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  1. You can post funny TV show quotes from any TV show.I'll start first.Fred:"You're so ugly, "I could push your face in some dough and make gorilla cookies!"


    Fred:"There's enough Niggers in here to make a Tarzan Movie".



    Aunt Esther Anderson: I wanna see 'em 'cause seeing is believing.
    Fred G. Sanford: No it ain't. I been seeing you for years and I still don't believe it.


    Cal Pettie: [Holding Fred's marriage license] I gotta tell you something, Fred.

    Fred G. Sanford: What?
    Cal Pettie: It's gonna cause you a lot of pain. It's gonna break your little heart. It's gonna tear your guts out... It seems that Elizabeth signed where the witness was supposed to, and Esther signed where the bride was supposed to. That means you are married to Esther.
    [Fred stunned, begins to stagger and suffer a heart attack]

  2. Seems like there are a bunch of different models of PSP. Which is the best?


    Also anyone have any experience with this thing?



    The best is the PSP 3000.All of them can be hacked pretty easily(4 steps)but the 3000 has a better screen than the 1000 and 2000 plus better build quality.

    Step 1:- Take your psp and connect it to the pc with the usb cable.

    Step 2:- Download This and extract it somewhere on your PC storage.

    Step 3:- Copy the folders FastRecovery and PROUPDATE to ms0:/PSP/GAME

    Step 4:- Then run the PROUPDATE and press x to start hacking the PSP

    I don't see why anyone would take one of those cheap emulator handhelds(dingoo,GP2X wiz,JXD etc) over a hacked PSP.Not only does the PSP have more/better emulators,it also has the incredible PSP and PS1 library plus a better screen and better build quality

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  3. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/01/31/technology/nintendo-chief-announces-foray-into-health-care.html




    TOKYO — Nintendo's president vowed Thursday to stick to the company’s old ways and refused to resign or cut product prices despite the video game maker’s dismal earnings.

    Instead, Satoru Iwata said the company planned to enter the health care industry.

    Mr. Iwata did not give details of what he called his “quality of life” business plans, except that it would not be a wearable device. Mr. Iwata promised to disclose details later this year.

    :lol: I don't know what to think of this.What's next,Sony in the automotive business?what are you guy's thoughts on this?

  4. Thanks. Maybe I'll get one later. I'll enjoy this for what it is. It's always good to have two, or more, right? I'll be taking a plane trip to Florida, and I don't think the charge on one will last that long, so two are better.

    I found a few videos online, but I don't have the system, but I'll rewatch them later

    this one is good. The other video I watched was horrible.

    It's always better to have two(of any console) so if one breaks you'll always have another but you can save money by just buying a extra 3000 battery for around $10(or less) instead of buying another PSP for say $30 or cheaper.


    also To install emulators on PlayStation Portable (PSP), first download them into the computer and plug the PSP into the computer. Go to the USB option on the PSP XMB. Locate the GAME folder from the computer and copy the emulator into the GAME folder.Then turn on the PSP and enjoy!

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  5. yeah, but where in the world do i even start to get all of that software?



    Everything you need:

    1.Ebay link to auctions:http://tinyurl.com/kyk4h4a


    3.memory card:http://tinyurl.com/m7hoan5

    4.firmware to hack it:http://zload.net/v2/archives/file/?id=241691 ,

    5.Very easy tutorial(3 steps)on how to hack it using above hack:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1J9YsW93FE

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  6. Why not just get an old Sony PSP and install custom firmware? I bought an old PSP-1000 in good shape for $50, then installed custom firmware.

    I now have emulators for 2600, 5200, Coleco, Lynx, and Intellivision on it, and it does a very good job of running most ROMs for these systems.



    A PSP would have been a FAR better choice. I mean its' decent what you got but Not only would you have been able to run 2600,5200,7800,ColecoVision,Intellivision,Nes,MasterSystem,Turbografx-16,Neo Geo,Genesis,Sega CD,Super Nintendo,Jaguar,N64,Saturn,PS1,Virtual Boy,Lynx,Neo Geo Pocket/Color,Gameboy,Gameboy Color,Gameboy Advance,Gamegear,Wonderswan,and retro computers like the Commodore and the Atari's but also the fantastic PSP's library and a better build quality

    EDIT:you can find PSP's for around $40 if not less if you search on Ebay for non working(does not read UMD's) PSP's.They will be much cheaper because of that but all you need is a big enough memory card(to download the games on) and you can put alot of emulators,games and PSp games on it.

  7. So on every video that I see about the worst console of all time and the Ngage is always on there.Now although I've never played one(I'm looking to buy one for less than $30 now), I've seen some gameplay videos and they look pretty sweet.Also it seems that the Ngage was capable of having better graphics than the GBA(PS1 quality graphics if you will)while Tomb Raider on the GBA is a side scrolling game,Tomb Raider on the Ngage is a 3D direct port of the PS1 game and looks just as good.Tony Hawks Pro Skater on the GBA is in a isomeric view while the Ngage port is in 3D.So what is your opinion of the Ngage,is it as bad as everyone says it is or is it really fun to play?



  8. I am looking to by a Ngage to buy for around $30-35. Ebay prices seems to be a little high for me and was wondering if I could get a deal from my fellow AtariAge members :grin: .PM me and thanks for watching reading.

  9. I was gonna say the Turbografx-16/PC Engine but it only has 2 addons,the Turbografx-16 and Supergrafx(the rest are hardware variations).So I guess this title would have to go to the Pioneer LaserActive It has the:

    .Sega PAC (PAC-S1 / PAC-S10)

    .NEC PAC (PAC-N1 / PAC-N10)

    .Karaoke PAC (PAC-K1 / PAC-K10)

    ..Computer Interface PAC (PAC-PC1)

  10. http://dallas.craigslist.org/mdf/vgm/4302236955.html


    I talked to the guy on the phone and he seems nice. What should I look for? What should I expect to pay?


    I don't have much experience owning pinball, but I've been comparing prices for years. This looks like a good price for a game that will actually get played in my house. I don't really mind if there are a few things to fix as a project, but I don't want a whole rebuild - so this fits.


    How should I transport this - can the legs come of a RFM?

    Cool.I want to get some pins when I'm older and never really cared for this one but after looking at it again it looks really cool.Anyway http://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/need-price-check-on-revenge-from-mars .from what I have read so far you got a good deal.Also from what I have read they are pretty reliable so no worries about high maintenance( :thumbsup: )but " Make sure the middle jump ramp works and isn't cracked, also make sure the monitor is bright and crisp".Hope everything goes well and post what you think of it afterwards :-D .

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  11. I fully realize discussions like these are largely a “matter of opinion” and that there is no accounting for taste, but I really struggle to believe that anybody saying they prefer the 7800 over the NES is being remotely objective. The technical specs of the two consoles are moot. BetaMax provided better video quality than VHS, but only a small handful of my favorite movies were ever released on BetaMax, so who cares? I’ll take VHS, thanks.


    I agree, we should prefer the modern consoles over the retro consoles but we don't. Not only are the games MUCH better graphically and sound wise,they are also Much longer.I think it's more of a Nostalgia thing.We grew up with a console so even those there are much better consoles out we prefer the nostalgic consoles.For instance, I prefer a Gamegear and Gameboy over a PSP and a PS1/PS2 over a PS3.I mean why would anybody prefer a 2600 over a PS4 or X1,there better in EVERY way.so Nostalgia has alot to do with it most of the time.



    And yes I prefer the 2600 over the Intellivision.

  12. You got a bunch of cool games!


    Except for "Panic!" which got a rare F- from the Video Game Critic. http://videogamecritic.com/segacdmr.htm#Panic!

    So The Video Game Critic constitutes if a game is bad or not?.And again NTANL,everytime I watch your video I get a little jealous and get joy out of seeing your face when you saw what game you got :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

  13. People who are casual fighter fans enjoy Mugen. but the Capcom vs crowd dislikes it due to the impossibility of actually balancing hundreds of characters.

    You're right Loon.I have noticed that this one character(who I thought was an average character as his stats were all 3's) is REALLY tough to beat,Hell even if i tag team him he still wins as he stuns you then heals.I have heard you can edit a characters stats but thats too much work to do(not really hard to do but tiresome to do every character).Other than that(and I can see why some will dislike it),its pretty fun again if you can get over the unbalanced characters.

  14. On that note, if you haven't heard of this already: http://www.saltybet.comWatch fights (all computer controlled) and bet "salt" on the outcome.Completely free of course (you can pay for stats/higher minimum salt if you want but that's obviously optional). But it gives you a good idea of mugen style gameplay and the whats possible with characters. I was addicted for a good long while. :)

    Thought I put that in there(guess not) but you can watch the battles in Mugen(Watch Mode) if you do not want to fight yourself and quite frankly I find myself watching the battles more than I do playing the game.

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