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  1. 1: It's my money


    2: Nothing has been "ruined" everything has been improved in every way imaginable.


    1.I know it's your money

    2.I like the original status of any console no matter how shitty it was and improved it can get

    3.I'm not saying you shouldn't have done it,i'm saying that part of me likes it while the part of me that likes keeping consoles the way they were built dislikes it.And as i stated before, GOOD JOB!

  2. Now that is what I call enthusiasm.


    If I were to make a suggestion/request, I'd like to read a gaming book that not only covers the history of gaming, but also has a personal side to it -- testimonials from hardcore fans that lived through the various eras and recounts from the cultures surrounding these classic games. Something that goes beyond facts and figures and expresses the experience (as much as mere words and pictures can) and persuades readers to seek these games out for themselves.


    And yeah, leave the clones and knockoffs out. And I'd probably limit it to North America too. Otherwise you'll exhaust both yourself and your readers.


    Testimonials from gamers that have grew up playing the console and have a real nostalgia for the console will be a good Ideal(4-5 will be good).If it's called the Ultimate history to videogames(or whatever it's called) and leave out Japanese consoles like the Playdia,2800,PV-1000 then it's not Ultimate,it's close to ultimate.I don't want a book that shows half of the videogame consoles,I want to show THEM ALL.Staying up all day and night to get this book published:CHALLENGE ACCEPTED :thumbsup:

  3. Are you going to limit it to machines released in North America?


    There are numerous obscure Japanese consoles that are completely unknown to Western audiences; good like finding enough information to write about them if you do not read Japanese (and have access to stacks of old game magazines).


    What about other unusual systems, such as the Dendy, the NES clone sold mostly in Russia, or the interesting stuff developed locally in Brazil/South America?


    I would personally be interested in a book covering these little-known systems, mainly because there is so very little information available online in English. I would, however, want something significantly more detailed than just a rehash of Wikipedia articles, etc.


    I want to do all I can find(Japanese and US consoles aswell as anywhere else) and will try to find as many as I can possibly find.probably Won't include clones or the version of said console In different areas of the world like the Hyundai comboy/super Comboy(the Korean Nes/SNES),Samsung Gam*boy(Korean SMS) etc( regional consoles like the Famicom and mega drive will be there). because there are alot of them, especially the clones(shitload of Nes clones).Main focus are the original consoles(systems that plays it's own games) and add ons(and maybe some unique clones as far as the console list goes) and Videogame123,I will do only the more significant pong consoles and some unique ones

  4. I never played it before but the Price plus the Hardware issues makes me think it's not worth it.If you can find it for cheap than get It.Some highlights are Super mario bros:the lost levels(the REAL Super Mario bros.2)armana's miracle(Indiana Jones meets Bionic Commando,Fire rock,Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa(action platformer where you play as a baby),Falsion(a 3D glasses game) and others are some good games to get.I would say don't spend more than 80(if that and assuming you have a Famicom) on one.

  5. If it's done right, good quality pictures, good quality paper, good grammar (i have a book about konami games, that is hard to read because somebody used a pc to translate the text from spanish to english.)I would probably buy it, if the price is right (50 dollar max).Please note that a book like you describe ("all" consoles+games) exists, http://gameplanbooks...g=game-machines



    Not quite,found some systems that are not In the Index from a preview version(Maybe there are more Ideex pages for the book beats me)

    but the Hartung Game mastee

    Sega Pico

    Takara/Bandai Video Challenger

    Dina 2 and 1(clone that plays SG 1000 games)

    Evo smart console

    Capcom CPS Changer

    Funtech Super A Can

    1292 Advanced programmable Video System(there's the Radofin Aquarius but no 1292)

    R-zone(there's the Game.com but not the R-Zone)

    Gakken Compact Vision TV boy

    Nichibutsu My Vision

    Action Max

    view-master interactive vision

    Xavixport Zapit game wave

    TecToy Zeebo are all not In there(If I'm not mistaken)Here Is the link to the index preview(tell me if you can find any of these because I sure can't)http://www.gameplanb...ple 240-243.pdfEven If there was only 1 not there,That's 1 that some person who wants to see the history of videogames doesn't know about but I'm just technical about everything.You say it's 10:100 i say it's 9:59 :-D

  6. I'm 16 and I LOVE retro videogames so I wanna make a Videogame informational book that covers all consoles(I mean all!) from virtually forgotten consoles like the Casio PV-1000,RDI Halcyon,Roller Videocolor,Epoch Cassette Vision and Pc engine GT to the more commonly known consoles like the Nes,Atari 2600,Dreamcast,Genesis,PS1 to the newest console out(don't know when this will be realeased).So I'm asking you where should I get my information(becuse this Is definitely not coming out of my head and of course to gather and alter information In my own words),what extra should I include,price etc

    I will include:

    .A picture of each console

    .10 or 20 games that defined the console(exception when the console has less than 10 or 20 games)

    .notable features that were ahead of It's time(Snes and Genesis Xband,Intellivision Playcable,Dreamcast Internet right out of the box,Atari 2600 wireless joysticks,Atari 2600 Lestick controller,Game.com Internet and touch screen capabilities Lynx's unheard of graphics,Vetrex's Vector graphics etc)

    . Short reviews of the consoles(I will allow anybody here If they want to, a short review of the console and their review be In the book

    .In the back of the book,Videogame terms and historical figures and their definitions/Bio(full page bios and terms like Shump,JRPG,Blast processing!,mode 7 Nolan Bushnell,Shigeru Miyamoto,Gunpei Yokoi etc)

    .Gems In the consoles library(Input will be accepted)

    .proto consoles/games and significant and revolutionary games(The Supercharger's Dragon Stomper,The legend of Zelda,Sonic,Ocarina of time,Goldeneye 007,Doom,Death Race,Gran Turismo,Good luck charlie brown,Sonic Xtreme,Sega Neptune/Pluto,Atari Panther,Atari Video system X,Atari Comos etc.

    .mysteries In the Videogame Industry(Atari Mexico landfill burials etc)


    Would you buy a book with this type of Information and If so,how much?Any Input about what I should add to the project and your thoughts are appreciated!

  7. Sorry double post but Answer mine aswell as Satoshi Matrix's.

    Watching a movie online or popping It In the actual VHS/DVD

    (Which do you like better) when you had Kids or no kids(for the married ones)

    Preservation of rare Videogames or F It and play em like they were ment to be

    Marvel or DC

    Nintendo or Sega(company or console wise)

    New style of music or the old style(classic for the people who hate to be reminded that there old)

    Legos or Megablocks

    Batman,Superman or Spider-man(the mans!)

    2D or 3D fighting

    Marvel vs. Capcom or Street Fighter vs Tekken(the epic crossovers)

    Ice cream or cake

    Your videogames or your wife/girlfriend(yes I went there)

  8. Remakes

    I been watching Pokemon since I was little and know more about them but Digimon are cooler and stronger

    First person shooter


    Short replayable games because isn't that what retro games are(except RPG's and some exceptions)

    Physical because I can't put a Digital game on my shelves nor admire their beauty now can I

    Cheat codes when unlocking the Item/character/weapon/level/vehicle Is a pain and unlockable bonuses when there easy to get

    Fan translations because some really good RPG's were not released In the us and with fan translations,you can play them without knowing Kanji, etc

  9. A THEAD THAT SHALL BE RESURRECTED... Mine is when my cousin gave me and my sister her red Play it loud Gameboy.When i was in 5th grade summerschool,my friend asked for it and since i had a GBA sp and DS i didn't need it.Regret that now.still have the 12 or so games except Killer instint,Donkey Kong Land 2,Addams family and TLOZ Link's awakening.miss TLOZ and DKL2 aswell as Killer Instint.

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