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  1. My 2 cents, since I'm only about a year and a half from 50 myself. As far as a museum or anything like that goes... Do you have anything that is really rare enough? I'm sure most retro museums would have an 800xl or two... dozen. When you consider what you have that a museum would really want/need, that might not be a lot, and the shipping and such won't be so bad perhaps and the museum would likely be happy to make any arrangements. An attorney could probably handle notifying them and getting things in motion when the time comes as part of the duties as executor of the will, right? As far as anything else? I would recommend reaching out to user groups. They don't necessarily have to be local since this is likely a one time thing (I know I personally only plan to die once). Depending on how much you have in the collection, could someone with a decent size truck handle it?
  2. I think some of us were hoping it would go away.
  3. I see where you're coming from. I cancelled my subscription renewal because of it. I'll be damned if I'm paying money for it if it's going to be like this.
  4. I talked to an original owner of one. His came with a PCM-1
  5. Yes, they posted ahead of time on the VCF Midwest website that they were currently mandatory in that county.
  6. No... fracking no..... Let's plan better... you and Dark Lord meet up with me and Stephen in Columbus. I'll find us a place to park our cars... then we get an RV and pick up Lonny (LP060) on the way. Most epic fraking road trip ever!
  7. Stephen... if you're bringing the wife, that's cool.. but if she wants to stay home with the girlfriends, you can hook up with me and Lonny Pursell next year. Old guy road trip!!!! WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Frak... broke a hip.......
  8. All the above being said.... The original question of which actually came with the TT still goes unanswered. Which mouse came with the TT? SM1 or PCM1? I am pretty positive I got an SM1 with mine, but I don't know if the guy I got it from bought it originally. I know the keyboard was the properly colored version of the TT/MSTE keyboard. And I could be wrong... it might have been a PCM1 and I just didn't notice and misplaced it (I'm not a big fan of them so as my "Daily Driver" and BBS machines, I tend to use other mouse replacements anyway). Anyone who bought a TT new back in the day able to weigh in on which they shipped with the TT?
  9. Just as a note, this is to submit changes to the historical list, not the "current" Atari one. (For that, just get with me or pretty much any of the SysOps who frequent here... they know where to find me)
  10. It happens. Hopefully they are still around. I wasn't as lucky. All the Akron area Atari BBS Icons I was able to track down had obituaries.
  11. I honestly haven't even tried calling it yet. I'll check tomorrow and let you know what I find (tonight is a release night at work).
  12. I even call a "Commie" BBS from time to time. But don't tell...... But yeah, I probably should have clarified but I was in a hurry for some reason... just wanted to make sure it wasn't missed for the list.
  13. Actually not at all... just wanted to make sure I didn't miss it for the Atari BBS list if it was an Atari BBS. Nothing more.
  14. Basement has a dial up number, and AMIS might also. Though how well it works depends on a lot of factors. But you're right that in this case he needs to use the IP anyway because Altirra can't dial out.
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