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  1. Well, yeah... you actually brought up a great point I didn't even think about.... the keyboard. But I'm guessing at the end of the day, that's the real issue..... too many deltas. Too many combinations. And even a "functional" dust cover would be problematic (one where you could leave things plugged in for use) because then you're blocking all the airflow and it overheats.
  2. I think that'd be problematic since you probably have a monitor over your TT/MSTE and depending on the situation, that's likely either a VGA monitor (TT) or an SC1224/1423/SMMxxxxx... or even an LCD. You'd have to either make it a tarp (easy to find already) or make a custom - one for each monitor type (unlikely to be profitable).
  3. Tillek

    BBS Screenshots

    BBS screenshots, or pictures of screens.
  4. This is pretty amazing news. How did you manage to find it?
  5. If I can ask..... what was so special about the '89 show that makes you want it? Not trying to be a pain (because, damn, I could go on forever about people on here not just being able to either answer a simple question or STFU if they have nothing useful to contribute....) just wondering what other search terms people could use to help you find what you're looking for since I'm guessing you already googled "World of Atari 89"....
  6. I thought you were anti Windows/Linux only?
  7. The real questions is.... Will it have the nostalgia factor? Everyone will say that they care.... as long as someone else is the one doing the work, right? That's the main reason people love BBS's... the nostalgia factor. Would a new BBS project that is "just the basics" really attract anyone's attention beyond the "that's cute, call once and never again"? My personal opinion? It would be more beneficial to focus on the R: device working with existing software. Or more importantly, working with existing terminals. It's something I've said over and over... the last thing the "Atari BBS Community" needs is MORE BBSs until we have a lot more "users" to actually call them. Resurrecting "classic" BBSs from back in the day is also good, but new BBSs? Just don't know. It's not like we have a user base like Particles!
  8. Well, since they didn't have any doughnuts to eat, they may as well deliver the mail.
  9. Not sure if it was just the 1mb ones that were a problem.... I had a 256k one that I think I fried that was running TVAG BBS and I never noticed it running hot. Love to figure out what is wrong with it and get it fixed though.
  10. You should just go back to using the original power supply... You remember, the one that runs on coal?
  11. No... it somehow got posted twice.
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