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  1. Yep, that would be them. It's nearly impossible to find them now because they were ordered to be destroyed. They have these lame-o jobs that Walmart sells that bounce and totally ruin the fun of it. I mean, hey, the threat of death and an ominous THOOK in the ground is the way to go. Really, though, they're totally fine, the reason people got hurt was because they were acting like idiots with them and trying to catch them in their mouths and such. I have about 4 or 5 sets, boxed of those. Different ones, there are Yard Darts, Jarts, Sliding Jarts. Got them to sell on ebay, but they won't let you sell anything that was recalled. People sneak them in and they get sold before the auctions get closed though. May have to try CraigsList now. :-)
  2. I would be interested in this. Do you have a list of what you are looking for or is it any CIB 2600 game? Please let me know. Thanks
  3. Not real exciting, but I picked up The Wizard DVD for a buck at the swap meet. Can't pass it up for that price.
  4. I have one of those too. But this one, and apparently yours are missing the door. There is a grey door that goes all the way across the front and swings down to open.
  5. I asked this one other time a long time ago, but I can't remember what the response was. How do you tell if it is heavy-sixer? I picked up a 6-switch unit for $5 last week at the thrift store but I am not sure how to tell if it is one or not?
  6. My good luck continued today at the swap meet. I picked up a Colecovision 2600 Converter and attached to it was an Atari Video Brain! For both of them I only paid $5.
  7. don't forget about the lynx Yes, but the Lynx was a system as opposed to a handheld game only.
  8. Found a boxed Atari "Touch Me" handheld at the thrifts last weekend. Box is in OK shape and no instructions, but the unit looks new and it was only $1.99. I had never even heard of this thing, so it was a very cool thing to find. Guess it was the only handheld Atari made?
  9. I found a boxed and complete 7800 system plus 10 complete boxed games at the thridft last week. The system has all the documentation, including the registration card, some of the bubble wrap things were in and poster. Games have everything as well. System was $14.95, and the games were $1.98 each, so about $35 for it all. I didn't think that was too bad.
  10. Are you sure they are white and not just very faded light blue? Many of the unlicensed games came in black and light blue, but I don't know of ANY NES carts that were white. If they are truly white then I would say they are the only ones in existence. Possible they could be pirates too. I would love to see some pics of them and I know most of the people over at NESWorld would as well.
  11. Remember people, these weren't collectibles when they were written on, they were just games. Also, these games were expensive for the time. Hell, you paid the same or more for some of them than we do for todays games, and this was 20 some years ago. I still have my original NES system and all the games I had, and yes, I wrote my name on them all. Because I did not want to get into an argument with my friends if they were borrowed about whose they were. And someone else said it well, are you a player first or a collector? I am a player first and always will be. But I am also a colletor. But as a player, the fact that someone wrote their name on the cart, or the label is half gone, doesn't affect the playability of the game, which is what I care about first.
  12. I have one or two sets of these. Well, at least one set and some extras. Picked up a lot of about 20 cans off eBay a couple years ago and split them with a friend. Was cheap when I got them, no idea of what they are going for these days.
  13. Well, now that summer is pretty much here, there are a lot of them every weekend. I mostly collect NES, but I will pick up other things that I think are worth it. When I go out on a Saturday, I may drive 30-50 miles total, and I may stop at upwards of up 25 yard sales, not including the masses that I drive by because all they have is clothes! You just get lucky sometimes. I do it to also pick up stuff to sell on eBay to fund buying all the stuff I really WANT! And I just enjoy it. Bought about an 18 gallon tub worth of Legos last weekend for $10. But games are still what I really look for.
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