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  1. Hopefully I'll have that Thursday and/or Friday off. Or get off work early enough. If so I can come help set up if needed.
  2. Hopefully I'll have that Friday off. If so I can come help set up if needed.
  3. He spent a chunk of money on this. He has a right to consider the quality.
  4. Psi files are in the PC sources.
  5. Link was removed on Reddit.
  6. If the obj files are there they might just be having it link the obj files instead of checking dependancies.
  7. I believe that I read the 3do version used the PSX sources. If that's the case then it would probably be easier to match up what goes where than using graphic rips.
  8. The 3D0 art assets are available http://www.mediafire.com/file/sw21x6075rcl312/UMK3art.rar
  9. Could they have been baked into the obj files? They are substantially bigger than the corresponding ASM files. Ie Artbell ASM file is 390 bytes. It's obj file is substantially bigger. 332k If so though the original separate artwork does seem to be not included. At least in the PC version.
  10. I wonder if something like Microwindows was adapted for the Jag if that would help ease the conversion.
  11. It looks like the PC release candidate was in there. That's pretty late build.
  12. Whatever ones the source code is available for.
  13. I never hear these things when I'm sharing source codes, sound engines etc.
  14. By June 95 they reportedly stopped communicating with most of their developers.
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