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  1. Did they happen to give you the source to the sequel, Beyond Zero Tolerance?
  2. Then what is relevant? Before you have actually sold a game all you have is sales projections. And the evidence shows a killer app will hit the 400 mark on the Jaguar easily. Out Of This World 400 units. Robinson's Requiem on CD 400+ units Saint SD card nearly 700 sales as soon as the buy button went active. With more requesting it. And that's just those with $200 immediate disposable cash on hand. Skunkboards still selling, last batch due to parts obsolesence. Sales must be over 1k by now.
  3. Is that what happened with OOTW? Trickle sales? Or the SD card? Saint couldn't handle the near 700 in trickle sales?
  4. We now know you can easily double that number for a killer app.
  5. It would have to do quite a bit better than switchblade. And I think it would by a lot.
  6. You're right. You don't have to be. I just wish the happy clappy side would speak up more.
  7. I have no problem with disagreement. None at all. But the way you go about it could use some polish. But the other half of the problem is the only voice seems to be a negative one. None of the 100s who would enjoy a upgraded port to Zero Tolerance on the Jag except Sauron have spoken up. No creative discussion. Just one negative voice jabbing sticks at Piko. He doesn't know the difference. He thinks that's everyone 'if the community is going to be like that'
  8. Un goddamn believable. 'We'? Swansee must have a mouse in his pocket. Because he sure as hell doesn't speak for the community. This community is jinxed or something.
  9. Not really. Sounds rather contrary just to be that way. Almost like saying buy an ST to play an ST game. It's a near totally different system. Of course engine would need rebuilding. You know who Burger Becky is? I dunno. This opportunity has a lot of potential. It's a shame of all the 100s of people who would love a good port of this the one voice that pops up immediately is someone who's gotta bash it. And then those who would enjoy it instead of voicing a yay go on big rambling posts babbling about how in the next life they want to use the WMCJ source code to port Revolution X. This community is depressing.
  10. Nevermind. Agradeneu doesn't like it. Stick with the firesale IPs then.... 😂
  11. She's a top tier professional programmer. If Burger Becky said she'd work for you on Jag stuff then she's by far the top choice to try to recruit for converting Zero Tolerance to the Jag. For those who may not know she did 3D0 Doom and Killing Time. If not that then if you can get her to work for you on the Jag regarding ANYTHING, then do so.
  12. Well you're in the wrong forum. Go post about it in the PC section.
  13. Thanks for the link machine. I can see why they were having a fire sale on these IPs. If he could get Zero Tolerance converted for Jag the sales would hit the roof and bounce.
  14. Oh crap you're most likely right.
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