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  1. So I was reading this EGM magazine(March 1994 issue) and on page 79 on the left there is a article about a Gamegear that is diamond encrusted in a 18K gold case for $75,000(take that golden Xbox one).now since the GameGear is my fav handheld( the Gamegear was one of my first handhelds and was one of my introductions to videogames as a whole) I went apeshit but found out that there a NO information or pictures on the net about this special GameGear meaning no chance of me getting one .Now I just wanted to share this rare discovery to you guys and want to know,what you guys think this would be worth if one/it(could be the only one in existence) popped up for sale? The article's text as the below picture is hard to read: "A British department store came out with easily the world's most expensive Game Gear for the '93 Christmas season. A pricey sum of ???55,000 (about $75,000) gets you a standard Game Gear unit that comes in an outrageous diamond-encrusted 18K gold case. The gold alone weighs 800 grams, well on the way to two full pounds. The case is fitted with 46 carats of diamonds on the cross key and other accents. Made by a company called David Morris International, this piece of lunacy is touted as "the ultimate present for the children of the super rich." Despite the ridiculous price tag, the unit doesn't come with any games, although batteries are supplied. Start saving your pennies now kids, you could be the envy of thieves and kidnappers everywhere! Geesh, what next? This Game Gear will be even rarer than the elusive White Game Gear that appeared for a limited amount of time. Will anyone get it?"
  2. It's crazy how we go from Rapper's Delight to this Lil wayne Future auto tune shit

  3. It was true at one point:http://www.gamespot.com/articles/ea-sought-to-buy-valve-for-1-billion-report/1100-6394880/
  4. Sega VR>Oculus Rift>Sony head mounted display

    1. R.Bear


      I lost interest in Oculus after they sold out to Facebook...

    2. xDragonWarrior


      ahh I forgot about the ever great Virtual Boy

    3. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      I won't use anything associated with Facebook. Hate that mop any with a fiery passion.. On the flip side the only thing that might interest me in a ps4 is if they release a vt headset for it

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  5. Where did you learn to fly?

    1. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      Who needs to learn? All I need is a cape and some allergy medicine from the 1970s.

    2. 2600 Forever

      2600 Forever

      In the parking lot of a Grateful Dead concert.

    3. TheGameCollector
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  6. Now your Nes can feel happy:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKfSHXaCpow

    1. Keatah


      I don't want my nes to be happy. I hate nes!


  7. Crime dosen't pay...unless you rob a bank

  8. ▂ฺ ▃ฺ ▄ฺ ▅ฺ ▆ฺ ▇ฺ █ Can you hear me now?

  9. Looks cool,might have to pick me one up for cheap.Anyway I found a GBA emulator that works with them:http://hackaday.com/2010/08/12/gba-emulator-ported-to-didj/
  10. .the weathergirl said tonight she was expecting 8 inches and I thought "Not with that face

    1. SoulBlazer


      Sometimes the body is all that you need. :)

    2. retrorussell
  11. REAL men collect pinball and arcade machines.

  12. The 3000 and GO are just as easy to hack as they use the same Custom Firmware(Pro B10) so they takes the same 3 steps to hack: 1.Download CFW:http://zload.net/v2/archives/file/?id=241691 2.Take all the extracted files and onto your PSP in the PSP/GAME subfolder 3.turn on PSP and install Also the 3000 and GO models have MUCH better screen quality, AV output,and the GO has 16GB of built in memory so you don't have to pay extra for a memory card.
  13. All of the PSP(might be a few not on there)emulators:http://wiki.gbatemp.net/wiki/Emulation_on_PSP
  14. I didn't know there was a new Little Rascals movie out!

  15. "any man who would jump in front of a minivan For twenty grand and a bottle of pain pills and a minithin Is crazy,you hear me?"

  16. this is cool I guess but since I found out about Ebay I can never buy used games from Gamestop or(when it happens) Walmart again.I mean why would I pay $30-$35 for New Super Mario Bros. 2 when it's $15-20(even cheaper if you wait) on Ebay?.
  17. :O what Gamestop was this :O ??? Sure there not all AAA titles but any game for 49-99 cents range I'd pick up in a heartbeat!
  18. Man this looks sweet,I'm about to play it now.Keep up the GREAT work!
  19. For anyone who wants to partake in this wonderful thing SoulBlazer is doing or just wanna read some classic and modern comics you can go here http://comicsall.net/
  20. So they have obscure consoles like the Famicom Twin but not the first console the Magnavox Odyssey?Seems lie an interesting read.
  21. Why don't they just make a Yakuza game with Ryo as a unlockable or main character???
  22. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kT4rfdW73nw :O Man does this look sweet!.The only arcade cabs similar to this is Ridge Racer Full Scale and the Outrun special arcade.I wonder how much this cost and how many have been produced?
  23. Gentlemen,I present to you:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kT4rfdW73nw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3eyUOBsrjDY
  24. Yep I'm in if this indeed happens.Would love to have some friendly Master System competition.
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