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  1. thanks..got it working..right it needs to be held for split second..crazy
  2. I dont know anything about Monitors and this could be easy fix for someone or great for extra Parts machine. As what I should be asking, thats for me to decide
  3. Nice Cosmetic condition. Screen is scratch free, plastics also good. But it is not working. Wont turn on. It has RGB,S-Video,Composite Inputs. Selling for Parts/Repair ONLY. $30 + Shipping... contact me for shipping quote with zip code as this will be have to packed in big box with lots of bubble and protection... PAYPAL
  4. I just picked up a Vtech Laser 128 (Apple IIC Clone) and it boots up and tries to look for boot up disk then stops. I know pressing CTRL+RESET is suppossed to bring me into Basic (basic command cursor) so I can type programs. But when I try to press CTRL+RESET (as per manual) the computer just keeps looking for disk and repeats. I never get the basic Command Cursor so I can type anything. Am I doing something wrong here or maybe the ROM is currupt?
  5. Mixed Software Lot for Commodore 64 128 mostly Manuals and Books but also some games $20 for everything+ shipping
  6. Mix bag of Commodore 64 128 Games, Other Programs All Originals $20 + shipping
  7. I have GQ4x also. Actually this is my 2nd one, as the first one Fried after burning several 2764s eproms. But MCmall was good about sending me a new one. I just hope after few months this one doesnt fry also as these arent cheap ($99)
  8. Commodore 64 Motherboard..almost 90% Socketed..missing a few chips $10+Shipping Selling for Parts/Repair http:// http://
  9. One shows screen bending..another just a horizontal line across which after warmup goes back to normal picture..the other one wont turn on.. shipping from Michigan
  10. I have for sale 3 Vintage Commodore Monitors. Models 1702,1902A and 1802. They all need repair. I need $15 Handling fee+ actual shipping per Monitor
  11. 5 or so 5 1/4 Disks. The 3M are HD disks. They all look New. Due to age of disks, selling as is, no guarantees. Comes with Plastic Box. US $13 including shipping International $10+ Shipping PayPal thanks "]http://[url=""]
  12. Ebay..someone always is selling one..not cheap BUT Tested Working
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