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  1. 42bs


    If MIKEY is a struct for all Mikey registers, then the comparison is not fair. But nevertheless, for this code construct, Millfork is the better compiler. BTW: Doesn't cc65 warn about the "i >= 0" comparison? Actually it should create an endless loop as 0 - 1 => 0xff which is >= 0 ! EDIT: Oh, it really does 🙂
  2. 42bs


    For millfork the same rules apply as for cc65: Check the code and help the compiler to optimize: byte t sbyte c c = 31 do { palette_ram_green[t]=palette[c] c -= 1 } while ( c >= 0 ) asm { nop } for t,31,downto,0 { palette_ram_green[t]=palette[t] } asm { nop } Both versions do the same, but resulting code is different (NOPs inserted as separator only): NOP LDY #$1F .do__00010: LDA palette.array, Y STA $FDA0, X DEY BPL .do__00010 NOP LDX #$20 .do__00013: DEX LDA palette.array, X STA $FDA0, X TXA BNE .do__00013 NOP But not bad anyway.
  3. 42bs


    You can set "-s" to get directly assembly output (yes, just playing with it also). Tried the Lynx example and it works!
  4. 42bs


    Copy that. Need to look at the generated code though.
  5. 42bs


    Funny. There is a Lynx example.
  6. You make me hungry, and it is just 9:30am
  7. Wow, what a mess I started again. So quiet for so long. No interest in a WIP video of the game. But showing just a picture of the "super cool working setup" is just any one can do with GIMP. Here a nice "makeing off" video would be cool. Anyway, Vladr, take care, drive safely and don't forget to take enough hot tea and blankets with you.
  8. 42bs

    Atari Gamer articles

    It is all there (bll/includes/debug.inc). It just needs someone to write a nice GUI front end to handle breakpoints, dumping memory etc.
  9. 42bs

    Atari Gamer articles

    Yes, possible. Many KIM-1 clones do this. Esp. with the Lynx SD card, you can save your programs easily.
  10. 42bs

    Atari Gamer articles

    Hacking hacking hacking 🙂 We even had a keyboard attached to the Lynx and could program directly _on_ the Lynx 🙂 Today with McWill's LCD/VGA mod it would be like coding on an 8bit home computer.
  11. 42bs

    Atari Gamer articles

    Karri, now you should be able to program it with your PiHat.
  12. Ok, let me think. Hmm, ok I can think of cool tools. I would talk about them, but then ... no. I am working on the next cool Jaguar/Lynx game and it will come out ... oops, no I will not tell. *pfff* I am tired of reading about "cool" stuff without the slightest prove. And no, a picture is no prove, a video maybe.
  13. 42bs

    Atari Gamer articles

    It is crazy. At the time we release SIMIS, there was no way of producing such a box for a price someone would pay for.
  14. I guess the UART "sees" a BREAK due to the pull-up of the line.
  15. They had time to compare But you have your place in Atari History for all times!
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