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    WTB: 3DO

    Greetings guys. A few months ago someone decided to break into my last place and relieve me of a good chunk of gaming stuff. Including the 3do i'd brought from golden ax a few years back. Does anyone have one at a decent price? I'll dig up my old feedback thread and link it here when i get a chance. Thanks.
  2. That is the same board and the linked controller is the same. I will dig them out of the pile and get some photos shortly.
  3. Hi all, I think this is the right forum for this. Recently a friend and i brought a load of arcade parts from an old operator. Among them was a giant square box marked "Atari". Inside is what appears to be the entire guts, switches, main board, wiring, marquee and display parts for a 2600 "pop" kiosk. Is there a value to this?
  4. Brought some items from tempest. They arrived quickly, packed well and he was very understanding in communication.
  5. Well, depending on the price and references: I'd love a PV-1000, a sharp twin famicom, the gundam virtual boy game, toshibia visicom (toshibia's release of the rca studio in japan), the bandai rx-78 computer, the 'ladys' cassette vision (Pink colored console), and Satellaview materials. Also, anything interesting you might find and want to offer.
  6. Need one of these. Shoot me a PM if you have one your willing to part ways with.
  7. Just became microsoft win 7 certifed. (MCITP, 70-680/85)

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