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  1. Tried on my tablet and just don't work. No bluetooth so have to go mini usb route. Any suggestions on which controller is best and cheapest?

    Well I have used a Wii and PS3 controller(through an app) and they work pretty good(you can use an Xbox 360 controller but you need to hook it up via a cord as it does not have Bluetooth).no issues yet.For the Wii controller,all you do is open the app and turn on your Wii remote and it's synced.For the PS3 controller though, you need to root your tablet(very easy) and change the master address(what the PS3 controller will connect with) from the PS3's address to the tablet's address(it won't work with the PS3 after this so to fix you hook it up to the PS3 via USB cable and press the home button).

  2. Guilty as charged! I had zero ideas for a label and instructions.

    The full screen color of the game made me think of a certain company, so I went with it, adding humor in a lot of places.

    It is definitely unoriginal, but in a tribute way with tongue-in-cheek humor.


    It is not as bad as that first NES example, you can see what you are playing.

    Now THAT is nice.It has that classic 2600 look and you can SEE what you are playing

  3. **DISCLAIMER**I am not hating on the people who make homebrew games.In fact I love homebrew games and would buy them all if I had the money,it's just that I hate one thing with MOST of the games:


    I dislike when homebrews do this.You go out of your way to make a game for a retro console yet the boxart is modern looking.If you're gonna make the game retro make the boxart retro looking aswell,not modern looking.


    This is an example of a homebrew boxart that also LOOKS retro and IMO how all homebrew boxarts should look:sir-ababol-nes.jpg



    Not this:



    AGAIN,I am not hating on the homebrewers as I cannot do anything close to making a retro game or any game for that matter.I wish that all the homebrewers from the Odyssey to the Dreamcast to keep making GREAT games.If I offended you sorry,I am just voicing my opinion


  4. Why wasen't any of the Spyro games on your list?.I mean they are some of the best looking games on the PS1 and IMO some of the best PS1 games of all time.Anyway...

    Top 8(cause I can't think of 10) in no particular order:

    1.Tekken 3

    2.Spyro 3 Year Of The Dragon

    3.Crash 2:Cortex Strikes back

    4.Crash Team Racing

    5.Gran Turismo 2

    6.Final Fantasy 7

    7.Jet Moto 3

    8.Micro Machines V3

  5. I was just wondering,do you really have to actually play a game to know if it's good or not?The only game experience you don't get from watching a gameplay video of a game is the feeling of actually playing it and the controls.I mean you don't need to have actually played said R-zone or Action Max game to know they're all terrible.So what are you guy's opinion on this and do you or do you not have to play a game to know if it's good or bad?

  6. The Radofin 1292 Advanced Programmable Video system is the first system with analog joysticks.

    It might also be the first system using ROM carts, but we only know the release year (1976) and not the month and day of release.

    (The Interton VC 4000 is a rebranded 1292 AVPs in a new shell, BTW).


    Those are Pong systems. The Pong chip is mounted in a cart; so you an have all of the Pong chip games for cheaper that buying 10 different Pong systems.

    Those systems are said to have been realesed in 1977;in any case they can't be older than the GY chips.



    Bandai Playdia:First console to have wireless controllers standard.




    Hey guys! Look at what we have here. Another "LOST" SEGA Commercial!


    You may remember our first "Lost" commercial for Phantasy Star. Well, we decided for our 2nd video in the series, it was time to get as FAR from the Christmas theme as possible. That's why we shot this one on a beach in Cancun, Mexico (no joke!).


    Hope you enjoy and did what we're doing with these. Let me know what you think!


    Man this makes me wonder what Sega's commercials would have been like if they still produced consoles.Great job and keep up the good job 4909df23df7b7212a3fe7b71e80a7ff2.gif?v=4

  8. Very few people have played much less heard of the Interton VC 4000 and that's a real shame as it was the FIRST consoles(that's right,before the Vectrex and 5200) to have an analog stick.Interton%20VC%204000%20www.JPGThere were 40 games released for it and they can be found very cheap on German Ebay in a lot with a few boxed games but sadly they do not ship to the USsonic-hedgehog-yesemoticons-007.gif.Anyway,has anyone here on AA had the chance to play on or own this groundbreaking console??? I'll be hear waiting sonic-hedgehog-yesemoticons-005.gif

  9. post here the first console or handheld to do or have something that no console t the time did.



    Interton VC 4000(1978): first console with an analog stick Interton%20VC%204000%20www.JPG


    Intellivision(1979): First 16-bit console/first console to have downloadable games


    Genesis/SNES:first consoles to have online gaming(via Xband cartridge/1994)


    Microvision: First handheld

    Atari Lynx(1989):first handheld with a color screen


    Turboexpress(1990): First handheld to be able to play it's console counterpart's games


    Neo Geo Pocket Color(1999):first handheld with a thumb stick


    Game.com(1997):first handheld with touchscreen and internet capabilities;/first handheld with built in game(Solitaire)


    the rest is for you(didn't wanna do it all by myself)

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  10. The Astrocade is an AMAZING console IMO.Everybody seems to give the 2600 some love but never the Astrocade. EverythingEverything about the Astrocade is unique from the controllers to the games.It's defiantly in my top 10 consoles for sure. Here are my favorite games:



    Space Fortress


    Artillery Duel

    Ms. Candyman

    The Incredible Wizard

    Galactic Invasion

    Treasure Cove


    If you every see an Astrocade for a cheap price I recommend you pick it up pronto sonic-hedgehog-yesemoticons-006.gif sonic-hedgehog-yesemoticons-001.gif

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