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  1. Please excuse my ignorance: This pad is kind of a sequencer? And via ComLynx the single notes are played directly on the Lynx?
  2. Yes, SIMIS/T-Tris use 16bit mode.
  3. Ok, the 7891bytes seems weird as the original sprpck is the same as the new one with -O0 which gives 5874 bytes for Super Skweek. I just checked V1.97. And yes, the current algorithems aren't yet 100% perfect. I have another two ideas. Le'ts see 🙂
  4. There are two versions of the eeproms: 16 or 8 bit wide. I am not sure which version eeproms.m65 supports
  5. My coding style Oh yeah, I need to polish the code, proper variable names, stdint instead of BYTE etc. Essential is that the pixel buffer is always filled right to left no matter what drawing direction! Edit: I mean the quadrants here. So even pixels are draw to the left, the pixel buffer is scanned to the right.
  6. Another method for compression added. Not much benefit for 16 color sprites, but the 2 color sprite will be reduced from 2378 (or 2994 w/o optimization) down to 2101. Beware, the new compression code is horrible. It is kind of brute force trying to find the best compression for a chunk of pixels. But it took quiete some tweaking to be better than the pattern based algo. Both algo run on the data now.
  7. Check the map file if there is also a COMMON section. Your startup code might not initialize it.
  8. On Isolation (SIMIS) I send the key presses and each Lynx handles remote key presses as if they were local. T-Tris only sends data if something happens since there was no direct interaction
  9. I am pretty sure commercial ComLynx games do it like this. Always send the same amount of data. Makes it also easier to calculate WCET.
  10. I guess after the Corona crisis there are a more Lynx games and a lot of findings like these 🙂 Too all of you: Stay healthy and protect yourself and your beloved.
  11. If I remember correctly the Atari assembler (like lyxass) allows to set the offset according the font used.
  12. Maybe because of the compression ratio?! Could be 4 sprites give a better overall compression than just one big sprite. Means sprpck/sp65 needs some AI 🙂
  13. Wow, I never thought there where ICs with a word width other then powers of 8. Weird CPU.
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