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  1. That's a bug job for one person. Huge. He'd need help. We're lucky to have this.
  2. There are videos online if this being done. You can probably take it to any local electronics place and see if they will do it.
  3. JagChris

    Wyvern Tales

    Do you really think it would take 7 years to overhaul the engine? Knowing what you know now? It would bug me not to do it even if I never used it. In my mind at least the next phase would be done.
  4. It will be interesting to see how the different people play this when it comes. Everything from it's too hard I'm stuck to yeah I blew right through this in a weekend.
  5. JagChris

    Wyvern Tales

    @Ninjabba wasn't it this fella here who beat it in a couple hours or am I misunderstanding what he's saying? https://atariage.com/forums/topic/205836-wyvern-tales/?do=findComment&comment=4110205
  6. JagChris

    Wyvern Tales

    I will be grabbing this as soon as possible. I missed out on Zaku on Lynx and Another World on the Jag. I despise limited runs. It was interesting to read about the development and subsequent player reaction of this game. Like the guy who finished the game in 4 hrs? @Ninjabba I'd like to say congratulations and ask a couple questions. 1. Game engine - you mentioned maybe some sequel work. Will this engine be modified or rebuilt based on what you've learned from the first go around? 2. How much are you learning from testimonials in this thread about the mechanics such as the 4 hour speed run? 3. What would you do different if there was a next time? If any of these questions have already been answered somewhere else please point them out as I haven't read all the side off site interviews yet.
  7. We are very lucky. Phoboz seems to be incredibly prolific. I can't believe how fast he's developed these titles. He's developed two different ones, one a rpg no less in about a year. In 3-4 years he's on the verge of 4 titles. Amazing. Wyvern Tales took better part of a decade on the Lynx though that was amazingly ambitious. I'm glad we didn't have to wait that long.
  8. Wasn't there a full warehouse in Germany somewhere with Jags in it about 15 years ago?
  9. For it to use something like this you'd have to sell it to pay for these boards. I don't know if anyone would be able to get away with doing that. But the idea is intriguing. How about the Lynx GD that I know squat about? Would it be able to support bigger rom sizes or bank switch or something?
  10. Last I heard Heretic and Chex Quest were done but they actually want to somehow get money for these things.
  11. I think these guys are doing it for free for fun. Unlike StormWorks Interactive who intend to get paid for their Heretic work etc.
  12. There doesn't seem to be a cohesive all in one video for the 32X. Just search for 32X homebrew. Here is one from near the beginning of the year for the Saturn.
  13. I don't know what he was comparing it to but in my mind i was comparing it to it's more successful contemporaries. Such as 3DO, 32X, Saturn and PSX. I think now the Jag only beats the 3DO scene.
  14. Around 2002 when I started browsing the internet regularly and looking up Jag stuff I found quite a few ex Jag developer blurbs about what impressed them about the hardware. I thought they would rave about the blitter but to my surprise they would rave about the OP and what a beast it was. Several years later Oliver Nallet expounded upon that a bit. And the DSP thing yeah a few developers have used it to help the GPU besides doing sounds and music.
  15. I was thinking if they'd have gone a few more years maturing the HW the Jag/Jag 2/Jag 3 chipsets could have been the off the shelf stuff other companies were eventually buying.
  16. I don't know if that's true anymore. Might have been true 3 years ago but the 32X and Saturn homebrew scenes are starting to heat up quite a bit.
  17. Only a 100 huh? You might want to be prepared to loosen your belt a little bit on this one. Or maybe a lotta bit.
  18. The manual on Spidex said it's made from the removers library.
  19. JagChris

    I-War RULES!

    I'm not sure what a mega stud is but could you post pics of those two things?
  20. I'm not sure how they figured it out but supposedly our perception of time is like 2.5x faster than when we were kids.
  21. Don't forget Songbird https://songbird-productions.com/product-category/jaguar/
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