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  1. I was referring to expert testimony in judging video games. Such as wmcj
  2. I have 30 years or better playing video games. Makes me an expert in judging coloring scaling and such. it took 25 years after a team of developers worked on Doom for it to get figured out. There was no such hassle with the NBA engine. if it was as well done it would have done in game music from the jump. Please show me the 2X previous this week I've been proven incorrect? I'll give you the one time where I assumed high voltages dev techniques converted at an earlier time than they did. Please name the other one?
  3. I'm not going to argue about this I just put my thoughts that it would have helped. Made things better. What HVS accomplished no one has convinced me has been done on the Jag before or since. And yes I believe it would have helped. Everyone else can make whatever decision they want.
  4. I am an expert and I love the graphics, bright florescent colors, the scaling etc and camera work in WMCJ. Also comparing subjective reviews is silly and isn't the area of expertise he's being cited for. And I do believe LD has spent many a paragraph deriding these same expert publications. @CJ, since the engjnes we're comparing, one wasn't able to do sound during gameplay until recently.
  5. All we have is the expert testimony of one Adisak Pochanayon. In lieu of source codes this is what I'm basing my speculation on. He's testified at a 30X efficiency increase. Allowing the dsp to multitask. And since NBA jam has no problem doing sound during gameplay I'm leaning towards their dsp engine.
  6. How far along was Mindripper? Who were the developers? Does he have any Alpha or beta builds of it? Does he have any alpha/beta builds in his possession of any Jaguar games he is keeping secret? Highlander 2-3 etc. Anything.
  7. Also producer on Mortal Kombat 3. Ask him what the difference is between producing something 'in house' and being a producer for something not 'in house'. 1. Everything he can remember about MK3. Every little detail. Who were the coders. How far along did it get? Did he ever see an Alpha build?Problems with getting source codes from Williams etc. Also the MK3 sources we have for him now. Tell him sorry about being late but we expect him to get right on this last month. Or so. 2. Does he still have a Jaguar/hardware. When's the last time he played it.
  8. Except for some of the atmosphere, I'm not at all impressed with Alien Trilogy.
  9. Their tools would have helped. You can't put id's dsp engine in with Adisak's. id's engine is severely outclassed. I seriously doubt it would have saved Atari but we would have probably gotten a few more things out faster and easier and in the end it may have lightened up the Jags reputation. Maybe some of those unreleased games. There was not enough units available to save Atari. They had manufacturing trouble it seems. Even if some miracle group of Games happened exclusively for the Jag that turned the gaming world in its ear Atari didn't seem to have a way to fill hardware demand.
  10. My roommates son should be throwing rocks at everything I show him with his Xbox one and PS4 etc. Only ten years old he's never seen anything else. He likes WMCJ, NBA Jam. Doom. Samurai Showdown on 3D0. He loves that. Only one he didn't care for was a WrestleMania game on the 32X
  11. I agree with Adisak. My friend just picked that game up and quickly had a blast with it. He kept hearing me but we had a blast. My roommates ten year old son has no problem playing it. He enjoys it. i think it's just a game fashionable to bash on.
  12. I'll try once more. Subjective reviews irrelevant. Get their tools in hands of other developers. See what other developers can do with them.
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