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  1. Look better than what? What are we comparing? As for higher number not meaning better, the point of this was swap complaining about the OP supposedly being limited.
  2. They can do better than that. http://www.3do.cdinteractive.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=3355#p36279
  3. How many OP objects do you need? Programmers got 100s on screen
  4. Well he did whip my ass at Klax first time out. Like he had a natural aptitude for it. As for the dirty Jag I cleaned it off a bit. Then Sunday he went and bought a new shiny one. And went and bought an AvP cart to test it with. Anyway he plugged the cart in and it ran fine. Then he went to walk his dog for about a half hour. In that interlude James purple Hampton showed up and asked if I needed him to sign anything. So I yanked out the AVP cart and handed it to him and told him to defile it. I had a black marker I borrowed from Albert to defile it with and Hampton held up his hand as if to say nay and proceeded to pull out a purple marker and went about defiling. So VladR has an AvP cart autographed by the man himself.
  5. It looks like it's coming along pretty good. And seems like most everything is in. Just needs polish now.
  6. I like those suggestions. While at the PRGE there were some firsts for VladR: Playing the original Star Wars arcade. Playing Outrun. Playing Klax. And we played the hell outta the free Pinball. Mostly the new Jurassic Park Pinball.
  7. No I was booth watching. I kinda dig the Street Fighter and Bomberman tournaments better anyway.
  8. I got a video of this that's also a video of trekMD making a video of the video. It will be up in a couple days.
  9. I just met James Purple Hampton!
  10. Vlad the Impaler. Jeff didn't make it. He chickened out. So we don't talk to him anymore.
  11. One of the nicest people to meet at VladRs booth was Jenovi of Retro Impressions. An absolute pleasure.
  12. Jenovi(Retro Impressions) This is one of the most personable, enjoyable people to meet.
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