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  1. The line is like an OR, so if any Lynx puts a 1 on the line the result is a received 1. This might cause an parity error. Since TX and RX are connected you see the echo of the sent data. So you can detect collisions also. But IMHO a checksum is the best method. It worked great in T-tris and I think Sage has also good experience with it.
  2. There is no detection at all. All Lynxes are on the same line. So collision detection must be done in software. The hardware detects framing error IIRC.
  3. I think 64K are a lot for one level. I remember Spindizzy on the CPC464 which had a huge map in roundabout 50k (they did use nearly _all_ available RAM and overwriting even BASIC memory). So I think it is a matter of how you describe the map the most efficient way and do a clever overlaying/loading of assets.
  4. It is a question of organization. The Lynx cards can be w/o problem 512KBytes large. Larger ones with some logic on the card (like the SDCard cards). _But_ who or how many gamers will going to pay 80 or more Euros for such a game?
  5. You can buy a copy of T-Tris from Songbird (he invested a lot on the re-release). The Gameboy version is not an adequate replacement 🙂 If an why it does not work on the SD card is likely because it was a bad copy.
  6. Do you own a copy of T-tris? If not, you have not even the right to play it. Go get it from Songbird!
  7. Dual boot for Windows/Linux? I recommend VirtualBox. I use it for my daily work w/o problems. Mouting a windows folder in a Linux-VM, running Linux tools in the VM and a Debugger on Windows. Sharing USB devices. All works like a charm. Last time I did dual-boot is so long ago, I even can't remember. My wife uses it on her Mac for some tools that only exist on WinXP. Same, no problems.
  8. Yes, and still have fun with it!
  9. Added an additional loader to build ROM files from single .o files: https://github.com/42Bastian/new_bll/tree/master/uloader Just do: cat bll.enc file.o > file.lyx make_lnx file.lyx -o file.lnx -b0 256k i2c_test.lnx
  10. Can't you download .o files via ComLynx? Edit: I checked, and most of the files in new_bll/demo cannot "just" put into a card version as they start somewhere due to the BEGIN_MEM/END_MEM to store variables.
  11. See new_bll: demos/i2c_test.o It dumps the contents to screen, now _just_ add sending it and your are done.
  12. Added LoveByte21 intros: https://github.com/42Bastian/lynx_hacking/tree/master/248b/lovebyte21
  13. 42bs

    Atari Gamer articles

    Yes, maybe. I still hope I can make my 2020 summer holiday this year.
  14. 42bs

    Atari Gamer articles

    In most countries meet-ups with more the a few others are not possible. And I doubt it will be until mid of the year
  15. Most copyshops should have such.
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