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  1. 🙂 Concerning the TT, unfortunately lots of ATari software don't have a multilanguage ressource that is automatically adapted to the hardware. The best you can find is software with several RSC files and you just have to pick up yours, but some are German only, or french only. What surprises me is that you have US Roms with german icons... The TT doesn't have a multilanguage TOS. With the US Roms everything shuld be in english on the desktop unless an alternate desktop is loaded from the hard disk Guillaume.
  2. You got it there : https://gtello.pagesperso-orange.fr/ti99_f.htm 😉 Guillaume.
  3. Yes, it looks like it's my program! Happy to know that it is still useful. Instead of uploading the file CF7XMOUNT.DSK and the TXT file, links to my pages would be better. But it's not so important. Guillaume.
  4. For instance, if you're in High Color mode (15-16 bits) does your TRAP #14 call tell you what encoding is really used? There are four possible encodings: rrrrrggg gggbbbbb in Motorola or Intel order xrrrrrgg gggbbbbb in Motorola or Intel order. I insist on "encoding". When your video mode is 800x600x32 bits, the hardware encoding of every pixel can be (four bytes per pixel): RGBx or BGRx or xRGB or xBGR. These are four encodings for the same video mode. Ok I can replace Interlaced with interleaved. The whole world should speak french! ;-)) Guillaume.
  5. Hello, I have written a routine that can detect the screen encoding of nearly every Atari (with or without graphic card, even under emulators, etc...). Formerly, it was just included in some of my programs. I decided to make it available as a Pure C OBJect file to be included in every C program. It can help when EdDI cookie is not available, it only uses AES/VDI standard calls and only requires that you call appl_init() before. As the ASM sources are also included, you can easely use it into an assembly program. I have included an example C program. The call is simple: long code = ScreenEncoding(_GemParBlk.global, flag); Upon return, you have a code that can be one of these: #define B1_mono 0x00010000 /* monochrome one plane ATARI ST HIGH */ #define B2_inter 0x00020000 /* 4 colors interlaced ATARI ST MEDIUM */ #define B2_ninter 0x00020001 /* 4 colors non interlaced */ #define B4_inter 0x00040000 /* 16 colors interlaced ATARI ST Low/TT Med */ #define B4_ninter 0x00040001 /* 16 colors non interlaced */ #define B4_packed 0x00040002 /* 2 pixels/byte */ #define B8_inter 0x00080000 /* 256 col interlaced ATARI TT Low/Falcon */ #define B8_ninter 0x00080001 /* 256 col non interlaced */ #define B8_packed 0x00080002 /* 256 col 1byte = 1 pixel, NOVA */ #define B8_packedM 0x00080003 /* 256 col 1byte = 1 pixel MATRIX */ #define B16_motor 0x00100000 /* rrrrrggg gggbbbbb ATARI Falcon */ #define B16_intel 0x00100001 /* gggbbbbb rrrrrggg */ #define B15_motor 0x00100002 /* xrrrrrgg gggbbbbb */ #define B15_intel 0x00100003 /* gggbbbbb xrrrrrgg NOVA */ #define B24_rgb 0x00180000 /* RGB */ #define B24_bgr 0x00180001 /* BGR */ #define B32_xrgb 0x00200000 /* xRGB */ #define B32_xbgr 0x00200001 /* xBGR */ #define B32_bgrx 0x00200002 /* BGRx */ #define B32_rgbx 0x00200003 /* RGBx */ Enjoy, Guillaume. tstscr.zip
  6. Cool and fast! You could modify the angle of the ball when it bounces on the pad. If the ball touches the center of the pad -> then vertical bounce if it touches the right part of the pad, then bounce to the right the same for left So you can direct the ball! Guillaume.
  7. You'll find here versions 2.x and 3.x: http://minuszerodegrees.net/software/software.htm What errors have you got? Guillaume.
  8. When I think about it... The locations 46C/46E, 43E/440 are used by the bio and regularly incremented by an interrupt. That's why the tester finds different values in it and thinks that the RAM is faulty. If the errors you encounter are in the BIOS area 400-4FF, then no need to panic... Guillaume.
  9. And here are the reported errors. But my emulateur works well and never freezes. So I imagine that CHECKIT can't report correctly the RAM erros on this system. Guillaume.
  10. Hi, Here is the result with my 1MB Supercharger. Guillaume.
  11. Hello, I've just changed the 3.6V battery of my TT/MegaSTE. Now the time and date are saved again. For those who want to replace their old battery, I found mine on ebay: https://www.ebay.fr/itm/Pile-Lithium-3-6V-AA-Tadiran-SL760-connecteur/114146508997?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649 It is the exact connector that plugs directly into the TT or MegaSTE mother board. Guillaume.
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