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  1. Thanks. My very first demo-compo (after 33 years hacking 🙂 , and no, I did not start as baby). I looked into the sources of the RasPi 128b demo. They do system calls. But I did not yet fully understand the code. No matter, they have floating point and no need to do a setup. With 4 bytes they can write 60 bytes at a time. Quiet unfair. Good I did not know it before hand 🙂 BTW: Out call to everyone here: Archive your stuff on demozoo.org! There are only a few Lynx productions and a good part is from BLL.
  2. Outline 2020 entries uploaded. So proud what I could do in 128b but then I saw what you can do on RasPi or PC in 128b Hard to believe they really make a tunnel in 128b w/o any additional library.
  3. Yes. Now let's add some game play around the effect 🙂
  4. Great. That's recycling at its best!
  5. 256b entry submitted, time to relax and flush my brain from thinking about how to get an extra free byte here or there 🙂
  6. Arg, need to squeeze 10 bytes out of my 256b entry (well, 249 as it is Lynx) to get nice colors Though, green is also a nice color 🙂
  7. Update: Plasma 3 + HW scrolling => Plasma 3.1
  8. _But_ beware: Testing on Lynx is mandatory. Just extended Plasma3 and tested it an hour long on Handy just to discover: It does not work on the real thing: FD94/FD95 is write only but on real hardware.
  9. Karri, yes, Mikey and Suzy init hurts. But, check out the ROM, at least Mikey has a minimal setup! And, you might want avoid interrupts.
  10. I tried to strip it down to 128. Packing does not do any good, no redundance.
  11. Different compos. See https://www.pouet.net/topic.php?which=11906&page=2
  12. My understanding (and challenge) is that we can assume the state of the Lynx after the ROM did load the bootsector. Sure, this is unfair compared to an Atari ST, where the palette is set. But that is the challenge 😀
  13. Karri, the code must not be larger then 128 bytes. I submitted the pure binary w/o BLL header of 128 bytes and one w/ for handy as well as a one lnx. BTW they have also a 256 bytes compo
  14. Just want to spread the news: http://outlinedemoparty.nl/#compos I entered a 128b intro. So, let's go Lynxers, show which platform really rulez!
  15. Ever since I first tried panning I wonder if a real "surround" effect is possible. Means a sound source the virtually moves around ones head.
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