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  1. Perhaps... I might try Boulderdash II when things are not so stressful here again. Of course I do not want to miss a round... I do not expect myself to get very far though.
  2. Just downloaded the games. Let me see if that happens here too!
  3. Dr. Mario is excellent, although (my opinion) once you get further, it also gets slightly boring. Or is that just me who thinks that?
  4. I agree two games (being a tie) is a good idea. Unfortunately Millipede did not make it
  5. But PLEASE let somebody confirm this. I can be extremely wrong here. There is another one near that one (a smaller one) that also can be the one to be removed. I have put my 600XL in storage, can not reach it... so I can not check it.
  6. Risky for me to tell this without checking. But IIRC it is the disk capacitor on the left of the PCB (light brown) next to the left of an IC. It is that pretty large thing right from the 2 grey oscillators.
  7. Millipede would be awesome! An excellent shooter to get rid of frustration due to corona isolation. And in this time seems shooting bugs an excellent idea as well.
  8. Me too. Like I wrote 30 minutes ago, I am in a stressful period now (probably all of us). This game is not for me. When I voted for it, I thought it would be like Boulderdash. I believe I have to read a manual or watch a movie to get it. I do not have the rest in my body and mind to do that. So we will see in 14 days. Pity, HSC could have been a nice distraction from all the shit happening.
  9. Haven't played yet. It is pretty much of a crisis here in The Netherlands with all the Corona stuff going on. I am a music teacher in primary schools and in my own music school and I have to organise all kind of digital music lessons and other stuff. I hope I can play soon. At least I downloaded the game now and put it on my a8. I hope I wil understand the way the scoring goes. So it is about completing levels, if I understood right...
  10. Noooooooooooo I slightly start to hate this. Still no 400K 399040
  11. grrrr why did I die now. no 400k arg 396960
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