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  1. @Chilly Willy do you have to do the same with the GD?
  2. @cubanismo one of the worst cases of stockholm syndrome I've ever heard of 😂
  3. @Seedy1812 Didn't Cranberry Source use to be Electric Spectacle who did Zoop on the Jag? Did you work with Aaron Fothergill?
  4. The Cybermorph source is available.
  5. I just remembered the Atari guys once in charge of NUON then also turned down Native on the it. What a bunch of morons
  6. Hahaha that comment would get him cancelled these days. Did Freelancer ever come out for anything? Good work LD
  7. @Yak has any of your vlm stuff been used in any movies etc? I've seen something that looks alot like it on Babylon 5 and the Ava Adore video.
  8. Such a popular game I'm surprised they didn't do a gold edition or something a little later for most of these systems.
  9. Unfortunately both were downgraded far more than they should have been. I think the N64 and PSX are the only ones that got decent effort put into them. Do you have a 32X?
  10. Hmm ok I corresponded with a programmer who claims he worked for Sega and helped convert it but could have been a chain pull. Either way I'm guessing Christmas rush. It's a shame all around quite frankly.
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