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  1. Hmm, no, but will. I hope there is no difference.
  2. Funny, but actually I do use "TAB" to indent, only that Emacs knows to insert (in may case) two spaces instead of the TAB character. And, Emacs can replace 8 spaces by TAB if wanted. Anyhow, I would leave her as well. 🙂
  3. Getting hard 🙂 Maybe add comment on top of the source.
  4. In our company, the coding guide line for C/C++ TAB character for indention are not allowed to avoid merging problems between sources written with editor which may define TAB length != 8.
  5. May I suggest to replace "TAB" in the source by SPACEs. "Standard" TAB length is 8. It seems indention is 2, right?
  6. Hint: Link SCBs. So you need only one call to DrawSprite Player_SCB dc.b $C0,$30,$02 dc.w 0 Player dc.w Player_sprite0 => Player_SCB dc.b $C0,$30,$02 dc.w Player2_SCB Player dc.w Player_sprite0 No need to "cpx #$ff" after "dex"- readstk: ldy tilt lda Cursor bit #$20 beq joyrt clc tya adc #8 tay bra .cont joyrt: sec tya sbc #8 tay .cont cpy #-8 bne .no_wrap1 ldy #248 .no_wrap1 cpy #224 bne .no_wrap2 ldy #0 .no_wrap2 sty tilt sty tilt2
  7. One more: .align <alignment> For example: .align 12 or .align 128 align.patch
  8. More test: Switch back to the canonical return (restore flags in the jump-slot). Now do this in the foreground code: moveq #1,CPUIrqFlag waitStart: cmpq #0,CPUIrqFlag jr pl,waitStart ; wait for interrupt from 68k nop The OP interrupt set this bit to -1. This works (for a while) then my code hangs. Switching to set the flag to -1 and wait for it to become positive does not work at all, the loop is always skipped. Returning to the "un-canonical" return from interrupt, there is no hang and the test for negative version also behaves correctly. Sidenote: DMAEN helps to fix the "test" issue, but display is heavily corrupted.
  9. Arg, I am getting older. I looked again at the DOOM source and thought: Hey, look what they do. I really did not remember this thread
  10. My current theory is, that OP and GPU are tied very closely, so maybe that's the root of the issue.
  11. Yes, I know. But, as I wrote before, JagTris crashes after a while if I use "addq #4,r31". Sometime the write back fails. So I ended up with restoring r31 with the stack top. In JagTris only the MOD player uses 68k, all the game is using the GPU and GPUOBJ and timer interrupt. But it does not use "jump z," or "jr z,"!
  12. Interestingly the issue appears only for GPUOBJ interrupts. I have timer and CPU interrupt active w/o problem.
  13. Right. Doom code is weird. They set the video mode in the OP interrupt?!
  14. Might be a reason, I could not find GPU code with interrupts in the game sources I checked.
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