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  1. Whoa. Now easy. It is as a member with a G in their name. Gusbucket? It's been a long time. Maybe Saturn remembers. Midway was the one who wanted him to sell it for $10+15.
  2. It was authorized. I can't remember who actually sent midway the jagCD to test it with. Goochman or someone who had a mess of them. But they wanted Gorf to sell it for like $5-10. And he couldn't sell it for that low.
  3. Pong 2000 if I remember right was going to be a 3D action game like pitfall 3D. In the FFL sources there is a pong 2000 file but its just a renamed file. It's like something he planned on repurposing but did nothing with.
  4. I have a thought. Would you consider changing ship style to more traditional instead of tempest like? Tempest gets enough homage. And if this is a homage to Gyrus like it seems I think it might be worth considering it letting it be its own thing.
  5. It looks great. Gyrus update This person a member here?
  6. Yeah he did that to me. Postal money order then cash which I refused. I eventually went him a postal money order. western union is a new one on me
  7. Ask him about the Jane Whittaker debacle Master Cast TV podcaster on. Ask him what his experience with Andrew is.
  8. It's a more hard core simulator imo and not very arcadey. You gotta be a flight sim freak to really appreciate it
  9. I think that's for the Lynx
  10. Is the battle morph source out there?
  11. Jagu-dome appears to be gone as well as http://justclaws.atari.org/sounds/
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