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  1. Now I know the day is almost over but I just found out about this :P and the Gameboy should be entitled to this.Anyway post your favorite games for the system and your memories with it.My cousin gave me and my sister her red Gameboy Play it Loud when we were little with 12 games:

    Mega Man Dr. Wiley's Revenge

    Donkey Land 2

    Kirby's Dream Land 2

    Kirby's Block Ball

    Killer Instinct

    Mortal Kombat 2


    Zelda Links Awakening

    The Addams Family


    Arcade Classics 2:Centipede/millipede

    Bugs Bunny's Crazy Castle 2


    My favorite games from that lot were Mega Man Kirby's Dream Land 2 and Zelda I had fun growing up playing on that red "brick" and stopped playing it when I got my silver GBA SP(which ends up sadly how this Gameboy ends up) as it could play Gameboy games.When I was in 5th grade my friend wanted my red Gameboy and since my GBASP could play all my GB games I didn't need the Gameboy.every day I would forget to bring it/couldn't find it and on the last day of summer school(yes I had to go) I found it and snuck it out the house.I gave him my red Gameboy Play it Loud which had sentimental value to me WITH Zelda The Addams Family and Donkey Land 2 :_( and to make matters worse,a used red Gameboy goes for over $50 :_( .Anyway I would just like to with the grey/red/black(whatever color you had) "brick" a happy birthday



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  2. To summarize my experience with this controller, I saw it for one day at the Target store in Camarillo, CA, ~2003-4, clip stripped next to the psones which were rapidly going out of style. A day or two after seeing it, I convinced myself they were worth their price, but they were gone. Totally gone from everywhere. Their presence on the internet reduced to just a couple pictures posted above...


    So, this controller has actually become one of my weird 'grails' in game collecting. Words cannot communicate the joy I am feeling tonight. After quite some time, ebay's home screen 'following' feed finally turned turned up the goods, and as of tonight, I finally own one of these NIB (granted it hasn't shipped yet). (link) Bravo for correct use of the term 'rare' in an auction.


    Yes, I have been searching since well before starting this thread.


    The two pictures from the auction represent the best images I've seen of this controller so far. They are below. It turns out there is only one model with both a d-pad and arcade stick control option. There is actually a memory card slot in the front. Many drinks have already been had in celebration of the winning of this auction. It has been one damn good night.


    attachicon.gifcontrol element 1.JPG attachicon.gifcontrol element 2.JPG

    :-o These are rare???.there's like 10 of these at my Local Play N Trade brand new for $10 a piece.Might have a reason to pick one or two up :D

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  3. That's true, they sure are collectible but in looking for a hidden gem - an obscure console that's actually fun to play in addition to collect for. Although I'm starting to think that doesn't exist.

    Sorry to double post but sure there is.There is the Sega SG-1000,Amstrad GX-4000 and the FM Towns Marty.I'll list my favorite games from my personal collection.

    Fm Towns Marty


    Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

    Monkey Island II

    Ultima VI

    Wing Commander II


    super street fighter 2

    Bubble Bubble

    After Burner




    Girl's Garden

    Shinnyushain Tooru Kun

    Doki doki Penguin Land

    monaco GP

    Hustle Chumy
    Lode Runner
    Zippy Race

    Bomb jack






    Amstrad GX-4000


    Burnin' Rubber

    Robocop 2




  4. Eh is a really nice looking console but it's nothing special.I got it as an early graduation gift(I have one more year left) and I haven't really played it that much.1 becuase there are only 4 games made for it and 2 because the thing has a spinning motor inside and I'm afraid I will break it :P .So if you're like me who just have to have every console no matter how bad/expensive it is then get one,but if you're expecting to play some truly great games then look elsewhere I.E. a Vectrex(the AV games are not bad by any means but with only 4 games you will get bored).

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    The PSP 2000 is better for jailbreaking and homebrew support. Cheaper too. You can get AA battery PSP chargers as well.

    The PSP is just as easy to hack(3 steps) and you get better battery life,a better screen and it feels better(IMO).And as for the battery operated game system thing,why get one of those where it comes with 30-40 games and you can't change/add more games when you can get a PSP hook it up to the TV via AV cable and have access to thousands of classic games plus PSP games.That to me seems like a better deal.

  6. i have that issue of egm. dont remember when / where i read about this particular gamegear but i seem to remember that there was only one thought to have been made and that it ended up on display somewhere because nobody was dumb enough (at the time) to buy it.

    does anybody know anymore?

    Yeah that makes sense only one being made because they would not have made all those units and none sell(although they could have salvaged the diamonds and gold.So this thing is more rare than I thought.I mean it was 75K so that made 95% of gamers unavailable to buy it and the rich people who were able to afford one,would not buy a Gamegear simply becuase it's a gold and diamond version of it(Look at the sales of a gold super car and the regular model and you'll see).


    And also Jess...:x :X :x ‎(ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻

  7. So I was reading this EGM magazine(March 1994 issue) and on page 79 on the left there is a article about a Gamegear that is diamond encrusted in a 18K gold case for $75,000(take that golden Xbox one).now since the GameGear is my fav handheld( the Gamegear was one of my first handhelds and was one of my introductions to videogames as a whole) I went apeshit but found out that there a NO information or pictures on the net about this special GameGear meaning no chance of me getting one :( .Now I just wanted to share this rare discovery to you guys and want to know,what you guys think this would be worth if one/it(could be the only one in existence) popped up for sale?


    The article's text as the below picture is hard to read:


    "A British department store came out with easily the world's most expensive Game Gear for the '93 Christmas season. A pricey sum of ???55,000 (about $75,000) gets you a standard Game Gear unit that comes in an outrageous diamond-encrusted 18K gold case. The gold alone weighs 800 grams, well on the way to two full pounds. The case is fitted with 46 carats of diamonds on the cross key and other accents. Made by a company called David Morris International, this piece of lunacy is touted as "the ultimate present for the children of the super rich." Despite the ridiculous price tag, the unit doesn't come with any games, although batteries are supplied. Start saving your pennies now kids, you could be the envy of thieves and kidnappers everywhere! Geesh, what next?

    This Game Gear will be even rarer than the elusive White Game Gear that appeared for a limited amount of time. Will anyone get it?"


  8. Small update. I bought the Didj shortly after I started this thread. Right now three games came in the mail, and I now have a complete CIB Didj collection. Now, let's start coming on with homebrews! (I would, but there's no software to help me like there is for the DS. Someone needs to make a Didj game maker software program, like the DS Game Maker does!) I know, it's not really that hard to do when there's 15 games, but it took forever for some reason. I have an extra SuperChicks in case someone wants to buy it from me.

    Looks cool,might have to pick me one up for cheap.Anyway I found a GBA emulator that works with them:http://hackaday.com/2010/08/12/gba-emulator-ported-to-didj/

  9. I would try to get an original PSP-1000. It's what I have and it handles a lot of retro emulators just fine. I think on newer models there are more difficulties installing custom firmware, but it was fairly easy on my 1000.


    I can't comment on the GCW Zero. It does sounds interesting from what little I know of it.

    The 3000 and GO are just as easy to hack as they use the same Custom Firmware(Pro B10) so they takes the same 3 steps to hack:

    1.Download CFW:http://zload.net/v2/archives/file/?id=241691

    2.Take all the extracted files and onto your PSP in the PSP/GAME subfolder

    3.turn on PSP and install


    Also the 3000 and GO models have MUCH better screen quality, AV output,and the GO has 16GB of built in memory so you don't have to pay extra for a memory card.

  10. EB had some games for 49 and 99 cents so grabbed a bunch. Hot Shots golf was $13.49 but it's been on my wish list. The Wii game was $1.99 and the rest were in the aforementioned 49-99 cent range.



    :o :O :o what Gamestop was this :o :O :o??? Sure there not all AAA titles but any game for 49-99 cents range I'd pick up in a heartbeat!

  11. This high score club seems to be dead. After playing for the first time on the Colecovision club, I think it's a fun way to play old games. I have a big SMS collection. I'm in for a new season. Common games should be picked. It's more fun to play classics and more people can play.

    Yep I'm in if this indeed happens.Would love to have some friendly Master System competition.

  12. wow! They should make it play all eras of optical media, from Sega CD, 32X CD, Saturn, DC, and beyond! That's good news to see Sega back in the game!

    WOW!!! I read online (did a little google searching) and it is backward compatible to ever previous system. I thought it would be since the images included many different CD formats.

    Question, it didn't appear to have a rom cart port...is there a hidden one on it? I need to find the thread for this and read-up, instead of hi-jacking this thread.


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  13. honeymooners have had the best quotes

    Alice " you forgot I'm a women"

    Ralph " me forget you're a women? how could I your always yapping"

    " I'll toss a coin heads I win tails you loose"

    plant your feet firmly and adress the ball

    "hello ball"

    Yep Honeymooners did have some good quotes.Still waiting for this to move :sleep:

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