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  1. Someone just bought two Skunkboards supposedly new for $180
  2. I doubt you'll find anything like that until new batches come in except by overpriced scalpers. Another possible option is many people with the arrival of the Game Drive may be wanting to unload their old Skunkboards for a reasonable price which is another upload solution. It's a little cheaper and not quite as modern but thanks to Cubanismo it's flexibility is expanding as an upload solution.
  3. I don't know who is posting these but they're intriguing. However no matter how accurate they say emulation is I'd like to see video from actual hardware. Because everyone doubts emulation for accuracy. Especially so early in the project.
  4. @Stephen I can't access it now without signing up for instagram. And I'm not doing that. Look on his instagram. It's the 5th one back from the current latest.
  5. I already have a VGA solution The AV/S video solution I'd be interested in.
  6. Stop dinkin' around and hurry up and get this figured out. They're going to need someone to help them port Tekken Hybrid to the Jag Tekken Bot (@BotTekken) Tweeted: IT'S OFFICIAL: Tekken Hybrid: Remastered to be released next year featuring Rayman as a guest fighter! Only available on Hyperscan and Atari Jaguar https://t.co/6IjcP2bHgL https://twitter.com/BotTekken/status/1449341872099397632?s=20
  7. Ok second click on link came up with right item. It seems to be the correct mechanism. I think there's two variations. One is more desirable than the other.
  8. That's a dog pet bed. You'll need some kind of cat pet bed for your Jag.
  9. That's a bug job for one person. Huge. He'd need help. We're lucky to have this.
  10. There are videos online if this being done. You can probably take it to any local electronics place and see if they will do it.
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