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  1. Id certainly be down for one (or more if the price is right) with shipping to Canada! Cheers!
  2. nukeshed


  3. I was going to grab Z, but someone beat me to it. Thanks for the offer though!
  4. Im not sure I posted a wishlist LOL, Id have to search to find it!
  5. Nope, broke for another 3 months When I am back from Portland, let me tell you, I will be spending tens of more dollars on Inty
  6. Like it? I love it, mate. Next best thing to having Mom's Frostbitet patch
  7. I get a Baconator when ever I am at Wendy's which is never. Fast food disgusts me. Sorry.
  8. I got mine today, up in the rainy wastes of Canuckistahn! Thanks Rev!
  9. So, I'm not going to go into a long negative rant about how work is terrible right now, but I will note that work blocked my access to AA, and thus, my drop in posting. Also, kind of my drop in realizing what is is coming to me in the mail. "Ed, you have two pieces of mail", the wife texts me whilst I sit at work "What are they?" I ask, twiddling my thumbs. Work is dead, I have 4 people to look after. "I dunno, one said Intellivision" 0_o. What was I getting again? I wait until i get home to set eyes upon two magical lovely packages awaiting for me. First up, an envelope stating 'IntellivisionRevolution'. I elbow the wife. "Remember when I was playing Donkey Kong on the living room television?", I ripped open the envelope end to pull out my lovely Barrel Jumpers Club Patch! =DDD I was so happy that I barely stayed on the high score boards enough to make the cut. The next... was a box? Strange, I forgot what was actually coming in that box. I carefully slit the tape to open the box. I see on the top of the package, a loose, white label Poker. Ohhhhhh, right... but why was send that big of a box... "I need a lot of stuff, but nothing common or worthwhile to mention, unless you happen to have a locomotion to give out " No.... Yes!!! Thank you so much to Rev for shipping out the patch, and OutlawTorn71 for the white Poker and the lovely Locomotion! (also, you have a PM coming)
  10. Im sure there was, but not within my price range. Tell me again in August
  11. I dont just collect retro games, I didn't get an Intellivision until after I got a NES, and a Genesis, iirc. I dont just collect new stuff, either, which is obvious enough. I dont just collect games, I like game peripherals, and merch as well. I just collect
  12. True enough, but when your friends are three thousand kilometers away, theres a little lag on the Inty controllers
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