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  1. Hell... at my age I've already forgotten what I was posting about or why I was posting it. Who are you and why is your name on my screen?
  2. I wouldn't worry about it. It's too small to make any real sense of it unless you expand it... and if you haven't figured out what you're doing by that point, you can just close it down. So unless someone is REALLY stupid about what they are clicking AND has a photographic memory to the point the map will be instantly committed to their memory with no way of forgetting it, I think it's safe enough.
  3. I should clarify, I did confirm you need the = after the S for ATDS= (So ATDS=0 will dial SFHQ in my dialer). /s
  4. So for AnsiTerm..... Under the option menu is an option to change your dial string. ATDS= Then you can AT&Z0=bbs.sfhqbbs.org:5983 In the dial menu, set the phone number to simply 0 (or whatever slot you used, so you could do AT&Z1=darkforce-bbs.dyndns.org:520 for slot 1) Then the macros... F1 does F1, F2 => F2, F3 => F3. You can use the enter key on the keypad to put an "enter" in the macro (other options can be found in the docs). That's pretty much it. I don't know if you have to do the AT&W to save the phone list. I'm pretty sure you don't, but what the hell. It also has an Init string (I column in the dialing menu). I suppose this would be useful if you wanted to call a BBS that does/doesn't need telnet and whatever else might be useful. AT*T[x] – Get/Set translation mode [0/1] This command will change the translation mode. 0 = none, 1 = TELNET. If you want to log into a telnet specific site you must first change this setting to 1. Other translation types will be added in the future. Default is 0.
  5. Eh.... I dunno... some of those "cracked by the poo-poo doody head crew" screens just ruin it for some... and make the experience all that more retro legit for others.
  6. Actually, that's not entirely accurate... my SST Mega does this.. but in that case, the screen is all black when the monitor is on, not black with white frame.
  7. I don't know if I've ever seen a black screen like that. Do you get any floppy activity?
  8. And it only "hides" it, which is way too much temptation to see what they posted "just this once".
  9. Something we all have come to hate... but yet accept. That's the problem with a free society where people are free to express their own opinions, no matter how enlightened or idiotic. The trick is to wade through it to pick the good from the bad. Like a salad made by a restaurant that won't take special requests. Sure, you hate some of the ingredients... but the rest are so good.... you learn to pick out the onions and olives. Or just go to Atari-forum. I hear it's better there, but it tends to be more ST based I think. I don't go there nearly as often as I should. Or just stick to the BBS's... I hear you have a passing fancy with those.
  10. ... and yet... when the killing was just about to stop because everyone was out of ammo and the flames had died down to smouldering embers... someone shows up with the gas can and box of matches. But hey, it's the way of things.
  11. Eh... Uh..... Might want to pick up a program at the door. The feature presentation has ended. Those may be valid points, but if you want anyone to care, it might be better to start a new thread. This thread stopped being a serious discussion back in 2020. But that said, all the points are valid. Though I wonder if things are as cohesive in Commodore/Apple/TSR80/TimexSinclair/Etc land. If so... well.... uh. *shrugs*
  12. Though I may have made an assumption... if you're using the internal IDE connector, the SCSI setting wouldn't mean anything.
  13. My financial advisor just called. She hates you, by the way. But I can't wait for the preorder thread!
  14. It's in the life cycle diagram. You can't go against the diagram. Read the book of Revelations... it's all totally in there! You'll find similar stuff in the holy texts of all the world's major religions! Not descending into flames is a sign of the end times!
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