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  1. I'm calling conspiracy theory!

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    2. jaybird3rd


      We all knew exactly what it was at one point, but it's been systematically erased from our memories.


      Don't try to find it again, either ... because to remember any portion of it, any word, will cause you pain ... terrible pain ... growing more terrible as you fight to remember ...

    3. xucaen


      meh, why would I want to know? I only asked because someone posted a status update on it. We need to squelch these rumor mongers while we can! Rise up! Let's take back the streets and..

    4. yell0w_lantern


      and hold on to the night?

  2. everyone knows adam and eve were made up by the man to put us down. i mean , how can asians, latinos, and black people come out of 2 white people unless Cho, Eduardo, and Tyrone were also hitting that.

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    2. Grig


      quicker and harder than Thor's Hammer indeed! Run Away! Run Away!

    3. xDragonWarrior


      Fixitguy74,obviously it was a joke,you do know what a joke is right?

    4. Fixitguy74


      I know what a good joke is. What you posted was not.

  3. today I'm 17

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    2. PacManPlus


      +1 to what CPUWIZ said

    3. fdurso224
    4. Gemintronic


      Eat all the greezy pizza you can. In a few years the calories don't leave your body.

  4. Just got a Popeye arcade cab off Ebay for $170

  5. The original Playstation is like aids, nobody wants them but we get them anyway

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    2. GoldenWheels


      According to "The Week" magazine the original PS1 is highly regarded as a top quality CD player. It must be true, I read it in a magazine.

    3. TheGameCollector


      All the PS1's deserve modchips. With PS2 discontinued it is best to play PS1 games on PS1 to prolong the ability to play PS2 games on PS2's.

    4. AtariLynx Lover

      AtariLynx Lover

      S.A.P.S. is back.

  6. Where did you learn to fly?

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    2. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      Who needs to learn? All I need is a cape and some allergy medicine from the 1970s.

    3. 2600 Forever

      2600 Forever

      In the parking lot of a Grateful Dead concert.

    4. TheGameCollector
  7. If you had an uncle named Jack, and he was stuck on a telephone pole, would you help your uncle Jack off?

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    2. Rhomaios


      That's how you heard that old joke? In my youth, it was always, "If your uncle Jack helped you off a horse, would you help your uncle Jack off a horse?" A little more twisted, I think.

    3. Bryan


      Much better, you get the joke and an entire prepositional phrase.

    4. Jess Ragan

      Jess Ragan

      I will strangle you.

  8. I can't believe that the topic of "is Wii U weaker than last gen?" is STILL being brought up today. It's ridiculous. This is all factual, and this is as far as analysis can go. As you can see, it's not even in the MIDDLE between 7th generation hardware and 8th generation hardware, it's JUST BEHIND the PS4/Xbox One. I don't get where these fools are coming from with these questions.

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    2. Amstari


      Technically it might be behind PS4/Xbone but they wont have Mario 3D World, Mario Kart, Zelda or Smash Bros. so to be me the Wii U is superior!

    3. R.Bear


      It's known that the Wii-U has a very bad CPU, possibly worse off than the PS3's.


      The GPU in that thing is a lot better than either previous generation system, so the PS3/360 aren't really capable of what the Wii-U does graphically. The Wii-U GPU supports a more modern feature set.

    4. Classic Pac

      Classic Pac

      The Wii U is a perfect example of when people demand innovation, they just won't buy it.

  9. ▂ฺ ▃ฺ ▄ฺ ▅ฺ ▆ฺ ▇ฺ █ Can you hear me now?

  10. I hate when people say Money can't buy you happiness.if I owned a Lamborghini,a mansion filled with a ton of arcade/pinball machines and every console/handheld made boxed I'd be happy as hell!

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    2. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      “Money can't buy you happiness, but it can buy you a yacht big enough to pull up right alongside it.” - David Lee Roth

    3. atarian63


      good one!


    4. Rhomaios


      Where did that bullshit phrase come from? It's supposed to be "money can't buy you love," though Bunny Ranch disagrees.

  11. If Microsoft Windows’ users could claim $1 for every time their Microsoft Windows freezes, Bill Gates would be bankrupt in about three days!

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    2. atarian63


      still would love to see ol Bill Gates bankrupt!


    3. icemanxp300


      yeah windows 7 doesn't freeze on me either. It's a pretty solid os.

    4. ValkerieSilk


      Well there's always OS/2 Warp

  12. The weirdest YouTube video I've ever seen:https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=trueview-instream&v=1xgyQy7TG_Y

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    2. CPUWIZ


      Just watch homer's rant video, then you are getting closer.

    3. xDragonWarrior


      I meant the weirdest AD.

    4. CPUWIZ


      That makes a little more sense, it was strange. Speaking of strange, I wonder if there is a KMD rant on youtube. LOL

  13. This car may not look all that but for $6,800 AND it gets 84 miles to the gallon:SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-SawjhfwQk

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    2. xucaen


      How about the Arcimoto? http://www.arcimoto.com/

    3. xDragonWarrior


      much more and less MPG, no thanks

    4. xucaen


      the arcimoto is electric.

  14. The More You Know ☆彡

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    2. atari2600land


      Knowing is half the battle. They never did tell what the other half was.

    3. Nathan Strum

      Nathan Strum

      … the less room there is in your brain for new stuff.

    4. Nathan Strum
  15. Anyone notice how the people on game shows can answer the questions so easily but you would loose on the first question?

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    2. retrorussell


      Love your avatar xDW. That bumper creeped me out as a kid.

    3. Atarian7


      One time I turned on Jeopardy and I was getting all the answers. Then I realized it was celebrity Jeopardy. lol

    4. xDragonWarrior
  16. I hate in when Velociraptors and llamas with hats stabs you 37 times in the chest

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    2. Kiwi


      Man I hate it when that happens. Thanks goodness for mutant healing powers though.

    3. BalloonFighter


      At least Carl didn't eat my hands this time.

    4. simbalion


      What the...?

  17. Wright brothers not the first to fly???.Why don't people leave history the way it is and stop trying to change it?. http://www.cnn.com/2013/06/07/travel/wright-brothers-first-flight-fight/index.html

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    2. Sprybug


      If its true then let it be true, if not then keep things the same. Let's not be stubborn here.

    3. ilovethevectrex


      i remember going to a museum about flight that showed a list of people who flew before the wright brothers. a lot of people flew before him, but pretty much all of them crash landed lol

    4. atarian63
  18. I didn't know there was a new Little Rascals movie out!

  19. Nice song but WTF video

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    2. xDragonWarrior


      I'm not I just saw the youtube video and was like "what the hell" and clicked on it

    3. Bryan


      I think he's lying in the wet spot.

    4. Giltygear
  20. Sega VR>Oculus Rift>Sony head mounted display

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    2. R.Bear


      I lost interest in Oculus after they sold out to Facebook...

    3. xDragonWarrior


      ahh I forgot about the ever great Virtual Boy

    4. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      I won't use anything associated with Facebook. Hate that mop any with a fiery passion.. On the flip side the only thing that might interest me in a ps4 is if they release a vt headset for it

  21. When many members here at AA are old enough to be your grandparents, what does this mean to you

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    2. jetset


      Get off my lawn!

    3. DoctorTom


      It means you are used to seeing kids having kids.

    4. CPUWIZ


      No, it means that kids have no age.

  22. It's crazy how we go from Rapper's Delight to this Lil wayne Future auto tune shit

  23. how you gonna do it if you really don't wanna dance?

    1. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      Ask Janet Maddox Goree.

    2. DeputyMoniker


      By standing on the wall?

    3. retrorussell


      Get your back up off the wall!

  24. saw the PERFECT arcade machine a Columns arcade machine(which is a REALLY good game) in good shape,was only $150 AND was only 41 mins from me but when I emailed her she said "sorry but I sold it".SOO mad right now.

    1. SoulBlazer


      At that price and condition it was probably gone within 2 minutes. I would have jumped on that also.

    2. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      Bummer. Some day when I own a home and have a basement I'd like to get a few arcade cabs..

    3. xDragonWarrior


      And I thought Georgia didn't have that many arcade collectors/resellers.

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