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  1. Jagu-dome appears to be gone as well as http://justclaws.atari.org/sounds/
  2. Nothing rocks harder than our little 8bit 1.8mhz cpu building up the night sky then rotating it in real time
  3. My bad I forgot to link wtf I'm talking about http://joo.kie.sk/?page_id=384
  4. Just bought Mind Ripper off Amazon Prime. According to IMDb Lance is 'embarassed' by his involvement in this film. Ask him if he seemed embarrassed at the time.
  5. Ok thanks I kinda figured that. Although selecting region didn't change the selected pic. Hopefully they will be back in stock soon.
  6. Does it default to certain style based on country/region?
  7. @BeefMan I'll try to be clearer. I'm assuming we can choose the style at time of sale?
  8. Who is this guy and why won't he respond to emails?
  9. @BeefMan in the illustration there it seems to show 3 different styles of plug. Can you shed any light on that?
  10. His Dr apparently wants him to start dialysis treatment.
  11. I live close to him but with covid his arrangements keep changing on me so it's rather frustrating. First he wants money order so I buy one then he leaves me a message he wants hand delivered cash. Then his caretaker says no and the whole deal flip flops again. Aaaagh...
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