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  1. I know this is a 2 year old thread but more people need to know about the SuperVision 8000 becuase after all,it was the original intellivision(Intellivision fans look it up,the SuperVision 8000 came out before the Intellivision).
  2. they look resealed(could be wrong) but either way great score
  3. Either Dr Mario or the original Mario Bros. arcade game via Super Mario Bros. 3
  4. But you gotta admit,you just can't put that game down,it pulls you in.
  5. The Astrocade is an AMAZING console IMO.Everybody seems to give the 2600 some love but never the Astrocade. EverythingEverything about the Astrocade is unique from the controllers to the games.It's defiantly in my top 10 consoles for sure. Here are my favorite games: __________________________________________ Dogpatch Space Fortress Checkmate Artillery Duel Ms. Candyman The Incredible Wizard Galactic Invasion Treasure Cove If you every see an Astrocade for a cheap price I recommend you pick it up pronto
  6. Just picked up a Double Dribble arcade cab for $100 on Craigslist!

    1. AtariBrian


      Wow ... does it fully work ? That would be a killer deal if it does .

    2. xDragonWarrior


      yes and in great shape

  7. Now I know the day is almost over but I just found out about this and the Gameboy should be entitled to this.Anyway post your favorite games for the system and your memories with it.My cousin gave me and my sister her red Gameboy Play it Loud when we were little with 12 games: Mega Man Dr. Wiley's Revenge Donkey Land 2 Kirby's Dream Land 2 Kirby's Block Ball Killer Instinct Mortal Kombat 2 Pocahontas Zelda Links Awakening The Addams Family Boggle Arcade Classics 2:Centipede/millipede Bugs Bunny's Crazy Castle 2 My favorite games from that lot were Mega Man Kirby's Dream Land 2 and Zelda I had fun growing up playing on that red "brick" and stopped playing it when I got my silver GBA SP(which ends up sadly how this Gameboy ends up) as it could play Gameboy games.When I was in 5th grade my friend wanted my red Gameboy and since my GBASP could play all my GB games I didn't need the Gameboy.every day I would forget to bring it/couldn't find it and on the last day of summer school(yes I had to go) I found it and snuck it out the house.I gave him my red Gameboy Play it Loud which had sentimental value to me WITH Zelda The Addams Family and Donkey Land 2 and to make matters worse,a used red Gameboy goes for over $50 .Anyway I would just like to with the grey/red/black(whatever color you had) "brick" a happy birthday
  8. I now go by the name "The Videogame Historian"

    1. fdurso224


      So no more xDragonWarrior?

    2. xDragonWarrior


      wait...xDragonWarrior,the Videogame historian!

  9. If God wanted you to eat Puerto Rican Food, he would have lined your stomach with Pepto Bismol.

  10. I can't believe that the topic of "is Wii U weaker than last gen?" is STILL being brought up today. It's ridiculous. This is all factual, and this is as far as analysis can go. As you can see, it's not even in the MIDDLE between 7th generation hardware and 8th generation hardware, it's JUST BEHIND the PS4/Xbox One. I don't get where these fools are coming from with these questions.

    1. Amstari


      Technically it might be behind PS4/Xbone but they wont have Mario 3D World, Mario Kart, Zelda or Smash Bros. so to be me the Wii U is superior!

    2. R.Bear


      It's known that the Wii-U has a very bad CPU, possibly worse off than the PS3's.


      The GPU in that thing is a lot better than either previous generation system, so the PS3/360 aren't really capable of what the Wii-U does graphically. The Wii-U GPU supports a more modern feature set.

    3. Classic Pac

      Classic Pac

      The Wii U is a perfect example of when people demand innovation, they just won't buy it.

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  11. one day a lady was inside of an elevator and she had to fart really bad. She thought to herself, 'What am I going to do if someone comes in and smells it. I'm going to be so embarrassed.' Then she thought, 'If I spray this can of pine air freshener no one will ever know what I did.' So she farted and one floor later a biker stepped in and the lady said, "What does it smell like in here?" The biker replied, "It smells like someone **** a Christmas tree."

    1. phattyboombatty


      hehe I too am stoned right now heheheee

  12. Beauty may be skin deep, but ugly goes clear to the bone-Redd Foxx

  13. These are rare???.there's like 10 of these at my Local Play N Trade brand new for $10 a piece.Might have a reason to pick one or two up
  14. Sorry to double post but sure there is.There is the Sega SG-1000,Amstrad GX-4000 and the FM Towns Marty.I'll list my favorite games from my personal collection. Fm Towns Marty -------------------- Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis Monkey Island II Ultima VI Wing Commander II Splatterhouse super street fighter 2 Bubble Bubble After Burner SG-1000 -------- Girl's GardenShinnyushain Tooru Kun Doki doki Penguin Land monaco GP Hustle Chumy Lode Runner Zippy RaceBomb jack CastleH.E.R.O. Flicky Zaxxon Amstrad GX-4000 ----------------------- Burnin' Rubber Robocop 2 Switchblade Pang Plotting
  15. Eh is a really nice looking console but it's nothing special.I got it as an early graduation gift(I have one more year left) and I haven't really played it that much.1 becuase there are only 4 games made for it and 2 because the thing has a spinning motor inside and I'm afraid I will break it .So if you're like me who just have to have every console no matter how bad/expensive it is then get one,but if you're expecting to play some truly great games then look elsewhere I.E. a Vectrex(the AV games are not bad by any means but with only 4 games you will get bored).
  16. if you are what you eat...does that mean Cannibals are the only humans?

    1. Bryan


      You'd think zombies would be really smart.

    2. NinSEGA


      I read that as cannabis.

  17. Just got a Popeye arcade cab off Ebay for $170

  18. please tell me Why My car is in the front yard, and I'm Sleeping with my clothes on Came in through the window last night And your gone

    1. Classic Pac

      Classic Pac

      and there is an animal costume next to me on the floor.

  19. I would have chosen NBA Jam as it's(IMO) the better sports game but still cool to see on the news.
  20. Interior crocodile alligator,I drive a Chevrolet movie theater

    1. Rhomaios


      Man haven't heard that in forever.

  21. lĭdĭgĭ!(Hello) I'm learning an extinct language:Aka-Bo

    1. atari2600land


      Learn Klingon. I wish I could learn a language.

  22. this should replace the national Anthem

  23. The PSP is just as easy to hack(3 steps) and you get better battery life,a better screen and it feels better(IMO).And as for the battery operated game system thing,why get one of those where it comes with 30-40 games and you can't change/add more games when you can get a PSP hook it up to the TV via AV cable and have access to thousands of classic games plus PSP games.That to me seems like a better deal.
  24. Yeah that makes sense only one being made because they would not have made all those units and none sell(although they could have salvaged the diamonds and gold.So this thing is more rare than I thought.I mean it was 75K so that made 95% of gamers unavailable to buy it and the rich people who were able to afford one,would not buy a Gamegear simply becuase it's a gold and diamond version of it(Look at the sales of a gold super car and the regular model and you'll see). And also Jess... :X ‎(ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻
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