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  1. No end " might help in spartados. So "D:FILE.DAT Not sure whether that was it... but I remember the issue.
  2. I remember I was surprised years ago seeing the relative low appreciation score for both The Extirpator and Blue Max 2001. I loved both games in my youth a lot. And although The Extirpator has some (deliberately) code flaws in the control, i still like to play the game from time to time (wished there was an ingame feature, love that tune... especially the bridge). Blue Max 2001 is still epic. I think it is awesome, but not as awesome as just Blue Max.
  3. Well, if any moderator would behave like that, I think AtariAge will lose many subscribers soon. Perhaps a moderatorship is a very effective way of sensitize some of the less easy going members .... if that would actually work, that would open a whole new perspective on who is the best choice for the moderatorship
  4. The best moderation, is the moderation you actually hardly notice. So even a moderator that you don't like in person, could do the job right, without a problem. When the moderation 'rules' are clear, everyone could do the job. People who are seeking for 'power over other people' should not apply for the moderator task. We are all equal here, but it is important that some threads do not derail all the time, and that other users know how to find the moderator. I wouldn't mind if emkay or xxl, or whoever would become moderator. In fact, it could help people also take an active an positive role on the forum. I guess as soon as a moderator goes 'bezerk', there is still Albert around to guide the moderator. I prefer a good moderation over a forum that derails all the time. Atari is fun, and so is writing and reading about Atari. I think AtariAge is a very important forum for us atari enthusiastics. A good moderation is always a pleasure.
  5. At our home, our first computer was a Timex Sinclair 1000, which was actually a ZX81. I loved it. I had a few programs on it, like Frogger. And a pretty cool book to type in games. Later we did win an Atari 800XL (which was the start of my Eternal atari addiction). I must say... I did forget the ZX81 pretty soon after winning that 800XL. The atari had sound... color... a real keyboard... much more memory and games... I loved it. A few years later, I refound the ZX81, and I loved the charm of the simplicity. So I started tinkering with it again. Eventually it died. Meanwhile the Atari was strong and cool. I am still with the atari... lucky me, I still love atari 8bit. I think, but I am not sure, that I would like to play a few more times again with the ZX81, but I can hardly imagine that I will become a heavy ZX81 user again. I am too much attached to the Atari. Anyway. Long story short. I asked my dad when I was a kid several times who invented the computer. My dad always answered: that is not invented by one person, but one man who did a lot was Clive Sinclair. Sad that sir Clive is dead now. It is absolutely an end of an era. RIP sir Clive!
  6. Was reading this topic again. @CharlieChaplin is there a reference about the ELO? I am a moderate strong chess player (my ELO varies from 1600-1800) and I am surprised how accurate colossus chess plays on Atari 8bit. It is absolutely not easy to win. The program is the weakest in the middle and end game, but as a player you absolutely need to get there first. If you do not survive the opening, then you'll probably lose the game. I was wondering what the approximate ELO is. You wrote 400-450 but I am in doubt. That ELO means really beginner.
  7. The bugmeister might be interested to be on *YOUR* team again.
  8. It's true what Level42 writes here. Even a stock 800XL (and sometimes even a stock 400) can play many extremely complicated and big games from cart. I personally prefer always disk or xex files, but as soon a game takes the advantage of a cartridge, then I love cart games as well. Space Harrier, or Atari Blast are very nice examples of games. They work fabulously on my stock 800XL. But indeed, Rensoup is the author, so he decides. Love the work so far a lot anyway.
  9. Your topic title is slightly different than what you are asking. But I remember some old games that use 4 joystick ports on 400/800 do not work properly on XEGS). I believe that has something to do with the external keyboard or with the BIT that controls internal missile command. It has been way too long. I should dive in this again. But IIRC Basketball did also not work right on the XEGS. At least with OR without keyboard (on of these two options.
  10. 2 things: 1. The idea is pretty cool, both the idea of simply 64K and the idea of 512K. I am probably the only fool in this scene, but I still like the idea that my Atari is simply loaded with 64K and nothing more. 2. The 1bit DRAMS are pretty easy to obtain (if I am correct) ... I also stacked 2x four of them in my 64K upgrades in stead of 2x 4bit. Worked excellent. So if people still want the 64K internal, but they can not get the 4bit DRAMS, they could do to the trick with the stacks. I will have to think about how they are connected. You have to cut some legs. It has ben over 15 years since the last time I did that.
  11. Well it's hard to say when it is pushing hardware to the limits. A few titles that do cross my mind: * Yoomp * Bosconian * Thetris/Rolltris * Stunt car racer * Bomb Jack * Prince of Persia * PacMan (the Arcade remake) -> especially because of the speed of the game, this port is amazing. * AtariBlast! * Time Pilot! From the (slightly) older games, I absolutely think of Zybex and BallBlazer, and some other titles that are already mentioned here.
  12. Hey thank you so much for this. I personally dislike this kind of jokes in games. I remember one of the positive critics of Yoomp was that when you miss, it is never the game to blame, but simply yourself. I think when you aim right and you fire at the right time, it should simply be a hit. I agree: we need a fully working game. I actually like the game. I also would appreciate a setting where you can play the game and the tune plays.
  13. Which is -by the way- still an amazing version of MyBIOS. I still use it from time to time, and I must say it is an excellent version. Let's see how far the topic starter gets. I still use a MyIDE-1 with flash every now and then, simply because it works so well. So if the topic starter gets the stuff working, we are here to give him the best experience possible with it!
  14. Yeah... the Bug meister rejected the job since he appeared not to be their hardware guy.
  15. If there are particular XEX games that do not want to load from MyIDE 2 FAT32 loader ( it is not sure to me whether you try to do that ) you could try to use my patching procedure for those games. I have to look it up myself, but it is on this forum somewhere. I noticed that there are some flaws in the FAT32 loader and that some games do not run (XEX). I fixed that with some kind of universal patcher. It worked extremely well.
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