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  1. The doc says (http://www.monlynx.de/lynx/lynx4.html#TOP) And: So, you won't be able to see the 5 ticks cycles in the benchmark. It is only the instruction after skiping the page boundary which is a tick longer.
  2. Does not work on my Lynx. Just returns to BLL loader. See also:
  3. Not an issue. But it hurts a little bit the estatic feeling. But, in the end, one should be able to use a small sinker.
  4. Can't you make the srew hole on top a bit wider, so the that the screw-heads fit cleanly to the surface?
  5. *ggr* I always wanted to make 3D landscape fly. Now I missed my turn Great demo!
  6. Sure it it. See the mandelbrot demo. But don't expect wonders.
  7. Actually, that's fix-point math, but doing the double-shift left kills upper bits. For demo0006 I use the sinus table from BLL using 8bit which should be sufficient for the screen size of 160x102 pixels.
  8. I think: Avoid Suzy as much as possible. AFAIK one can use delta approach also for rotation but you have to correct the error from time to time.
  9. Suzy or not Suzy? I think if 8bit resolution is ok, then table driven math is likely quicker.
  10. More guessing: * Since I see no missing pixels I guess you are using Suzy to draw triangles, but also (like Vladr) Bresenham and just drawing horizotal lines. * And 8 bit coordinates and a table based math instead of Suzy doing mult/div.
  11. Will you share some technical details? I assume the 3D->2D projection was done off-line (like STNICC demo?), right?
  12. I haven't been on many parties, but I'd say "delays are sure"
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