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  1. Is there a separate thread for declaring an interest in buying an LTO? UK based
  2. FB9’s problem with paddles was a hardware issue. The voltages across the pots are compared to the wrong reference, due to 1KOhm resistors, not 510KOhm ones that would be needed for original or compatible paddles. It’s a quick if fiddly fix with a soldering iron, but putting different firmware on it won’t fix it, or break the 10; at least not handling of paddles, anyway. YMMV
  3. Do you think an OTG hack/firmware update might be possible for the Genesis/MegaDrive 2017?
  4. Agree with all of this, except that removing a smc resistor and replacing it is surely harder than adding one on top. I'm happy to experiment, but needed to know what the resistor in place was; guess I'll just have to crack the thing open and look.
  5. Do you know the value of the four resisters you removed? We know that 510kOhms are spec'ed to replace them, but a (possibly) easier mod would be to add another resistor in parallel; i.e. on top of the existing ones. We know: 1/510kOhms = 1/r + 1/R where r is the existing resistance and R is the one we'd need to double up with it. If we have a little more information, it would make for a simpler mod. DoctorMike
  6. I don’t suppose we could have something like this for the Sega Flashback 2017 could we?
  7. I need to get my Vec out of store. It’s been too long. Was inspired by the Bad Apple vectrex video 🙂 https://spritesmods.com/?art=veccart
  8. Can I ask how much these are? I have an old Vec Flash Cart with the old miniUSB socket, I bought years ago, but have a feeling it’s like the Atari Crocodile ones, so the console can’t be powered up while connected for file transfer. An SD and life Dev capable cart would be more convenient
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