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  1. I clicked on it and oddly got this one instead. It's really funny. 'Meet your new best friend. He co-ops with you, watches out for you. Sure he gets mad at you sometimes, you forget his birthday or something.' 😂
  2. The disappearing is from video capture issues
  3. Another story was he wouldn't say anything in the commercials he didn't actually believe.
  4. I heard a story he wrote a program called HI DOC! which simulated a session with a psychotherapist. Does anyone know if this program got released to the public?
  5. It's achieved ludicrous speed and has now gone to plaid
  6. You might want to look into it for yourself. VladR and I were talking to David Crane about Pitfall at the PRGE one time. He said Activision has to use the IP every so often or they'll lose it. He made it sound more immediate. So you might want to.look into the details for yourself.
  7. @Machine did you tell your son about this yet?
  8. JagChris

    Jim Power

    The art is from the Genesis version.
  9. JagChris

    Jim Power

    I need to pick up the NES version. For some reason I find it um... charming
  10. JagChris

    Jim Power

    Yeah I'll buy it when it comes out. I don't know if it's the same guy who did the NES version but I thought in some ways it looked nicer than the ST version.
  11. That's between you and the developer actually.
  12. @samson7point1 well if your system gets destroyed in a flood you'll have to replace the entire GD anyway. Would you demand retroHQ send you a replacement free of charge or just the cost of the physical media because you already paid for the first one? I love WTR and my CD got stepped on. I don't feel it's my right to demand another free copy. I should have taken better care of the situation. And in the unlikely event of what you're talking about well your risks are even less.
  13. Some of these games may be fun in their own right but I wouldn't call any of them exciting. Back in the day we'd be playing battlemorph then jump over to the psx with exciting games like Warhawk etc. I think the judgement on Jag games are relative to that but I understand where cubanismo is coming from.
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