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  1. Only have one now but I need to get another one. The one I have needs a tune-up. Red screens are causing weird behavior with save data
  2. All of you football game fantatics, what do you think works well with this game and what could be done to make it better?
  3. It may be the SD card in that one situation with Doom on K model Jags.
  4. As soon as I press the button it just throws the ball
  5. No crashing here. Maybe you're freaking it out with such a high score 😂
  6. Someone said holding the button increases pass strength. Where's this option? As far as I can see when you hit the button it throws it. Not when you release it.
  7. Hopefully I'm correct now let's play some football!
  8. This was also discussed before. Some thought the Jag would have trouble with the screen tilt. Others disagreed.
  9. I think Songbird would remember the details of where this was shown at. I believe he was there. Eric Nofsinger demoing it on a real Jag at a convention in the early 2Ks?
  10. Though I disagree with your example, using the lowest common denominator rather than either I.S. or the Dactyl Joust vid posted earlier. I have no idea why such a long standing member would start a brand new thread for something that is regurgitated every 6 months.
  11. We don't know if there was game logic in Dactyl Joust or not. There might have been. The one Rider veers towards the player but seems like. It's got collision detection.
  12. My understanding is Doom and Doom 2 use the same engine. Someone a few years ago here stated their thoughts that Doom II used a newer engine and a programmer from the Doom community popped up and said they're the same engine. For what that's worth
  13. I'll touch on this. GD falls into the category of something people want to plug into their Jaguars cart slot really badly. Whether it's a game or something that plays a collection of games. And it was at $200 a pop. And apparently there were almost 700 customers out there with $200 disposable cash to spend at that time. This does not count the people who did not have that kind of disposable cash at that moment. The numbers from other sales of things that people want to plug into their Jaguars cartridge slot really badly are comparable. So give the community something it wants to plug into their Jags really badly at a cheaper price more can afford sooner... The two limited runs of Another World sold out quickly. They didn't sit around for two months let alone two years. And apparently demand is still high, hence the piracy.
  14. It happened. Jesus Christ. A 200 Dollar unit sold 700 instantly. Made seller curl up into a fetal position. Two 200 runs of Another World sold out instantly. 400+ Look I'm not going to keep repeating myself. You guys are denying reality that's right in front of your eyes. This is the potential salesof an AA title. Some maybe seem to be negative just for it's own sake. Some are making false equivalencies. I'm done repeat it. You guys can go whatever and hopefully readers can make their informed decision.
  15. Well hell Agradeneu we were doing so well. Can't you just ask me to explain why I think that? Instead of this negativity. If she uses the JD source it all has to be released when the game is. And I do believe any of the ZT code used with it.
  16. Rebecca couldn't use and I don't believe would need it. She could probably come up with some thing custom and at least as good.
  17. I just read the rest of this unnecessarily snarky post. It's apparent you're just out to troll. As long as guys like you are polluting the community it will never live up to its potential. So you're right about that. Welcome to my ignore list
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