. Just gonna tell you now, if you get the old version of the Lightning, I didn't enjoy installing it on my MSTE. I got it installed... the machine works (haven't actually tried doing anything with it yet though).
  10. Don't have to go to far....
  11. I'm assuming that means 255 total userbase, not 255 callers at once.
  12. A few of my friends got busted for that back in the day. Kinda funny now how rampant the piracy stuff is today and LD costs pretty much nothing. How times change.
  13. I've actually tried it a few times myself and gave up trying it on Windows. I do have an old laptop that I had installed Linux on that I am going to try again with.... I think the real issue with running it on Windows is the way (or the difference in the way) that Linux and Windows let software access hardware. In the *nix world, everything is basically a "file" which is basically what Hatari is looking for. You can probably get it working in Windows, but I suspect you will have to drop some $$$. I have been able to get TCPser working on my Win10, but then again, I actually have real com ports on this thing (8 of them, to be exact). To be honest, I gave up and decided to just do my stuff on real hardware. I have a CF AztecMonster in an external SCSI case, so I can just swap out cards with whatever setup I want to go with. I only know one guy who actually was successful running a BBS through emulation, and he really didn't want to be anyone's Yoda concerning how he managed to get it done, suffice to say he said it was something of a custom hackjob that wasn't overly stable (which was part of why he didn't want to be burdened with people trying to ask him about it all the time). That said though, what Kirkman put in his article should work as well on a Linux box as it did on his Mac. Once I get some other projects out of the way... maybe I'll play with it again on Windows...
  14. Russ, if you're basing things on what's easy... don't be a SysOp. It's not easy. You absolutely WON'T get any kind of instant gratification. Before this "retro revolution", I LITERALLY could go OVER A MONTH without a SINGLE CALLER. I spent many a night wondering why I even bothered back in the earlier 2013-18 years. I mean, I'm sorry man... but it's getting hard to take you seriously when you change your mind (and software, and platform, and means of communication) more often than most people change their socks. I'm not trying to be a dick, but it's hard to help you when it's likely that you'll change your mind again by the time anyone posts a reply to your question. Running a BBS is something that takes dedication and to be quite honest... vision. The community doesn't need another BBS Express Pro BBS just to have one. We just don't have the user base to warrant it. We have more SysOps than "users".... too many "chiefs" not enough "indians". I'm just honestly wondering how you're going to stick to this when you have literally made how many fundamental changes in the last couple weeks? Forem ST (or Forum ST?) Renegade, back to Forem ST, offering a "bounty" for Forem PC, posting pictures of your Forem ST BBS on Facebook, and now BBS Express? I mean, really, it's your time. But I'm not changing the BBS list twice a week. Your BBS will not be listed until you go a 6 solid months with something concrete. ... and just to be clear. This is just my opinion. I'm not a leader or gatekeeper... I'm certainly not a model SysOp myself since I tend to get caught up in life and don't call my fellow Atari BBS's as I should. I try. But I don't live up to my own ideals for certain. But for the love of all that is holy... if you're going to do this... pick a direction and run.. don't stop... don't turn. You do have a dedication to the hobby that I could admire, but you have to pick a direction and run with it if you're going to do this. There is no "minor league" in the BBS community.
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