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  1. Holy crap! Fabrice this is incredible, I'd love to build one of these myself, very nicely done!
  2. Agreed, my current setup is using tmux with vim in the main pane and smaller one to run the assembler, then switch workspaces over to one where classic99 is running. Works quite well for me as I can assemble a program and quickly find out where I spelled everything wrong
  3. Thanks all, I'll give the python tool set a go, woudl be nice not to have to install wine to use a cross compiler
  4. I'll give them a go, how do I get the assembled binary into classic 99 though?
  5. Hey all, After a long hiatus from ti development due to work , I am back! I've been trying to get the win994a emulator working (because of the cross assembler) but I've been getting I/O errors when trying to run the programs or writing source code in the emulator. I've downloaded the ROM file for the E/A cartridge and assembled the program and copied it to the TIDisk (created it before hand) but when I go through the E/A menus I get I/O Error 7. Anyone had this with win994a? Sam
  6. Thanks Insomnia, I tried the script but got the following errors: make[1]: *** [_absvhi2.o] Error 1 make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/sam/Documents/build/gcc-4.4.0/build/tms9900/libgcc' make: ** [all-target-libgcc] Error 2 === Failed to build GCC === I'll get a full log of the execution posted on here by tomorrow as I've got to work late tonight.
  7. Is there a GCC Zip file for Linux (like the windows one posted earlier) or any up to date Linux instructions for building this? I keep getting errors when following the guides.
  8. Cheers for the input guys, I'm in the UK if that makes a difference with the NTSC/PAL thing. Also does anyone have a link to where i can order an F18A, I can only find the project page unfortunately.
  9. Hello all, So I'm trying to get back into some Ti development however I have had to get rid of my TV. I was wondering if anyone knows if a TV tuner card would work for my PC, so that I could connec tthe TI to my PC and use my PC as a sort of monitor through the tuner card? Samishal
  10. A good turned based Squad tactics game like the XCOM games would be pretty cool.
  11. I would recommend getting a Genius G540 Universal programmer, it's the one I used when I built my Zeta Z80 SBC, the software is pretty simple to understand and it's quite cheap. I think I paid £15 for mine including shipping.
  12. I think you woudl probably need the 512k cart to holf the browser but I think that you would be able to test the concept with the help of an Arduino with and Ethernet shield so that you wouldnt need to implement in TCP/IP stack just the interface between the Arduino and the TI.
  13. I really need tos tart using mine more, I end up using classic99 more often than not, thanks for the document.
  14. GEOS would be awesome. I think you would better luck using the 16 bit version as it will probably be designed for processors like the TMS9900. The majority of the work would be getting it to run which would more then likely require a rewrite of a lot of code.
  15. Hi I might have one that I can sell as I'm not using it anymore.
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