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  1. I don't know who runs the facebook groups ColecoVision Lunatics and CollectorVision Phoenix but they are a joke. People have been posting asking for people to price out their lots and I made a comment that I felt it was wrong to ask, its lazy .. use google and to use pricecharting, gamevaluenow and ebay. All my posts got deleted for violating rules??? I quit both..
  2. Please make more than 60.... definitely need this..!!
  3. wow.. thats kinda cool to see what you do in the pdf.. I'm leaving my Yurkie CV closed!
  4. Wow.. sad day! Glad I have my Yurkie ColecoVision and Atari 7800 mods! Maybe a someday a bunch of broken ColecoVisions with owners who don't know what to do will bring Yurkie out of retirement.. until then.. Thanks to Yurkie for all his years of service!!
  5. It's $20 brand new from Video 61 and Atari Sales
  6. Got my heavy sixer, light sixer, 4-woody, darth vader, jr, sears telegames and coleco gemini for playing atari.. but my expansion works just fine! Are you planning on sealing my expansion port?
  7. Have to let someone else answer.. I've never seen it!
  8. how about a link to the homebrew availability list in the marketplace?
  9. Looking mostly for Donkey Kong but depending on price other will be considered!! I have Ice Climber Bomberman Donkey Kong Excitebike Ice Climber The Legend of Zelda Pac-Man Super Mario Bros. Xevious Castlevania Dr. Mario Metroid Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
  10. A friend and fellow gamer in my town is selling collection to raise funds in memory of his late Uncle Bob , he is liquidating a number of my personal belongings to give back to Windsor-Essex County thereby giving life to new sporting projects on the horizon within the region. In this lot, you will receive: Systems: * Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). Information: Condition: Wow...what can I say...it's complete, boxed with original instructions and even a new fresh scent. The corners of the box have slight edge wear. Please see pictures to make your own assessment. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 261215045582 20 hours left!
  11. Looking at this lot (sorry... keeping location secret as I"m interested!!) he's asking $150 seems a bit steep for Odyssey to me.. opinions?
  12. I bought a screwdriver/bit on ebay.. the thing is crap and hasn't opened jack... probably stripped by now if it ever had anything. i'm out of pens to melt... anyone have or recommend something that works?
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