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  1. Bonjour Guillaume (even if it's for myself, let's keep a certain quality in the language), I solved the problem when I saw that in the mouse mode, the fire button of Joystick 1 sets the mouse right button! So I added a vector on the mouse routine to detect the right button and set accordingly the bit in my joystick information. So I can have two joysticks, or one joystick+mouse with full button detection Guillaume.
  2. Hi, working on the TT I have some problems with the Joystick. If I am in mode $14 (bconout(4,$14)) for joystick reporting, then the paquets look this way: FF J0 J1 : FF means that joystick 1 has changed, but the byte for joystick zero is also sent. FE J0 J1 : FE means joystick 0 has changed, but the byte for joystick 1 is also sent. Always three bytes for those paquets. In this mode, the mouse is not active ! If I go back to mouse (bconout(4,8)), then when receiving paquets for the joystick, the fire button is never reported. Only the four directions. So I can't monitor one joystick and keep the mouse active. Is it specific to the TT ? Guillaume.
  3. Thanks a lot! (The CODEC for Car Race was created by Microsoft, I think that's why it is still supported) Guillaume.
  4. Cool link, I downloaded it. Works with Win10. Guillaume.
  5. Hi all, I have been working a bit on MP_STE, (M_PLAYER for the ST(e) computers), and here is version 3.00: - plays AVI/MOV with sound, FLI/FLC/FLH, GIF, FLM - can convert animations to the Extended FLM format + sound that is very fast on Atari. I have started to write the PDF user manual in english. Everything is on my page: (français) https://gtello.pagesperso-orange.fr/mpste_f.htm (english) https://gtello.pagesperso-orange.fr/mpste_e.htm Guillaume.
  6. Could it be in the Teradesk.inf file that the last desktop to be saved contains an open window on drive A: ? So removing the INF file, or saving a new desktop should fix the problem. Guillaume.
  7. Do you remember Substation? It was yet something incredible at the time. But Dread looks even better ! That's good news. Guillaume.
  8. Hi, on the Mage STE and TT, press Control and Alt and booting wiil be ignored. Then you insert your floppy and run whatever you want. Don't know if it works with STE... Guillaume.
  9. Yes! There are no integers in TI BASIC... Take care of the Option Base, if you want to store a matrix of 5 colums by 3 lines and that you declare: DIM MAT(5,3) You expect to have 5×3 = 15 numbers... But if you let Option Base 0, indexes start at zero. So you'll have 6×4 = 24 numbers (9 extra numbers consuming 9×8 = 72 bytes!). Guillaume.
  10. Isn't it a faulty PRG file? Try to get it from the original disk, I think it is corrupted. Guillaume.
  11. Hi, Run once HDDRIVE ans select DEVICES AND PARTITIONS: Clic on the the drives you want to be scanned at boot time (Here on my TT you can see that unit 0 (HD), unit 2 (scanner) and unit 5 (ZIP) are ON. Reboot. Then, your ZIP must be recongnized (you can see it in the list at boot time). If your hard drive has, let's say, 3 partitionc C:, D : and E:, then your ZIP will be drive F:. You can insert a disk and open the drive (if you're on the TOS desktop, you can use Alt+F to open drive F). If it doesn't seem to be read, then you must format the drive. Run HDDrive agan and select the ZIP drive and PARTITION. I always use "TOS+DOS compatibility for exchanges with the PC). Good luck! Guillaume.
  12. That's the standard for IOMEGA, you just have the choice of 5 or 6. Select the one you want, just ensure that it is not in use by a CD drive or a Scanner on the SCSI chain. Then, you must run your Hard Disk Driver to configure it properly: ensure that the unit 5 (or 6...) is selected and that it will be checked at start. Then you can set it as a removable unit for a proper refresh at every media change. I have one on my TTs and it runs fine with HDdrive 10.x Guillaume.
  13. Great remark ! It depends on the program... In the case of the CALL KEY, yes, S=0 is required. Some other programs may have initialized the variable to something. But... the WHILE/WEND structure is not really correct for the CALL KEY loop, the best would be: REPEAT CALL KEY(0,K,S) UNTIL S<>0 As the "S" value is needed for the test, as you underligned it. Guillaume.
  14. Hi ! Just an idea, when you translate the WHILE/WEND structure, it would be faster to do this: 160 GOTO 180 170 CALL KEY(O,K,S) 180 IF S=0 THEN 170 The "GOTO" is taken only once instead of every iteration, the TEST is faster as you don't have to use NOT(TEST). Generally, this structure should be faster: WHILE TEST ... intructions... WEND line n GOTO line m line n+1 ...instructions ... line m IF TEST THEN n+1 Guillaume.
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