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  1. Didn't we already have an atarimax 1mbit conversion which also runs on 64k? (EDIT: Ah you meant 128k rom) Or are we now talking about something different? By the way the tape version had one other musical theme... which I actually prefer. Great game The Goonies. cool to play in co-version.
  2. Indeed that would be awesome. Legendary song especially that theme more at the end of the song (I would call that the bridge but I am actually not that sure).
  3. After some more playing-time, I must say it is getting better and better. Years ago I played the game SHIT for weeks, and thanks to this cart I must say I refound my interest in 'Shit' ... it is really a great braingame. Some levels are easy, and some are extremely hard. In my opinion Atari 8bit is an excellent platform for this kind of games. It looks great, music is fun and because of the 'static nature' of the games, it does not need al the power for action and effects. Shit, Johnny the Ghost, Whoops and Whoops 2, Thinks.... fabulous games! So I can imagine that a 3d production run of this cart will be interesting for a lot of people.
  4. Ordered one and received today. This is really a must have. The box looks amazing. It is a very beautiful blue box with colorful screenshots. The games are known but great. Simple Minds is and will always be one of my most favourite games (it is a Johnny's trouble clone, great!) The tiny manual has some cool extras like pictures from the 90-era where ANG software was a big player in the Dutch a8 scene. It was a nice surprise. Yes this cart is very welcome here. Only thing that could have been slightly nicer is the label on the cart but hey one must have to complain something Haha. No seriously. This is a great (early) Cristmas gift. Thanks Fred, John, ndary and all other people involved. Greets from The Netherlands
  5. This is REALLY nice. Very interesting indeed. Am I right that there is no color on those badges? Still amazing.
  6. I didn't know about this assembler. From what I see: it looks excellent. How is the speed compared to Mac/65 and/or Synassembler? I haven't tested it yet. I read it is for OS-B ... does it run on XL/XE? I must say I am always very pleased with software with an old date. This is really an old title. Even cooler when it turns out to be a true gem....
  7. Haha this is actually a pretty good comparison! Well said!
  8. I wished I had a complete C64 here. And I also wished I had a NES, SNES... and a ZX spectrum and an Atari ST.... or an Amiga. I decided to keep atari 8bit only. It is the system I know best. It is the system that pleases me the most. But all those other systems and consoles are awesome too. Not just the systems, but the software collection makes them interesting and appealing. When I was a kid I hated the fact that everybody in my neighborhood had an C64 or an MSX. I was the only one with Atari XL. Another frustration was that as soon people heard you had an Atari homecomputer, they thought it was a GAME computer (because the brand Atari was linked to GAMES). But still... the Atari 8bit always worked like a magnet on me, and it still does. Of course I loved the games my friends had on their C64, but I never thought: hmm let me trade my XL for a C64. Today is a different story. I do not understand the competition. All these consoles from the 80's and early/mid 90's are AWESOME. They simply wrote history. And in retroperspective I really can see why people loved their C64. And they are right. It is (just like the XL) a great machine, with incredible abilities and a very attractive software catalog. And because a lot of people had he C64, it was also easy to communicate with another C64 enthusiastic. That huge userbase helps too. I wished the Atari 8bit was like the C64. It would have been good for the software catalog and other development. On the other side I am very thankful for the fact that the atari 8bit had a revival in Eastern Europe in the late 80's and early 90's. A lot of great software and hardware development comes from Poland. Without their expertise and efforts I have no idea where we would have been today. I remember watching great demos like Cool Emotion and Joyride from HARD.... the incredible Overmind demo, Numen... and much more. The great tools (like MPT, Chaos Music Composer, Quick Assembler) and games. All fabulous stuff from Eastern Europe. They made Atari 8bit great again lol. So to me the fight is absolutely not between the systems/consoles. It is all about support and stuff, and I think the C64 had a very good start back in the 80's, but atari 8bit got pretty even thanks to Eastern Europe suppliers of software and hardware. It feels like a tie. Anyway, to end with the part I started with. I wished I had all the consoles and computers. But I do not have the space here. I 'limit' myself to atari 8bit, and I still haven't enough of that. From time to time I discover new games, or old games. I am very enthusiastic about new development with hardware, and the great firmware updates from @flashjazzcat or new titles from the abbuc software competition. Next to my 800XL I have connected my 2600. It gives me some extra games, which I like to play from time to time. But in the end I always fire up the 800XL. And I am pretty sure this would also happen when I had the C64, Nes, SNES, Atari ST, ZX Spectrum or Amiga here. Cool to play with ... for a while. And then: 800XL again!
  9. Seems to be a cool add-on. Definitely interested in!
  10. In the past I have been asking about this a lot. Some people here in the board were annoyed by those questions from my side. Although I completely understand people got pretty bored by that discussion and that it was pretty useless to ask the same question over and over again, the main reason for my question is still valid and proven a right one. In the end I finally gave up and decided to buy games from V61. I thought okay what the hell, let's do it. And then it turned out, just as I expected, that the carts I ordered were full of bugs. One game had even a part that was unplayable due to that. The other game had sound issues. Not my intention to do the discussion over again, but it is a good thing to be aware of the big downside of a ROM... hard to update or fix a bug. Those games are not tested (enough) on real hardware. They are entirely developed on emulators. The beta testers (if there are any) are not doing a right job since they do not try to find issues. The problem is the ignorance and arrogance that they seem to think their software is bugfree. Well that there are bugs is not a problem at all. I forgive them bugs at once since bugs happens to any development. But arg... why do they have to be on non-fixable carts? If their titles would be proven good, I still would prefer download but then I would accept to buy carts.... but not now. One of the carts turned out to be an atarimax flash cart. So they could have fixed the bug and send me a flasher. But no... then there was this attitude that everybody is a pirate and sending a flasher would mean that their title would be spread in public. Sigh... that attitude pisses me off. Those v61 guys know not much about current development in a8 world. They seem to think that carts is a solution against piracy, whilst the rest of the a8 scene already knows that dumping a cart is as easy as possible. So for preventing piracy a cart is a totally useless reason. And yes. People are right if they say that it is their business and that they have the right to do it that way. It is not me who can tell them what to do. I have to accept that indeed. I think it is a pity that this ever happened this way. People might not believe it, but I still wish Lance and Pete all the best with their a8 productions and activity. I think the ideas are good and I also believe Peteym5 did some very nice coding. I still offer my help to test their games on real hardware and catch important bugs for them (It is not my nature to tell about things I am good at, but for finding bugs and betatest I make an exception: I am really a serious effective bugfinder). It would be really awesome to improve their titels and add them to the existing library of a8 games. But as long as they stick to this paranoid 'everybody is a pirate' attitude and keep selling bugs on non fixable cart.... I do not think there will ever come a true cooperation between V61 and myself. Lance did by the way send me money back. That was nice. Not enough to return them though. I think he did the right thing there. If he wants the games back, he could pay postage for shipping to USA. I would be more pleased if he sent me bugfixes, then I would repay him all his money. I am not against these people. I believe they really want to do great things. I wished though that they would let me help them, so that it would be all be greater and cooler (and bugfree). So Lance... if you read this and want to work things out. Send me a message. I want to make things right and not to fight.
  11. I only have experience with Qmeg when it comes to Omnimon or Qmeg. Have been using Qmeg for quite some years (today I only use stock OS in combination with TurboFreezer). I must say Qmeg is excellent. Of course it is not 100% compatible with all a8 software, but without having this investigated enough I am pretty sure that 99% of all software (if not more) will run. All the bells and whistles (including a freezer feature!) are really awesome. Some of the strongest and most appreciated features were the ability of being able to boot from another drive #. (So I could boot from Drive 2 if I wanted)... and the fact that you could also boot from RAMDISK (how cool is that?!) What @Gunstar says is correct. in V4 the PBI routines are back, which is perfect for use with BlackBox and other PBI devices. One thing though: I believe it does not play well with SpartaDos X, and I also had some minor issues with BBS PRO!Fessional and the RS232 buffer handling (which did not work as expected). If I had to move back to a smaller configuration, without U1MB and/or without Turbo Freezer I would definitely pick Qmeg again.
  12. Did you see Jacobus was talking about his previous version of Dungeon Hunt when he wrote that they are all gone...?
  13. Two things: 1: The capital of The Netherlands is Amsterdam, not The Hague although our government is situated in The Hague. 2: For me the greatest feature of this game was the audio track with the disco music and the spoken introduction of this game. Unfortunately this spoken text is also about Czechoslovakia... so it is not accurate to re-use this audio track... which is a pity.... <joke> Perhaps we should change back the states/countries/capitals in real life so they match with this iconic game </joke>
  14. Won't CAR /I also re-init the code on the bottom of the STACK -Area?
  15. Boxed diskversion yes! Still love DH1 ... But this DH2 sounds great too. Would love to obtain atr already (can pay for that!) Greetz Marius
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