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  1. Tillek

    BBS Screenshots

    BBS screenshots, or pictures of screens.
  2. Tillek

    ATASCII Screens

    ATASCII Screenshots from back in the day......
  3. I did try a reflash... but I don't think I tried going back to an older version of CE_DD... Have to try that. Shame, it's probably the only thing I really used it for.
  4. I'm sure no one would hate you if you scanned the ones you had.
  5. That really does sound interesting... I got Breach (or Breach 2, not sure which) with a TT I bought years ago but never got around to playing... I also have Universe 2 somewhere as well. I don't suppose those Omnitrend newsletters are anywhere on the internet for download?
  6. Did you figure out how to get your O: back though? (I assume that's your network one?) I haven't been able to get mine working since I updated.
  7. Nancy Reagan says to JUST SAY NO!!!!!!!!!!
  8. It's happening to me right now. I've spent so much on ebay lately that my last order was delivered personally by bikini models in a limo. Alas, it was a contact-less delivery.
  9. Really? The "-"? As in 234-567-8910? Not the length or the letters... not the , not the : but the - ? Interesting. Am kind of curious which term program that is....
  10. Went the Ubiquiti Unifi route. Security Gateway, CloudKey Gen2+, 24 port hub, NannoHD Wireless Access Point.... all new cabling. Works pretty well actually.
  11. Just to let everyone know that I finally got the new network setup working ($800 later)... SFHQ is back up and I also started updating the verifications on the bbs list.
  12. Just a quick note... SFHQ is back up. Also, the BBS list has been updated (though it's pleasing to see that not much changed and we didn't seem to lose anyone!) It's late, so more later.
  13. That really does sound very interesting... Unfortunately we didn't have much of anything interesting like that in the Akron area growing up.... Especially not for the Atari. Twas lonely times for the followers of the Fuji.
  14. Just make sure you get the kind with 3 legs. The budget kind with only two (or one) leg just don't work!
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