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  1. Well in fairness Lance said Rebellion had to be forced to watch it. Whittaker wasn't a part of Rebellion.
  2. Maybe but I don't think anyone tries to sell them.
  3. Whittaker is on Twitter now and also a member here. He does browse the forums. His Twitter seems to be mostly self promotion.
  4. I never owned iwar but it looks ok. Never wanted Bubsy. Imagitec seemed like a decent company. I liked Raiden and Zool. They weren't out to re-invent the wheel. Plus I hear the threw poor @Seedy1812 on the Jag as his very first job.
  5. Please lose the habit of saying ' let's be honest '. Honesty speaks for itself. Not saying I disagree with you but that opening phrase is usually followed by less than honesty and was favorite opening being used by the likes of stormworks interactive.
  6. I got a Japanese 3D o a long time ago. It was to a connection with t2k freaker after not being able to find 3DOs anywhere. I got it for $70. After I got one I swear to God everybody popped up of shelves of 3DOs maybe $90 each.. well everybody was asking about him now all the sudden nobody wants them. The only difference with the Japanese 1 is when you go to use the memory manager it pops up in Japanese.
  7. Ahem, he literally just said USE THE ORDERING THREAD FOR NEW ORDERS. Literally right before your post.
  8. Twisted is great. Sadly the last who plays the Vanna White character passed away last year. Road Rash on 3D0 is much more enhanced with content than the Saturn version. And is my preferred version.
  9. Dust rise right on over my time Empty fossil of the new scene I feel so alone Gonna end up a big ol' pile of them bones
  10. Did you sell Impulse X?
  11. I was disappointed about the characters not being three dimensional
  12. Having discovered that the firing function, whether through keyboard or mouse is non functional, I'm leaning towards the CarnEvil CHD being corrupted. I did not get it from the separate link imported in the previous thread. I got it independently.
  13. I went to device mapping and mapped light gun to mouse and saved. But it still won't let me fire with the mouse button.
  14. Found out how to do this... once you load up Mame you should see an option at the bottom that says; "Configure Machine", click it and a menu should appear, click "Advance Options", at the bottom of this menu, tap the upside-down arrow to adv to the 2nd menu, you should see a list of options for controls, make sure the "Mouse" is set to on, and the multi keyboard is set to off. Thanks to Vincent Serpico of YT for this. You also have to tell it to save configuration when you get out of that menu. Now to figure out how to get it to fire with mouse button.
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