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  1. You can access more games either from the digital store or streaming, including your existing PC libraries from Steam, Origin, etc. Pricing for all of that and other info will be revealed soon, since the pre-orders will be starting.
  2. 3 different cartridge ports is not really their MO. Also, I'm still not sure that's a viable product in terms of what they'd need to sell.
  3. Not ours. We're the FB 3 on. The future is Stella emulation until FPGA's get inexpensive enough.
  4. All of the "interesting" stuff I've been seeing for the 2019 software line-ups so far in terms of plug and plays is going on the Legends Flashback console.
  5. It seems like the Portable will be mostly unchanged for this year, so we'll file suggestions for next year. Midnight Mutants is one of the few NES/SMS-style games in the 7800 library, in that there's some complexity and depth to it. It's actually developed by SNK. While I generally like the game, it does control a bit odd. Either way, it's definitely a highlight on the platform.
  6. Flashback X is Q4 like usual. So some time after September most likely.
  7. Bill Loguidice

    Bill Loguidice

  8. They were at Walmart for those prices. Unfortunately, for those interested, it's up to individual store managers to price products, so it's inconsistent and varies by location.
  9. It looks great. Although I have both PAL and NTSC machines, are there any performance differences between the two platforms? Also, any videos of it in action? (I see you said that you're waiting on one - thanks)
  10. We'll explain it all in more detail, but basically you can stream, buy, or even access some of your own games in addition to what's going to come built-in. So, basically, lots of options. One big distinction with this machine is that it's going to be capable of playing more than just classic games should one so choose, this way you can take full advantage of the controls.
  11. Sorry, no. Maybe several years in the future. The full-size is the marquee cabinet for the foreseeable future.
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