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  1. Yeah no console Is bad ,It's the games that make It what It is.For instance,the Game.com had alot of bad games but could have gotten some very impressive games(Metal Gear).The only console that you can say that is truly bad is the R-zone.The games were just interchangeable versions of LCD games so even with current hardware you can't make the games any better than what they were.

  2. Does it have to have more good than bad games,more than 1 good game,variety of games or what.The consoles that lots of people say(even though most of the naysayers never even played them) like the CD-I,Jaguar,7800,Ngage,Virtual boy 3DO,Gizmondo etc, they have some good games(Mario clash/tennis,Gex,Sticky balls,Toy golf,Sonic N,Jack bros etc).the R-zone is a mixed console though.If you like the classic Tiger LCD games then you'll like the R-zone but if you don't you'll loath it.So how do you classify a "bad console".I say if it has a few good games on it then it's good.Even with only one good game,if that game is good enough then i would say it's not that bad.And another point i must bring up.it's not the consoles itself that's bad,it's the shitty games that are made for the system that overshadows the good ones(or in the Game.com's case, the horrid screen.for example, playing and fast paced Game.com game on a Game.com looks horrible but played on a emulator, it's much better(Sonic Jam played on the emulator, you can actually run fast and the fighting games are decent).Opinions?

  3. When I was little.my dad(he still does) took me with him to this cleaned out house(I'm assuming he cleaned it out)and when you walked in,there was a N64 and Super Mario 64(don't know why I remember the N64 and Super Mario 64) but Since I wasen't into collecting I passed on it and got a Spider-man and other orangish yellow Marvel action figure instead.Why couldn't my dad say,"do you want this Nintendo to play" and i would have took it but it's not as bad as some of you guys had(must be hard knowing you had some rare games/consoles just thrown/sold away).

  4. Where did you find one.When i get older i am going to strive to get every known console and handheld made but one thing arises.What about consoles like the Gakken TV Compactvision or the 1292 APVS(Advanced Programmable Video system), you don't find them just anywhere.Even it japan where they were released will probably be a hassle just to find, cheap but hard to find.nice collection.Have you played any of the games, if so how are they Graphic wise and how fun they are.

  5. Battle arena Toshinden:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8pxUyuwrW4

    Toki Tori(puzzle platform):http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTzRpHrXS_w

    Dead Heat Scramble(racing):http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wF3Pc_zi3Sw

    Survival kids(Survival game):http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQet3NwtHO4

    Cannon Fodder(Strategy):http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-c1xJSdD9U



    Others i recommend are;

    Wendy:every witch way(platform)

    Yoshi's cookie(puzzle)

    Crystalis(SNK RPG)

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  6. All this recent news of the next gen consoles is why Nintendo (and maybe Sony) will succeed while Microsoft fails.

    . It will be so much of a hassle just to play/sell a used Xbox one game.Lots of people only buy Used games because there cheaper and because of the hassle just to sell/buy a used Xbox one game all those people will switch to the PS4 or Wiiu because they play used games and you can sell them(loss of customers and money there).


    .it has to connect online every 24 hours in order for the gaming capabilities to remain.I know alot of people who have Xbox 360/Wii/PS3 and don't have internet so if it has a mandatory 24 hour check to keep the gaming capabilities on,they will switch to the Wiiu or PS4(unless they get internet by then)


    .The system has to be online in order to play the game and once the live servers go down,you can't play any of your games.


    If you take away the Microsoft fans that very rarely brought new Xbox 360 games and/or didn't have internet and switched to Sony or Nintendo, that's alot of customers and money given to their rival companies when it could have all been avoided.2014 may be the year Microsoft goes the way of the Dreamcast.

  7. Sorry double post but Now thinking about it,Plumbers Don't Wear Ties is the worst game of all time,case closed,end of discussion.With the other games you guys mentioned, at least you can play it and it has at least one redeeming value,With Plumbers Don't Wear Ties has none.It claims to have full motion video but is only has it for the first 2-3 minutes.The rest is a slideshow of what's happening.Even when you have to pick up your controller to choose how to story unfolds is a pain(you only pick up your controller like 3 times the whole game).Each choice has to be read so if you want choice D you have to listen to choice A,B,C,and D.So it's unbearably shitty.If this game had some good jokes than i would give it some credit for having some good jokes and wouldn't be as bad but the acting and jokes are horrible.E.T.(2600),Aquaman(GC),Club drive(Jag),Dark Castle(Gen/CD-I),Psycho fox(SMS),karate,Defender(PS2),Panic!(CD),Empire strikes back(2600) and even Superman 64 has some sort of interactivity and is "playable", Plumber Don't Wear Ties dosen't.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyaF_gCKWsI



    Who are you to ask "who are you?" Who does anyone have to be? A bum covered in joy juice and feces can call someone an idiot.







    That's not the only difference. The used game for 5 dollars less than full price often has at least one small scratch, greasy fingerprints all over it, and it could be missing the manual or box or both. It could also be missing any special download codes. It's smarter to spend the extra 5 bucks and get a pristine copy.


    When i said the only diference is that someone played it before me,it is implied that there will be scratches,smudges and fingerprints.and in m experience of buying from Gamestop,Play n trade etc,I have never gotten a used copy of a game without a instructions or box. I sometime buy off Ebay(only 5% of my modern game purchases).I scored some months ago Resident Evil 6 when it was $60 in stores for $26,34 dollars cheaper and they all arrive in pretty good condition in fact this goes to something else.Out off all the used games i brought(and i've played the hell out of almost all of them),all of them still work without any problems.not untill i see a used copy of a game i want and it dosent have the manual then i will pay the extra amount but until then it's used games because in my experience t has not failed on me to change it. Not trying to say you're wrong but to let you know my input.

  9. I can never tell if that video is real or fake. If I had that many games I would at least stack them in piles that build up toward the ceiling. He just walked all over them. WTF?


    I believe it's fake(just a dramatization of what a Videogame hoarder would look like),I looked up an episode list and this wasent there but looks legit.Would be funny If after the video,he broke his copy of Earthbound,Action 52 or other rare games by stepping on them!

  10. When it looks like this: http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=0rbOs46Sc64 (if link dosen't work it's Hoarders: OBi's Video Game Collecting)and is just thrown everywhere(in the bathroom,floor,kitchen,baby room,garage,basement etc.) and stepping on them without given a F*** than I'd say your a hoarder but If it's on shelves neatly organized in place and not just anywhere(you know your boundaries) than it's not.If your not willing to throw/sell a game in your collection that's broken/no need for than you may also be a hoarder.My logic is up for a debate and discussion.

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    Unless GameStop is selling stolen games, the difference is that every game was purchased at full price. The game company got their money. It's different from one kid buying a game and letting 100 of his friends make a copy.


    People who buy used games that are only 5 dollars less than the full price are idiots. I usually only buy a used game if it is half of the full price or lower. When I go home and spend points card money on the extras, the game company is getting money from me that they never would otherwise. If I really, really, really love the game and would like to by the next one in the series, I might save up my money and buy it for full price instead of waiting 3 to 5 years for the used price to drop. The used game sale actually helped the game company.


    If GameStop is wrong, used book stores are wrong. Stores that sell anything used are wrong. Flea markets are also wrong.


    Who are you to call people idiots for buying the used version because it's $5 less.If i had a choice between a used copy of a game for $45 and a new copy for $50,I'm gonna get the used copy.It's not like a used copy is a watered down version or has a high risk of not working,the only difference is that someone has played it before me.For every used game someone buys,that same game was brought new for more than the person who brought it used( whether It was $5,$10,$20,or even $30 and $40 more),that's still a profit.And I would like to have cash left over for other expenses than spend it all on Videogames.

  12. Got a silver Wonderswan color off Ebay for $26 with box http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?ff3=4&pub=5574883395&toolid=10001&campid=5336500554&customid=&mpre=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fitm%2FWonder-Swan-color-limited-ed-silver-%2F111087285128%3Fnma%3Dtrue%26si%3Dn3VoHUoX8BGeLIh3ik8V6ichUk0%25253D%26orig_cvip%3Dtrue%26rt%3Dnc%26_trksid%3Dp2047675.l2557. Doesn't show a picture but says it's used and has some wear on it.Wanted this other Wonderswan for $21 with Final Fantasy 2 but was outbid and a LE Chocobo Wonderswan with Chocobo game in excellent condition but wanted WS color.I have $400 to spend from my summer job but am giving most of it to my mom(you're lucky I love you cause i could but a shitload of games with that much money) :)

  13. Can you say score(to me it is anyway)

    R-zone XPG(already got the headset version) with Star wars Jedi adventure for $11,$3.77 shipped


    and a Game.com with Williams arcade classics for $3.50 $5.05 shipped


    Don't see why the game.com gets so much hate.Games like Duke Nukem 3D and the puzzle/board games were good and the rest, if played on the emulator,are decent.the game.com had something going for it(touchscreen,internet capabilities,big name games etc.).Really wished metal gear solid had come for the Game.com.It didn't look that bad.If the gameboy could handle it surely the Game.com could.metal-gear-solid-game-com-0.gif



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