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  1. What I want to try is using that Gamecube to Playstation adapter with my Capcom PS gamepad. It's basically just like a cross between a Genesis and SNES controller anyway!



    Don't think that a Gamecube to PlayStation adapter exists(i looked for one some months ago).That controller is sweet but I was mad that I couldn't use it on Sonic mega Collection Plus(since it looks like a genesis controller in a way) but is a must for Street Fighter Anniversary Collection.

  2. Silpheed:Lost planet-$1

    Yanya Caballitta-$1

    Power Drone-$1(decent budget title racer for the original retail price of $14.99)

    Sega Superstars-$5

    The Sopranos Road To Respect-$5

    Motor Mayhem-$3


    Final Fantasy-$2

    King Of the Monsters-$2

    Spider-man And X-man Arcade's Revenge-$2

    Super R-Type-$2

    Mortal kombat-$1

    Jungle Strike-$2



    Tetris Blast-$2

    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie-$4(Very underrated and very fun fighting game)


    At a Value Village yesterday while at the showcase,i saw a Intellivision for $35!.First time seeing a intellivision in the wild but passed because 1:I could possible get one for cheaper online(either here, Shop goodwill or even Ebay if i'm patient)and 2:If nobody buys it or they put it back in the back before the last Wednesday of this month because then it would be half off(Intellivision for $17.5 dollars!)



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  3. fighting:Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/The Movie(Gamegear).The game is just amazing.Solid 1 on 1 fighting with the choice of 16 characters to choose from(rangers,megazoids,and bad guys) even on an original Gamegear.One of my favorite fighting games


    Warpath:Jurassic Park(PS1).Solid fighting(well for a dinosaur fighting game it is) DINOSAURS,what more could you want



    puzzle:Dr.Mario(Gameboy and Nes).To me everybody likes Columns and Tetris and Dr.mario is a failed attempt to cash in on the Tetris craze but i like it more than Tetris.It has good gameplay mixed with awesome catchy music.


    Mojo(PS2) A game similar to Super Monkey Ball but instead of getting the ball to the end you have to break these color coated squares with the right color coated ball(by getting the power ups)


    Action:Dungeon Explorer TG-16).A Solid gauntlet style game with semi catchy music and a challenge that will make you die if you dont keep concentrated


    RPG:Dragon Quest Monster Joker 1&2(DS).The Pokemon,Final Fantasy and other Dragon Quest games are the DS RPG's that get alot of attention but Joker gets the least.Sure it's not the best DS RPG but I kinda like the battle elements a little more than the Pokemon battle elements.Worth to give a shot if you can find them cheap.

  4. Yeah maybe but i wanted to make the same exact game he was making(since it was step by step instructions).Anyway for me to do so with the link you provided me?also tried the Compile and run and said the same thing?.I wanted to follow his video because it was step by step instructions accompanied by the video so i can hear and see what to do.Any leads?

  5. So i was trying to learn how to make a simple Atari game(seems simple enough) from this video

    and at 3:12 when he tries to Compile and play the game it says "Could not locate defalt.bas.bin and could not recompile.please check to make sure it was compiled correctly".So far,i've been able to do everything he says to do(up to 3:12).At the bottom where it says messages it says"Could not locate sed.exe. Please copy sed.exe to C:\Atari2600. This will improve DASM error reporting".Would that have something to do with it or what?Any leads are appreciated.

    Precompilation failed, aborted at 4/26/2013 7:30:16 PM

  6. Racing:

    Need for speed underground 1&2

    Bump N Jump

    Mario kart Double Dash

    Crash team Racing

    Burnout 3: Takedown



    Hyper Street Fighter 2

    Tekken 3

    Tekken Tag Tournament

    Marvel VS Capcom(All)

    Mighty Morphin power Rangers/The Movie(Gamegear)

    Warpath:Jurassic Park(fu***** dinosaurs!)





    maze Craze



    Super mario bros.3

    Super Mario World

    new Super Mario Bros(DS and Wii)

    Sonic the hedgehog 1&2

    Sonic generations

    Megaman Dr. Wiley's revenge

    Jungle hunt


    First person Shooter:

    Goldeneye 007

    Perfect Dark

    Halo 3

    Doom 3





    Blazing Lazers



    Space invaders


    Hack n slash

    Dynasty Warriors


    So whats your favorites?

  7. Ross PK mentioned snooker which reminded me of my love for pool video games. One of my favorites on the DOS PC's back in the day was "Sharkey's 3D Pool". The scrolling 3D table was very well done for the time.




    Also a big fan of the Virtual Pool series. Actually trying to find a decent pool game for the Wii if anyone can recommend a good one.


    Midnight pool is pretty descent from what i've played of it.

  8. Can you say score??????



    I went to a craigslist add that listed atari and 60 games for $20 thats all I knew and it was like 45 minutes away. I figured hell I can't lose? Set-it up last night at 9:30 pm and went first thing this morning after work.


    Wait for the last pics. No not for sale!!


    Again $20 and maybe $6 in gas (new car gets 40 mpg)


    Can you say jealous?.Anyway best find i've seen here for that low of a price!.If only it was in my state (GA).

  9. With the next Xbox coming and it's feature to block used games, will that somehow affect the prices of the games when the next generation(9th) comes around?.Any game new whether recently released,fairly new,a few years old(2-3.4-5),or an older game is always more than the game used (even if it's only a few dollars more).So because the games have to be new in order to be played,will they be more than the average game after the next generation hits or because they have to be new will that change because of it?.There's not that many sealed games for older consoles(before the Wii) so the Durango will be no exception,so will that make the prices rise or what?

  10. who the HELL thought of this.What if i was playing the Durango and my connection went out,i have to start at my last checkpoint.I have never brought a new game in my life and a anti used game policy will ensure that.Always on connection and a anti used games feature is why i will not buy a Durango(maybe a PS4 because it so far won't have these problems),and will stick with the Wiiu/PS3/360 and back because Sony and Nintendo know what there doing.Also would love to see what The Angry Video Game Nerd thinks of this.

  11. Megaman Dr.Wiley's Revenge(Gameboy).One of the games my cousin game me and my sister about 7-8 years ago.Just beat a level in the game near the end of last year.Is it just me or is Megaman games in general hard?.The newer ones are pretty easy but the retro ones are HELL!.

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  12. Went to the Flea market again and the same seller I brought Perfect Dark and Star Wars Rogue Squadron from,he had new games out.His prices are good(for the few games he has out),$4 for 1,2 for $5,etc.I got Final fantasy 2,Spider-man and the X-men in Arcade's revenge(SNES),Super R-type,King of the monsters(SNES),Jungle Strike(GEN) and Mortal Kombat 2(GEN) $11.Will try to post pics soon.

  13. I live in North America.

    I love SEGA.


    But I can't deny it's reputation here.


    Sega Master System - FAILED

    Sega Genesis - SUCCESS

    Sega Game Gear - FAILED

    Sega CD - FAILED

    Sega 32X - FAILED

    Sega Saturn - FAILED

    Sega Dreamcast - FAILED


    There's really only one success there.

    Sure system X was popular in this country and system Y was popular in that country, but compared to other console/handheld makers of it's time, the Genesis was it's only true worldwide success, and that was a long time ago. EA (Trip Hawkins anyway...) may have made the 3DO but at least he stopped after one failure instead of releasing 6 failures, and having plans for a 7th doomed from the getgo bastard child (the Sega Neptune).


    I may sound harsh, but once again, I love SEGA, however hindsight being 20/20 and all, they probably would have been better off never making consoles and just been an arcade company / 3rd party developer for consoles all along.

    Activision, Namco, or Capcom never had to make the the 'X VideoTainment System" or anything, and look how well they've done.


    Well Capcom did make a obscure console(the CP System) and Godslabrat,the Game.com was revolutionary.Where do you think the DS got the touch screen and two cartridge slots ideal and the PSP with the internet ideal from?.

  14. Went to the flea market last Saturday and Sunday.One seller was selling a few games and almost all of them were crappy sun faded games but perfect dark and Star wars Rogue Squadron(N64) were not and they were 2 for $5.Also got a PS2(fat model) with broken 1st controller port for $3(the reason i got it was because i was PS2 starved,it was cheap and that i can play some of my games with the controller in the 2nd controller port).On Sunday i found nothing.

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