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    The AV expansion thing for the TG16... the one that goes for 150+ bucks just to give you composite, is a complete rip off. The shuttle cost 150... same price as a stupid adapter to get composite... which doesn't even include the cost of the TG16 and the PC Engine cables for contoller support, etc. It's stupid.

    :o :O :o Are you serious?.I got the AV expansion years ago with my TG-16 1 controller and 4 games(Galaga 90',Dungeon Explorer,Keith Courage In Alpha Zones,and Alien Crush) for $8.Damn!

  2. You better remember that's worth a small fortune!



    That's why I don't need anything of value.If I acquired an boxed Air raid in a matter of days the box would be crushed,the label would be stained with mountain Dew, and one of the handles would be broke amongst other things :rolling:

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    What is wrong with you people? Seriously, please just go away and spin your dumbass conspiracy crap in the Intellivision forum.


    And make sure you have one of these...




    EDIT: Example: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/224176-any-updates-of-lost-caves-of-kroz-release/?p=2992897

    Whats the big deal?.It was an astronomical understandable mistake.


    He CLEARLY made a mistake when he thought someone could be changing his account and taking out some features.


    He couldn't edit anymore and he couldn't delete that message 'edited by....' he assumed someone was doing that.


    Then he realized his subscription ended today! And that he was posting this morning!

    Also he didn't insult anybody.


    While I am severely skeptical about both the Rift and Morpheus, there are 2 problems with this statement-


    First, about the refresh rate and FOV, you don't know this yet. It's more than a year off. Sony is claiming that somebody will be able to play on Morpheus while another plays the same game on the same PS4. This implies that the unit will have its own dedicated APU, likely one better than the one in the PS4. (This also implies that it will cost the same as, if not more than the PS4 itself. That's a different problem.)


    Second, the original statement came from John Carmack. While the guy is a genius, and definitely knows what he's talking about, he is talking about the competition. No company, no athlete, no politician will tell you that "the other guy" is just as good, if not better, than they are. It doesn't happen.



    Plus, everyone, stop feeding the troll.




    Every console maker is just ripping off Atari.

    Every auto manufacturer is ripping off Mercedes-Benz.

    Every American President is ripping off George Washington.

    Every King of England is ripping off William the Conqueror.




    Or maybe someone is just bitter that Santa only brought them a Wii U for Christmas.

    You mean every console is ripping off the Odyssey?

  5. James and Mike playing the unreleased "Super Mario World" sequel for CD-i. I wonder how good this game would have been. What exists is so incomplete that it's hard to say.


    if what they have played,if it had of been released(granted they kept the gameplay the same),it would have most likely pretty decent.Maybe not a true successor to Super Mario Worlds but still a pretty good attempt(again assuming the game would have stayed like it is in the proto)



    Uh huh.... :-/


    First, I emplore you to play it. It's actually very fun. Arguably more so than the first, as you actually have to reload... and other gameplay elements such as shooting special targets and collecting candy bars (health).


    Also, MAME for that game is way off. It's enough to play it, but many of the effects still haven't been emulated either well or at all. heck, the whole flashlight section of the last level is completely missing in current emulation, and fog/environments/colors looks downright horrid. That and, as with the first Jurassic Park, I'd hope you'd understand that playing a lightgun game through a PC is..... less than satisfying.


    Not saying you need to get it. I honestly was just happy someone mentioned Jurassic Park. Just figured someone who "hated" it so much would have at least tried it if they liked the first so much. There is a reason why it's so popular. Its a hoot.

    When I said it was bad I was just joking.After all,I haven't played it yet.

  7. Basing it on footage I've seen online. I know I'll never see one in real life.


    Good choice on JP BTW. No love for The Lost World? Don't bother with jp3. Nearly as bad as the film.

    Yes no love,The Lost World is one of the worst arcade games of all time!. :lol: no.I've never played it actually and have no excuse why(it's readily available on Mame).When me and my sister went to Chuck E Cheese when we were little there was a Jurassic Park sit down model there.We only played it I'd say around 3 times before they replaced it with Johnny Nero Action Hero.I played it once and It could have been a decent game(I don't remember if it was good or not) but not as good as a Jurassic park sit down cab,Now The Lost World looks like and could be the better game but since I have a Jurassic boner for the 1st sit down cab I like it better.

  8. Yeah, the question of “how much does a MAME cabinet cost” is very tricky to answer, because it is dependent on so many factors, such as what types of controls you want, how fancy you want to get, and what stuff you’re able to salvage from odds and ends you have laying around the house.


    If you’re building, don’t forget to factor in costs for tools that you don’t own and can’t borrow from friends/family.


    When I built my first cabinet, the only thing I already had sitting around were some 2.1 PC speakers for the audio; I had to buy the rest.


    - Materials (MDF, glue, fasteners, misc. hardware, plexiglass, t-molding, primer, paint) - $400

    - 2 x Happ competition joysticks - $20

    - 1 x Happ super 4-way joystick - $10

    - Track ball with USB interface - $100

    - iPac keyboard encoder - $45

    - 16 x buttons - $20

    - Wiring kit - $25

    - Misc. shipping charges - $25

    - Cost of screw-ups and do-overs - $75

    - Older PC and 21” CRT monitor from local classifieds - $80

    - Marquee light - $15

    - Smart power strip - $30

    - Tools (router bits, drill bits, clamps, etc.) - $70

    - Custom marquee and artwork from GameOnGrafix - $100


    I’m going on memory from 3 years ago so these prices are only approximate, but as you can see, it’s right there around $1k for my project.


    Granted, there are ways I could have skinnied this down if I absolutely had to. I could have foregone (or cheaped out on) the artwork, skipped the smart power strip (which allows me to power the whole rig up and down with one buton), skipped the 4-way stick, skipped the trackball, used a crappier/cheaper PC, etc.


    I decided I wasn’t willing to compromise on any of these items, so I went all out (well, my version of all out, anyway).


    I think a good rule of thumb for a nicely rounded end product would be $600 on the low end to $1200 on the high end, depending on scope, features, and extras.


    Incidentally, I’m just finishing up a rig for my garage that consists of an X-Arcade tank stick mounted on a MDF pedestal I built. I had the monitor already (27” CRT television), but I had to buy the PC and speakers. Even that project cost me close to $500. This stuff adds up quick!

    Thanks,and a thanks to you too Benny.I accidentally wrote above that I have a control panel(HotRod) but I do not at the moment.If and when I get said control panel(or X arcade) can I replace the joysticks and buttons with authentic/better joysticks and buttons(granted there the same size as the ones in the said control panel) and if so, are they easy to replace/which are the best I can get?I see these push buttons(GoldLeaf pushbuttons):http://www.ultimarc.com/goldleaf.htmlgoldleaf.jpg

    they look pretty decent and there cheap($1.95)

  9. So a lot of people say that Hotel Mario is one of the worst games of all time(IMO mainly from the AVGN review) but I don't see why it gets such a bad rep.To me the gameplay is reminiscent of 80's arcade games like Mario Bros.Yes the cut scenes are kinda bad and it's not the best Mario game but it's far from bad IMO.So what do you guys think,is it really as bad as some make it out to be or is it a pretty decent game.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIyO-ojujOU

  10. It would all depend on a number of things...


    Do you already have a cabinet?

    Do you have a suitable "donor" cabinet?

    Do you have a spare computer to run as the base unit?

    If you have a spare computer, is it new/fast enough to work?



    All of the above would be a good start point. Then, you need to decide on a few things...


    1. CRT or LED TV?

    2. Will you be buying a control panel that is "pre-fabricated", or will you be building your own control panel? (Control panel consists of the joysticks, fire buttons, track ball, spinner & etc.)

    3. Do you plan on buying the games, or will you be downloading them from some sort of a torrent site?


    All of the above factor into your costs. I would suggest that you look into what kind of a cabinet you are looking for as a final product, and then price out the pieces. All of the items you will need are easy to find on google. Best of luck!



    I already have a empty cabinet and a spare computer.Its a kinda recent computer.I have a CRT monitor.I have a premade controller panel(HotRod control panel).I will be downloading games but only games that are VERY expensive or hard to find(as I collect arcade machines).

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  11. So I've been trying to pinpoint how much it would cost to make a Mame machine and I've always thought it would only be around $500-600,if that but others have been saving over 1K.So tell me,what all the parts I need for a Mame machine an how much would it all cost to make a simple Mame machine(2 joysticks and 12 buttons,no trackball,no six player action,no Tron joystick etc)?

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