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  1. 1. Wasteland 2. Multi 10 3. Castle Defender 4. Dungeon Hunt II 5. New Year Girls
  2. Fujiama 2019 WUDSN Assembler Workshop JAC, 8 Bit Junkie and me did a workshop for developing in assembler at the Fuji 2019. Two hours of presentation in morning and free practice time in the evening. Mo: Installation on all computers and first introduction Tu: Presentation of a simple game base with initialisation, Player Missile graphics, VBI, DLI and basic Main loop separated to different files We: Altirra debugging in several ways. Looking into the Atari deluxe. Simple game base further enhanced to a simple game: Tutoris. Include of RMT music. Thu: Macros, Procedures and Segments. The game with much shorter code and without .org. Lots of mva, mwa, adb, adw segments for cade and data, screen, fonts etc. Fr: WUDSN die with several functions and features And as a special: Alx did a conversion of the game Tutoris for the c64. Files are also included in the archive.Here are the sources and the executables (rename the files) Fuji2019.zip.txt
  3. - You can pack some code blocks and depack them only if you need them. That would cost you additional space for the depacking code and some additional code for the handling - If you have converted other asm to 6502 asm in your porting project, then you may develop shorter code in the converter. Or use tokens/interpreter technique where speed is no problem - You can write code for 128 KB Ram. Taht costs you extra management of the 16 kb bank area. - You can write code for an Atarimax cart or similar and put the code in 8k pages using only 8kb of the 64 kb Ram area - you can analyse your code by hand and find identical codeblocks that can be used via JSR/RTS on every appearance Any more Info on what you are doing or some code samples?
  4. A lot information and suggestions. Nice! Simple Questions: 1) Is the Abbuc (its members) happy with the situation? Yes - Everything is fine. Only some devs have a problem they should solve for themselves No - Something has to be changed. (But do not search for excuses or guilt) 2) Is the Abbuc (its members) able and willing to change something? No - SWC is dead or dying. Yes - A bright future awaits. (I don't know of course, but there is at least a better chance). Facts are: - Abbuc tried to optimize the contest for years. That is a good thing and can be done now too - Actual situation does not look good. Only a few entries and quality could be better - From developer side of view SWC has some cons. Some do not want to participate SWC in actual form or want to see better terms. (May need asking why?) - From Abbuc member view there are also demands: They want good software and don't want low quality. - If the contest does not change it would be likely, that there will not be better software over time. In the posts above are some ideas. Just thinking about brought them up. For myself I think, that - if SWC can not be changed for any reason, then the situation will stand like it is - If SWC gets less attractive and the Abbuc can not change it, then maybe another contest/thing should be supportet. - New ideas may work or not. We will see in the future. We don't need to hang people for trying to make thinks better. Remember: The only thing that is constant is change. https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/336994-the-only-thing-that-is-constant-is-change-- Heraclitus https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Heraclitus
  5. Yes of course. Not releasing at the Asc is a decision everybody can make anytime. Only Asc gets smaller by time. But how to support the programmers/artists and in this way the Atari? Or support the best game of the year? (like in the KAZ competition)
  6. So why was it filtered? (Technically only ROA was filtered, because GU2 has been revoked) Because there is a rule. In my opinion you are hiding to much behind that rule. Why does it exist, if not money nor quality is important? Everybody I spoke to thought that money was the reason. I thought that too. In a letter you wrote "We don't think, that GU2 and ROA are the programs, that push the software scene". And then they got ruled out. That is something totally different then filtering bad programs or not giving money to unwanted software? If rules are not good, then change them. If better programs are wanted then we have to come up with other ideas. If we are creative people we can do this. ROA is ment for that only. (Revolutiion of Asc 2. Rescue Of Asc 3, Revival of Asc 4. That are new games I would like to see. Maybe the Abbuc should not do ASC any more and support a different competition like "Fujiama Mega Contest" instead. FMC supported by Abbuc. Money could be spent for nice FMC Boxes / Boxes with signatures etc with a kind of Crowdfunding. That could give 10.000 as prize money and a real magnet (, if money does that at all). Spread the word. 1 million would be nice. Winner gets 1 million Fujiama coins, wich can be changed to 1 Million Euro Cents. Who would like that?
  7. This year Frederik manged to change that! New date was set after Fujiama (4 extra days for finishing entry at least).
  8. The rule is not easy to handle. It could have been added a level 5, where shooting is activated. Then it also is not sure, that the program would be accepted or not. Sure is, that FIFA 18 would be disqualified if FIFA17 or FIFA12 would have been existed. Except if they change the gameplay from football to icehockey. And not only change the graphics, sound, names, ... I would like to have FIFA18, others not. And Version 2 with updates or new stories, new levels, ... Apple changes the color and billions are excited or not. You decide. Not a rule. Except you don't want to decide, then ask for rules - or censorship. Prefiltering "bad" games because money should not be spent on them. Even if all members would like FIFA18. (Of course this is not the case for ROA. It is a problem of only a few people that want to make others think about it) Think for yourself. Have fun!
  9. What I have done maybe was not a very good idea, but I did. I hope that in the end it leads to more fun. ( I sent in an extended Get Up!2 as Rescue On Atarius. Different Name, basically the same game, Description of the game was used to clarify the problems we encountered) What I definately did wrong is that my words on Atariage looked much to bad for the Abbuc. I think less emotion is better. But I had to stand aside for 8BitJunkie in the first place. And more: For all experienced and upcoming programmers/artists/designers, ... If a rule does not make fun, leads to frustration, then it should be considered to be eleminated. Thomas may not participate anymore and I had a similar experience at the 10Liner contest this year. On one side there are people complaining, that the programmers should follow made rules. On the other side ist the love for programming in free time. You can not force love. If you take the love for something then you may will be hated. Since the whole life is about fun and being together and 42.
  10. Very nicely done! Und natürlich ist deutsch eine schwere Sprache: Fischers Fritze fischt frische Fische. Softwarewettbewerbsabzeichengewinner. Achtbitschbuspräsentation, Tzatzikirühreibrötchen, Quietscheentchen, ... Maybe I should make a game with a German word and 4 possible meanings :-)
  11. My entry has been disqualified. Because it is not new enough. There is a background story fo that. As you may have read above, 8bitjunkie redraw his entry before getting disqualified. So I made a similar game and put in a story to think again about that as a game description. As a result it got disqualified. The Abbuc has decided. So now I am watching what happens next. Maybe it was the last entry of SWC of 8Bitjunkie and me. I can give you the story of ROA here. It is just a funny little intro... The (little) game will not be released. It is bad software. Really bad. Too bad for Abbuc. Even so bad, that a last place is not granted. No "Eddy The Eagle" and no "olympic spirit". Not worthy a competition. The only funny thing is the story. You have to know some things about the Atari scene to understand, but give it a try: Rescue on Atarius You hear a voice: “Good Morning! Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome on board this flight. My name is I. B. Coda and I'm Your In-flight Service Director. The temperature outside is -270 degree ....” Female voice “Ehm, we are on a rescue mission...” Coda: “Ya, right. This is I. B. Coda from the space ship Goddess Of Justice. We got a distress signal from Planet Atarius. They need our help. So github and remove all yellowing from the engines”. You think: Planet Atarius? Isn’t that where all the coders live? We need to rescue them! “CLoad the fuel” comes from the speaker (in dual pokey stereo). Captain Anthony Bug: “This is not a drill, not an old game, so Get Up, do your best” You now remember all your simulations for this on planet Altirra. Your trained. Your sprite looks good and you want this! You hear the speaker again: “Condition Orange!”. Female voice whispers “Ehm, wrong color”, “Condition Citron!”. Female voice a bit louder “Ehm, you nearly got it”. “I know now: Condition Banana!” Female strong voice: “Condition Yellow, Man”. You hope specialist Mads is on board and does the translation when meeting the coders on Atarius. Otherwise it will take a long time to assemble their words and bytes. As we aproach Atarius the scanners fail. But luckily one member of the Reno had left his place. Everytime he does that, he turns on the speakers on maximum. So we could follow the Krach - Another word you will learn on Atarius. On the way to the bridge the ship got a hit and Captain Bug got injured. “Fortunately we have Turbo Tape” says Pinky. (Blinky once gave you Turbo Basic when you injured your leg - Same graphics, but different programming. Like FIFA 18 is not FIFA 17 of course.) What? With 18 it is never like 17. Never mind. Finally you take place on the pilot seat, grab your CX40 flight stick and say: "A good day to have fun!"
  12. Yeah, I sent in my game. Maybe this is my worst idea. But fight for your right to party, right?
  13. Also available for free; only the boxed edition for collectors is not for free
  14. The real programmers fun is converting and doing own programming :-) even if the original source is offered for free... I like that spirit a lot
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