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  1. I use this one. Works also on Linux: https://pulkomandy.tk/projects/GrafX2
  2. I see one problem with the current releases (tool set problem): The files are filled with 0x00, which means for flashing each byte needs to be written. Better would be to fill them with 0xff.
  3. These should be defined in hardware.inc . You should include it at the top , see mines.asm. Previous versions of the macros used hardcoded addresses instead of symbols.
  4. These should be defined in hardware.inc . Please check this file.
  5. Karri, you are so Europe-centered Did not check, but maybe it is 24:00 in Australia?
  6. Oops Ok, tried it also, same here. Fixed (at least it assembles now on my ubuntu 20.04). So please pull lyxass again.
  7. As I wrote, for Assembly you just need new_bll and lyxass (not the pachted one). The just set BLL_ROOT and assemble one of the Minidemos. Then your are done. You get an .o file which will run directly in handy. Lynxer or lynxdir are not needed in the beginning. Also, lyxass cannot assemble the files from (new)cc65 or v.v. .
  8. If you are new to C and Makefile, I recommend to do some programming on PC to get used to C. C on 8 bit machines is a totally different story. Btw. newcc65 is a patched version of the cc65 back in the 90s . No github at that time, but I needed to name it differently to not confuse people back then. As for lyxass , I think, mine is the most recent.
  9. Just a note: One hase to pay attention to test colors also on an un-moded Lynx. I fell into this trap choosing colors for JagTris. It did look nice on an RGB monitor, but ugly on a TV set.
  10. 2) -> Sorry, my comment: _I_ did fix some files to make 'em compile 🙂 3) lyxass => See repo on github: https://github.com/42Bastian/lyxass 4) set BLL_ROOT=c:\<your path>
  11. Sure, you can use the emulator. Best is handybug which contains a debugger so you can set breakpoints and modify registers or memory.
  12. There is no "how-to" bit: download or clone new_bll (if you already did, do it again, fix just some includes), get lyxass, point BLL_ROOT to the base of BLL and then just "compile" it: > lyxass -v demo01.asm Code-size : 601 Lines : 2240 Macros expanded : 45 Pass 2 runs : 33 Start-address : $41c0 Memory usage : 3101671
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