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    Hey retrogaming guys and gals. I know this is my first post here (I cannot believe I went so many years not knowing about Atari Age!) but I hope you don't mind me sharing something special with you. What we have here is a compilation I put together for the holidays. It's fast cut home movie clips of me unwrapping every Sega video game I received as a gift on Christmas Morning. These were the golden years... 1991-1998. I came from a middle class family who struggled with money just like everyone else... but my Mom and Dad loved giving me gifts on Christmas and my DAD loved video games! We shared in the hobby of playing and collecting games all through the years growing up. I was a lucky kid. :-)


    In particular, this video is very special because my Dad passed away in 2007. It's so wonderful that he captured all these magical memories on tape, especially since it's all VINTAGE SEGA. It brings me great joy to share these, some of the most cherished moments of my life, with all you retrogamers! The video has been received so well since I uploaded it a week ago. Even Sega commented on it and shared it on their facebook page! That was a mindblowing moment.


    Please enjoy and Merry Christmas!

    Very sorry about your dad's passing,I''m 16 so I hope I don't experience that for a long time.Anyway the expression on your face when unwrapping those games are priceless :) .Also who gets that many games for Christmas(I'm so jealous :grin: )?.You said your family struggled with money yet they get you these expensive Video games !.You were a very well off child just for the simple fact that you had a Genesis AND a Sega CD.Again very cool and welcome to Atari Age!.Also what is your opinion of the Sega CD as it gets alot of hate which IMO does not deserve and you grew up with one.

  2. **This thread was not inspired by Jackandsig's CreatiVision thread(I though of his after) but would not mine if he posted on this one :)**

    Alot of people hate on the Game.com because "the only good games are the puzzle/trivia/board games" as the action games are slow and unplayable and although I like the system(out of all the Videogame consoles/handhelds ever made I only dislike the R-zone as I hate LCD games) I can agree.Now I have noticed that on the Game.com emulator(Gcom), the games are much better than on the actual console(not great but tolerable)as there is no slowdown or ghosting effect so that means that it's the Game.com's screen that makes it bad not the console's hardware.So I just wanted to know how powerful was the Game.com compared to the Gameboy color,was it much better or much worse as the unreleased Metal Gear Solid port looks better graphically than the Gameboy Color port.



  3. Oh yeah, there are DOSBOX GUIs out there. I haven't used any of them, but LaunchBox looks decent.





    Thanks Rex, this is just what I was looking for(GOG is fine but it does not have any of the games that I looked up plus I already have the games on my hard drive). Like I said before,I like consoles a little more because you can just turn it on and play and graphics don't really matter to me .So since there are so many great games that are not found on consoles(and games that are found on consoles but have mods for instance the mods in GTA4 which makes the game much more enjoyable),I wanted to have that experience while also having the consoles "turn on and play" aspect and not be limited to a chair to game in(as a couch is much more comfortable).Am I wrong for wanting the best of both worlds?.I mean who wouldn't want to be able to play PC games instantly on a couch on a flat screen TV?

  4. So I wanna play classic games on my PC because they are very fun to play(Doom,Quake,Castle Wolfenstein,Age Of Empires,Carmen Sandiego,The Amazon Trail etc) but it isn't as efficient as a console.With a console you just turn on a play while with a PC you gotta turn it on, find the game load the game etc and no operating system IMO looks good and works for just playing games(for everything else its fine but for games it's not).looking for your downloaded games on Windows 7 or XP is kinda bland while looking for your downloaded games on the Wii/Wiiu/PS3/PS4/Xbox 360/Xbox 1 feels and looks better as it's user interface fits gaming perfectly IMO.So i am asking you guys, is there any program that has a console like user interface and boots up automatically when I turn the computer on comes up(Like how Mame cabinets boot up Mame) so I can get the ease of gaming just like consoles.The On Live console has the perfect user interface that would fit me but it does not have classic games.If there is no solution I guess I will go the regular way.

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  5. Even with an unlimited amount of money, it's a long shot from being possible. One of every console EVER made in the entire world? It would be hard enough just to get the ones people actually know about, let alone all the clones and pirates and generally hyper-obscure (though often mundane) systems you've never even heard of...and there are plenty of those, I promise. You wouldn't even make it past the Pong systems.

    I wouldn't do clones or pirates, just the original console.I would also only have 1 or 2(for historical purposes) Pongs as they don't interest me at all but they are a part of the Videogame industry.

  6. DISCLAIMER:I am not doing this now, i will only attempt this when and if i win the lottery

    So In the future If I win the lottery and win around 3-4 million(doubt it but one can wish can't he) I would try to accomplish this goal and make a museum out of it for preservation sake and so people can read about where Video games came from(also a slight case of bragging will be in there but very slight :-D ).How much would all of this cost.I'm talking about EVERY videogame console and handheld boxed with EVERY color,box set(like the Nes box sets) regional console(Famicom,Mega Drive,Nintendo Iqque etc)with a complete WORLDWIDE collection boxed and/or complete(except for the modern systems as I have no intrest for collecting them) unless it never came boxed/complete(like Nintendo World Championships or Nintendo Campus Challenge).I'd say around 25-30K for all the boxed handhelds and systems(this adds up as systems like the AdventureVision,Famicom Titler,RDI Halcyon,are all 1K and over systems) and the games I'd say, 300K, 500K being the max(Nintendo World Championships,Nintendo Campus Challenge,and Air Raid already brings the total to around 90-100K).So how much would you say all of this would cost?.

  7. I have a website dedicated to Computer Space if it helps. I've seen them go from free and sixty bucks (fully working) to as high as $10,100.

    Gallery of known machines


    The average seems to be around $1500-$2000 fully working in good condition.

    It is great that you have a website dedicated to the preservation of Computer space.Also do you have one?,I'm not asking to buy it but was just wondering if you had this funky arcade machine

  8. I like my game.com, got the complete collection (w/modem), some of the good games are:


    Wheel of Fortune 1 and 2

    Quiz Wiz



    Tiger Casino

    Light's Out



    Resident Evil 2

    Hey half the gaming library is actually good, who'd have thought.


    I even surfed the internet with my game.com


    Yeah I hate when people say that the Game,com has no good games.

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  9. So we've all heard of the " worst consoles of all time" and we all know the usual suspects, the Virtual boy, Ngage, Atari 7800,CD-I, 32X, 3DO, Jaguar etc but are they really that bad?.I for one think that there not that bad as there are MUCH worse consoles than the consoles mentioned above for instance the Action Max, Bitcorp Gamate, Casio PV-1000, MegaDuck/CougarBoy,XaviXport etc. I think alot of these consoles are bashed because they have a flaw like the Virtual boy's red graphics or the 7800's controller and won't dig deep for the good games(they will play a few games which happens to be horrible and will immediately say that the console is shitty,one reviewer says this(the nerd and others) and fans will say this every time that said console/handheld comes up no matter if they have played the console or not.Now I will admit, some consoles/handhelds should stay on that list like the R-zone but alot of them have no reason to be on there.


    Philips CD-I

    The CD-I had some good gamesThe apprentice,Burn:cycle, Dragon's lair,Hotel Mario(yes this IMO is a good game), Kether,The lost ride,Mutant rampage,Thunder in paradise Tetris etc.Yes the majority of the CD-I's library kinda sucks but It should be noted that it has some decent games that you should check out and not all bad as most seem to think.


    Virtual Boy

    Out of the entire Virtual boy's library(3-D Tetris,Galactic pinball,golf,Jack Bros, Mario Clash, Mario Tennis,Nester's Funky Bowling,Panic Bomber, Space Squash, Teleroboxer,Virtual League Baseball,Red alarm,Vertical Force, Wario land, Insmouse no Yakata,SD Gundam dimension war,Space invaders,Virtual fishing,Virtual lab and Waterworld), only Waterworld is bad and Red alarm, Nester's funky bowling, Golf and Virtual league baseball are average).



    Another console I really hate when people put it on the list is the 3DO.I mean it had GREAT games like The definite version of Street fighter 2,The need for speed,D,Slayer,Shockwave 2,Soccer kid,The horde,Lucienne's quest,Gex,Killing time,Space Hulk,Road rash, Star control II so many to count.



    out of the 40 games released for the 32X, over half of them are pretty good.I don't know why people say the 32X sucks when it has such good games.Sonic Chaotix,Virtual racing Virtua fighter, Star wars arcade,Shadow squadron,Metal head,BC racers,Cosmic Karnage, the best version of NBA Jam tournament edition,Kolibri,Zaxxon's motherbase 2000,Darxide,Tempo, the closest damn port of After Burner on a console etc.


    Anyway, do you feel that some of the consoles always mentioned are in no way one of the worst consoles of all time or they are right and they should be there?


    $49 (shipped) on the 'bay. Not the most thrifty, but there are only 5 in here that I already had (*starred), which is pretty rare for me when I shop for lots. I figure street fighter and bc racers (the two I wanted most) add up to a good chunk of the total, and I get some other really solid titles for very little. Big problem--my 3do drawer is currently almost full, so storage could be an issue. I'll probably collapse my longboxes.

    *Total eclipse



    Super street fighter 2 turbo

    *The Daedalus encounter

    Star blade

    *Shanghai triple threat

    Samurai showdown

    primal rage


    Shockwave 2

    *Alone in the dark

    *Space ace

    Bc racers

    Dungeons and dragons slayer

    Corpse killer

    Good to see the 3DO get some love instead of the constant bashing.I for one cannot see why people call it one of the worst consoles of all time.It had some great games like The need for speed, Crash N Burn,the best version of Super Street Fighter 2, Gex, Lucienne's Quest, Killing Time etc.

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  11. This week on 1 game I have clocked In on 2100 minutes(give or take a few) which comes up to 5 hours a day.The game...Black Hole a pinball machine.I got it recently off Craigslist for a really cheap price and have hot been able to put it down since!(can you even use this expression when referencing a pinball machince as you never pick it up).It's beautiful from the side and playfied art to the spinning Black Hole playfield and robotic sounds."Do you dare enter the Black Hole?

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  12. Once again, a lot of you are not reading the many posts I made in this thread, and in many i mean little. Like the post after this.


    I mean do i really have to get a Nintendo fan boy to join the forum or something to make my point any more clearer than it already is?

    OK here is my proof again:

    Ultima II which came out in 1982 had Tile Based Graphics and all Intellivision games had Tile Based Graphics.See image below


    When the Nes came out there was STILL a Videogame market as there were sill consoles and PC games being produced .


    The Donkey Kong Game And Watch had a D-pad before the Nes. See image below


    Defender and many other games had scrolling before the Nes came along.See image below


    If this Is not enough proof to back up my claims then I don't know what Is.




  13. 1. That thing on the Select-A-Game machine looks more like four separate buttons rather than an integrated gamepad.

    2. Support for the Vectrex was dropped in early 1984, before the NES was released here in the States.

    3. Likewise, the ColecoVision was officially discontinued in 1985, most likely before the NES was released.

    4. The SG-1000 was released in Japan, where the video game crash never happened (because the game companies there had restraint and weren't greedy corporate morons).

    5. Are we seriously talking about the AdventureVision? This machine didn't even matter when the video game industry was *alive.* If you're using this as an example of a game system that proves the NES didn't revive the market, pick another example.

    6. Casio PV-what now? Was this even released in the United States?


    I'm sorry, you're just clutching at straws to make a very flawed point. The game industry was, at the very least, dormant in 1984, and the rising popularity of the NES in the latter half of the decade revived it. We can argue all day about whether or not it was a lucky fluke or whether another company could have brought the market back to life (judging from the 7800, it wouldn't have been Atari), but the fact remains that it was Nintendo that got Americans gaming again.

    Like I said also, the Donkey Kong Game and watch had a integrated D-pad before the Nes came out.


  14. A lot of you people have made claims that these statements are not true, but have not posted any links or references whatsoever that back your statements up, while on wikipedia, there are sources to un sources sources from gaming journalists, and while that is quality debatable, this site has a habit of only posting links if someone continually says something that is deemed true over and over again.


    If wikipedia is wrong, and all these uh, gaming people businesses are wrong, then it would help if you proved each of those claims wrong with something that shows you got it from somewhere.


    A lot of what people have stated so far, If you have played any games on a console before the Nes/Famicom you would know without needing facts(for instance games before the Famicom/Nes had no scrolling). for the Nes inventing the D-pad, the Donkey Kong Game and Watch and before that the Entex Select a game both had a D pad before the Nes . As for the Nes inventing side scrolling games,Defender(the first side scrolling shooter),Scramble,Haunted House, Jungle Hunt,Moon Patrol,Defender,Defender II/Stargate Chopper Command,Thrust,Vanguard,Marble Craze,Subterranea,,Mountain King,Jungle Hunt Road Runner Star Wars: TESB Barnstorming,Desert Falcon,Stampede, Pitfall, The Smurfs and others were side scrollers before the Nes came along.Also when the Famicom/Nes came out, there was still a Videogame market as the Casio PV-1000,7800, Vectrex, AdventureVision, Colecovision(etc) and the Sega SG-1000 (which coincidentally came out the same day as the Famicom) where already out and selling.There was still a videogame market, although it was very slim.


    Here are pics so you can SEE proof and not READ it.



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  15. So I'm going to be doing something different this time.Instead of posting what I've gotten recently, I'm going to wait until the end of the year to post what I have amassed so you can see everything in one post(and to go out with a Bang!).Now It's not going to be anything mind blowing(as I am 16 with no job and get my spending money from good grades) but It will be some good stuff no doubt.So far I have picked up over 64 games (over 8 consoles) and 6 consoles/handhelds since my last post some months ago and It's still growing.Stay tuned for my end of the year post.

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  16. Well as a 16 year old Teen myself It all depends on if they are mature enough to play it and if they will simulate the acts in real life.If they know that it's just a game then you should have no problem letting them play it but if they get influenced and simulate what they hear or see in Video games/movies/music then you might want to wait a little longer because you don't want your kids to rob or kill someone and say he was a "zombie" now do ya?

  17. I for one despite my age(16) will play on ANY console(except for the R-zone as I hate tiger LCD games) of any era whether new or old as I am not a graphic whore as some kids my age but I can see(although I do not agree) why some of the younger generation dismisses anything before the Nes. The SMS/Nes/TG-16/Genesis/SNES era was when Video games were not the same old repetitive(as they would call it) "get as many points as you can before you die" type of games like Asteroids, Berserk,Robotron,Pitfall,and Kaboom! and more deep involving more repayable and longer lasting games like Super Mario Bros, Sonic the hedgehog, Alex Kidd, Kid Chameleon etc.Sure you had those "repetitive"(again what they would call it) games on the SMS and up consoles but there are not as many as previous consoles You couldn't have a deep RPG like Dragon Warrior or a platform game like SMB on a console(PC's may be different) before the Nes. Dragonstomper and Pitfall are the closest RPG's and Platformers on the 2600 to DW and SMB. They are really good games(especially Dragonstomper for being a console RPG of that era) but to kids of this generation they are bland from graphics to game play. You would think that some of the younger generation would appreciate the games on the consoles before the Nes like the Colecovision, Intellivision, 2600, 5200, 7800 etc as they are basically the IOS and Android games we play on our phones(get as many points as you can before you die) except with older graphics but it's the complete opposite.

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