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  1. If you love the arcade style fighting games like Marvel VS. Capcom or Street Fighter then you will LOVE Mugen. Mugen is Dream Deathmatches Galore.In Mugen,almost any character you can think of can be put in the game in either a 1 on 1 or 2 on 2(all fighting at the same time) deathmatch(ever wanted to see He-man and Liono VS. Link and Shredder,well in Mugen you can) from Marvel and DC to the Megaman bosses and the Ninja Turtles and to top it all off,there is NO character limit(the highest roster I have seen had 8000 characters) and basically the WHOLE game is customizable from the menus and the health bars to the sound effects no skills needed(you can have the Mortal Kombat menus,the Street Fighter's life bars and the MVC's sound effects).Now since most of the characters were ripped straight from their games they feel and play just like they did in their games and they fit perfectly(the SF characters fight and play just like a regular SF game aswell as any of the other ripped characters).Mugen is everything you want in a fighting game,an unlimited character roster and the ability to put almost any character you want in the game,what more could you ask for?.In short,(well not in short :P )Mugen is a FANTASTIC 2D fighter that everybody who loves the arcade 2D fighters will enjoy.http://elecbyte.com/mugen


    to see just how many characters you can download and play as:http://mugencharacters.org/load/




    P.S.To add characters(which can sorta be a pain) you have to download(obviously) and extract the character into the Chars folder and then go into the Data folder and open up the select.def folder with Word pad.Then scroll down to where it says add characters and you type in the name of the extracted folder(if the folder says Megaman_Bass then that's what you type where it says add characters) then save and enjoy!)


  2. A better website is Vizzed.(no disrespect to Impaler).It has GBA,SNES,N64,Nes,GBC,arcade,Gameboy,Commodore 64,2600,Master System,Apple2,Gamegear,TurboGrafx,Sega CD,32X,Famicom Disc System,Wonderswan color,Neo Geo Pocket Color,ColecoVision,Intellivision,MSX 2,Lynx,Wonderswan,TurboGrafx CD,5200,A400,7800, Sega SG-1000,PC-FX,SuperGrafx,Virtual Boy,Neo Geo,Neo Geo pocket,and Sega CD-3000 with sound support.Now if you don't sign up(its free) there is a limited amount of games you can play in 1 day but other than that it's a fantastic website!

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  3. I would vote for the Gamecube controller (but it's not on the list).


    I like the dreamcast controller too, maybe it's even a bit better in terms of ergonimics, but the gamecube controller feels like it is built for a lifetime.

    Oh thats the controller i forgot.I had it up there Originally but it got erased somehow.And yeah the Gamecube is a really nice controller.

  4. I have used my fair share of videogame controllers and In my opinion it's between the Nes,SNES,Virtual Boy(It's really nice with the grips on the controller handle and it's concaved d-pads) Saturn,PS2, and GameCube(I don't know why some people hate it) controllers.So what do you believe to be the best or top videogame controllers?

  5. If you remember awhile I said I was gonna post what I have gotten this year so here it is!

    The Neo Geo Pocket color was $27 with Sonic Pocket Adventure

    The PSP 2000 was $10,

    the Wonderswan color was $25

    the Game.com was $7

    both R-zones were $13 a piece with Star Wars Jedi Adventure

    The Astrocade games were SEALED and only $6 a piece

    Pokemon Black was $3

    Kirby Super Star Ultra was $5

    NBA 2K1 was $1

    Tom Clancey and Ultimate Fighting Championships was free

    The 3DO games was free

    The PS2 games were from $1 to $3 except for We Love Katamari which was $5

    The PS1 were $1

    The boxed Microvision game was $1.81 with Sead Duel

    PlayStation All Stars was $20

    Enduro Racer and Transbot(SMS) was $2.50 each

    The boxed Football(INTV) was $1

    Golf and Tennis(GB) were $1 each

    Tetris Blast(GB) was $2.99

    The Nes games were $2 a piece

    The N64 games were $1 a piece

    And the Atari 600XL was $10!




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  6. There are actually quite a few collectors with larger collections than this one. In fact, I personally know at least two collectors with over 20K unique games each. Having said that, I suspect many collectors with larger collections don't care about the record and would not welcome the attention.

    Agreed,I aswell have seen much larger collections.Not to say this guys collection is bad or anything(it's really good) but I don't wan't this guy thinking he has the biggest collection out there just because the Guinness World Records said so as their is always some lowlife living with his parents with TONS more games than you.

  7. Can't argue with that logic. :)


    Do people play their obscure consoles? Or are they mostly cool things on a shelf?

    I play my Game.com :P and TG-16(although mot really obscure but underrated) once a week.I'm telling you they are just as fun to collect and play(well maybe not the Game.com) as the main consoles.

  8. So I wan't to make a new "retro" console/PC magazine and I just wanted to know what you guys think about it and to give me some suggestions on what I should include.Now I'm gonna have a PC AND a console magazine as there is so much to talk about and I will not have enough room for all of it.I have no definite titles for the mags but for the PC mag,Abort,Retry,Fail?(a DOS error message) and Command Not Found(Residentevilleonfan thought of this one) are possible names and for the console version I have no clue(feel free to give me suggestions).In the magazines I will have:


    .Ads for the new homebrew games(just like the classic magazines like Nintendo Power,Sega Visions etc. had ads for the upcoming releases).


    .review of homebrew games.


    .A view of a collector's collection(1 per magazine) and an interview with that collector.


    .A hidden gems section where I list games(from each genre) that me and other gamers think are total hidden gems


    .A "is it really that bad?" section where I take a console/handheld and game that is considered to be one of "the worst consoles/handhelds and games of all time and see if they are really "that bad".


    .A poll section(a poll may be for instance who has the better games,Mario or Sonic? and I will have different gamers voice their opinions as to why Sonic has better games than mario or vise versa.


    A "gone but not yet forgotten" section (where I talk about a series that has been abandoned by it's company(like Alex Kidd) or a game that could have had a series but never did.


    Every 10th issue will be dedicated to consoles like the Odyssey,2600,Master System,Nes,Turbografx-16,SNES,Genesis,Gameboy,Gamegear,Lynx,Neo Geo,Neo Geo Pocket Color, Gameboy Advance etc.In it I will review every part of the console from it's looks,graphics and controllers to it's durability and boxes/cases.Also I will have a page where people who grew up with the console and/or fans of the console can share there experiences with it.Also every 10th issue I will have a contest where you can win consoles and/or games which could be a boxed Nes or a boxed Famicom Titler!.


    So what do you guys think of what I will have in the magazine so far and is there anything you would like to see in the magazine that is not yet posted?.The magazines will be run by me and fellow gamers/collectors(as you guys will submit things like your underrated games,memories of a console/handheld and other things in that nature).


  9. And I think your logic is flawed. Although more than ever digital DLs are being sold they have zero collectability.


    You can download all the Atari 2600 or NES ROMs, but is this a collection? No, it isn't. A collection is something that is not readily available. Something you've built over the years, that is unique in the world.


    In 15 years you can download all PS4 as a Torrent or whatever we use then. But that is no collection.


    You can collect vinyl, but not MP3s.

    And I think your logic is flawed :lol:(not trying to be mean).A collection Is "the action or process of collecting someone or something" so you can collect PS4/X1 games.Now obviously they won't be worth anything but you can very well(when it is possible) collect them.just my 2 cents...

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