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  1. Boxed in good condition Jag CD alone goes for that much
  2. They came from Curt Vendel who loaned them to Jay Smith for a couple yrs with rights to sell them to support JSIi. After a couple years they were supposed to be released to the public for free. Apparently the deal was never honored and Curt Vendel was so disgusted he reportedly washed his hands of the Jag community. Now that Curt is gone hopefully the deal will be honored in his memory.
  3. That doesn't make sense unless he was working on two versions simultaneously. Time stamps show he was modifying files late into Dec 95 right before he turned it in.
  4. Currently the skunkboard can step-through and debug 68k code but not so much the GPU. Any possibility of future jcp revisions supporting more features along those lines?
  5. There is no 1996 version. He turned in the game Dec 1995 by his own words and the timestamps on the latest source files corroborate that.
  6. Ok that's good but how about options on single player for multi control pad use? I think some people have made custom dual arcade sticks for the Jag. Also perhaps take a lesson from Total Carnage and please make the pro controller support customizable. Which it isn't in TC and I end up just using the keypad.
  7. The problem is limited runs designed to leave no remainder. Always turn out to be inadequate runs.
  8. I'm sure you can double that. Problem is limited runs.
  9. Make a new thread, or find an old thread tell us what you think
  10. And you already got Battlesphere for it? That's impressive.
  11. From the looks of it that Demo has fantastic performance.
  12. @phoboz here is the source code thread. In it you will find sources to Fight For Life. Probably the most advanced 3D engine for the Jag available from Atari. http://www.3do.cdinteractive.co.uk/viewforum.php?f=35&sid=1890ffafb1eb0dfd20809f3fa2de8bc3 Did you look in your SDK? You should have a sample 3D renderer in there.
  13. CJ one of the reasons I know you're full of it is the way you come at things. Insults and on the attack. Instead of a reasonable discourse where you with civility and respect tell me, or others why you disagree, or it's wrong. I'm tired of it.
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