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  1. 300K for every Metal Slug game is too damn high.I calculated each game individually and even using the overpriced reseller prices, it was less than 6K.So is this some uber rare varient/copy or just some reseller trying to get rich quick?





    There have been times that I've felt bad buying things from people that I KNOW are worth a lot more. However, it doesn't take a lot of effort to look up what things are worth and, if they aren't willing to take that time, then I don't feel so bad. I've taken the time to research and learn what these things are worth and there is value in that knowledge ... it's the same philosophy with testing your stuff.


    Move forth, profit from your hard work and knowledge, live long and prosper. :thumbsup:


    It's great to learn cause knowledge is power!



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  3. Love love and more love.I don't understand all the hate toward handheld consoles,The whole reason Handheld consoles were made was to let people get their gaming on while on the road.If I'm on the bus and wanna play Super Mario, I can pull out me DS or 3DS and play away.Also consoles like the PSvita have console quality graphics so the same experience I have on my PS3, I can on my PSvita(minus the big screen TV).The screen sizes are fine by me because if they were bigger then it would not be as portable.I have a huge screen tablet and it's good but when it comes to portability I wish I had a smaller more pocket sized one.Also if I wanna play a Nes game on the go lets say River City Ransom I can play it on my DS via R4 card, sure it's not the ideal way i'd like to play it but when I'm out and about and there's no Nes around then that will have to do.So again I LOVE handhelds.

  4. Never had anyone be inspired by me. I never played a Colecovision.As for Sega products I like em all even the 32X and CD.The GameGear is one of my favorite handhelds and I had one since childhood(my cousin gave me the blue one with 7 games).The Genesis I like alot and need to build up my collection aswell as the Master System(been wanting one for years but others consoles have gotten in my way).Never played the others but are on my to get list.

  5. Mendon. If you like Warioware then give Frobisher Says(free) a try http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7fZ1bprpG0.



    If you ever wanted to see how GTA would look on the Nes then Retro City Rampage($5) does.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8M6ja-hgul4It's a really fun 8-bit style GTA type game with 60 missions and mini games(which includes a Virtual boy Super Meat boy game which has you playing the game through a Virtual boyhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ny98G7yBG0Q).It has lots of Videogame/classic movie/popular shows/artists references(Back to the future, TMNT, Mario, Mega man MC hammer, Six million dollar man,Fresh prince, Skate or die).

  6. Looks pretty good cleaned up. I bet it didn't come that way for only $2. Never tell what you paid for something if your going to turn around and sell it again. A big turn-off for me is finding out someone paid practically nothing for something and then turn around and want big money for it. I never buy to resale. Knowing now that you only paid $2, that's all i'd offer. It's un-tested and not complete.


    But if you have lets say 6 2600's(more than enough) and you see another one in the wild for $2, you're just gonna leave it there knowing you can resell it for at least $25-30 bucks.I have 3 PS2's(1 slim 2 original models) and if i see another one for cheap($5) then I WILL buy it to resell because it's only $5 and I know I can get at least $25 30 bucks off it and adding another to my collection is hoarding.Unless it's a rare variant, high failure rate console or sought after console I will not have more than 2 in my collection(1 to play and another just in case that one stops working and maybe another if the console has a high failure rate like the Astrocade)

  7. Agreed. A system with few games and that is going cheap will most likely be crap. The possible exception is Vectrex but that may not be cheap if you want CIB and EVERY GAME. Most systems have a few games that are out of proportion to the rest of the library.


    I'm thinking the Sega Master System would be fun to collect but hunting down all ~150 games will be tough. I prefer to collect best of libraries rather than complete ones. My Atari library will cap at about 50 including homebrews and my NES may be less. I'm collecting stuff I will play and be proud to show off to friends and family. No Custer's Revenge or Stadium Events but instead the games that show each system at it's best.


    Well i'm a sucker for obscure consoles and when I see one I must get it.I'm also the type of person who gets the opposite of everybody else.You get a Vectrex, I get a Adventurevision, you get a Famicom, I get a Famicom Titler, you get a 2600, I get a 2800 and that's because I like all consoles. The only console that I can honestly say that is terrible is the R-zone because LCD games are just not my type, other than that I like the other ones. Yes I like the Game.com, Ngage, Supervision, odyssey, CD-I, Playdia, Pippin, 32X, etc and I believe they should not be the forgotten consoles of gaming.


    No as for getting the complete sets, the consoles that I have on my list all have a small library of games but also some pretty good games(aside from the Game.com which only like 5 games I can stand).The Supergrafx only has 5 games 1941: Counter Attack,Aldynes,Battle Ace,Ghouls And Ghosts and Mado king Granzort and are all pretty good especially Ghouls And Ghosts. The 32X has some good games(Kolibri, Spider-man Star Wars Arcade), the Philips CD-I has some good games the Astrocade has some real fun games and the Odyssey has some charm to it as the first console.So these complete set games will very well get played probably more than I think I will

  8. That's a decent deal but be weary as Gamegear's aren't the most reliable handheld out there.I have 4 and all three have some sort of problem or another(sound only through headphones, really hard to see screen, won't come on unless the brightness is all the way up or down which makes it useless to play).You got some really good games in there so for 5 Gamegear's, 62 games, Game genie, battery pack, VS cable, magnifier, and Master gear is a decent deal(If you're happy with it then it dosen't matter how much it was)

  9. all free buyer pays shipping




    tony hawk underground - ps2

    rc revenge - ps2

    tony hawk american wastleland - ps2

    tony hawk project 8 - ps2

    tony hawk undergound 2 - ps2

    any given sunday - movie case artwork

    the ministers - movie case artwork

    shadow of the colossus - ps2 complete no memory card

    space race - ps2 complete no memory card

    the taking of pelham 123 - movie case artwork

    tony hawk pro skater 2 - ps2 complete no memory card



  10. I wanna know what are some consoles that you can get a complete collection for cheap(Max 2-3K and less)?.

    I know from my research:

    Sega SG-1000( 1510 with boxed console and all boxed games)

    Action Max(only four games for it)

    Game.com(All the games sealed are on Ebay for less than $10 except Scrabble(17), monopoly(17), Duke Nukem(25-30) and WOF 2 which is the hardest to get a hold of)

    Supergrafx(only 4 games)

    Virtual boy

    and the 32X


    any consoles I missed and are cheap to get a complete collection?

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