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  1. Most copyshops should have such.
  2. Went even further using a two stage approach (https://github.com/42Bastian/new_bll/tree/master/uBLL) Now the uploading can (nearly) start directly after switching the Lynx on (or in my case after a reset). Now I need to find a way to reset the Lynx remotely via Makefile 🙂
  3. Not by heart, but placed my latest version on my GitHub page.
  4. Someone wrote up some cc65 tips'n'tricks: https://github.com/ilmenit/CC65-Advanced-Optimizations
  5. Just noticed three new issues with Handy: It is way slower then a real Lynx and sprite size is not correct if vertical stretch is enabled. Last, a newly started lynx has all color registers 0xff. I tried 0.95 (normal, debug) and 0.99a September 24,2020 Will post examples after lovebyte.party is over.
  6. Good idea. I prefer # in scripts, but will add both.
  7. Oh, good I did not try to setup WSL2 then as I rely heavily on VMs.
  8. Maybe CMD.exe would help: FOR %I IN (*.LNX) do copy %i <SD>
  9. You might want to watch Daniel (STVGP):
  10. I agree 32GB is luxury, but having sometimes two or three VMs running I need it. Plus a large RAM disk for temporary files to not to wear out the SSD to quick. That said, I won't use a FHD screen on a laptop anymore. 4K is soooo crisp.
  11. No, not bad English. I simply did not expect it. I thought I am old with 50year I have at least 17 years more to work (unless some global player's going to pay a fortune for our company).
  12. I'd recommend to plugin in 32GB. But only FHD? Or do you want to use an external 4K screen? And maybe pick win10 Pro directly. I personally do not like notebooks with num-pad, as it means you can not sit centered in front the screen. Me, I prefer small notebook screens, as I have a 4K screen and keyboard on the desktop and a light (ok 1.5kg) notebook for traveling. There is a reseller for retoure-DELL notebooks which have quiet good prices: https://frog.pl/
  13. I've seen once a hardware test card for the Lynx, but I have no image. Maybe someone else has and can make it "public". Edit: Found it: https://romhustler.org/rom/lynx/lynx-diagnostic-cart-v002-1989
  14. I'd say the most of the files in "utils" aren't your work so you should add a huge credits file.
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