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  1. Yeah... the Bug meister rejected the job since he appeared not to be their hardware guy.
  2. If there are particular XEX games that do not want to load from MyIDE 2 FAT32 loader ( it is not sure to me whether you try to do that ) you could try to use my patching procedure for those games. I have to look it up myself, but it is on this forum somewhere. I noticed that there are some flaws in the FAT32 loader and that some games do not run (XEX). I fixed that with some kind of universal patcher. It worked extremely well.
  3. OH great, we play Nibbler. I love that game. I should find some time!
  4. That is an interesting command as well! Thank you so much!
  5. That is a good one. Will GOTO break the For Next Loop? With other words, when a GOTO is done, is it possible to start a new FOR NEXT loop with T as counter?
  6. Perhaps a stupid question haha, but I was wondering: is it possible to exit a FOR...NEXT loop? The only thing I can think of is this: 10 FOR T=1 to 10000 20 IF PEEK(53279)=6 THEN T=10000; REM checks whether START is pressed 30 NEXT T As soon as START is pressed, T becomes 10000 and the FOR..NEXT loop will be exit on line 30. I am wondering: can this be done less 'drastic' than this? Thanks M.
  7. Dear all! My contribution with the HSC is going up and down. This has most of the time simply to do with one thing: time. I am still trying to finish my study (Master education in Arts) and it is a difficult and hard process. I hope I will be finished this year in May or June... but you'll never know how things go. So I'll try to contribute with scores in the HSC but I can make no promises at all. I hope that's ok! Have fun with Atari 8bit! Greetz Marius
  8. Recently I played this game, and I have to say, it is amazingly challenging, and actually lots of fun to play. The graphics are colorful and very friendly. Very nice game indeed!
  9. in random order: 1. Oilswell 2. Ocean Detox 3. Mr. Dig (in stead of Mr. Do) 4. Crossfire 5. 2048 6. Pac-Man Arcade (Tep392's upgraded version) 7. Dropzone 8. Blue Max 9. Superfly 1K+ 10. Nerm of Bemer (Basic Game) There are probably way more cool games, but this is my list for now.
  10. Totally agreed. It looks nice... gameplay is horrible. And although some people hate background music, for me it is one of the thing I usually like in games. This games does not have any music at all. Pity.
  11. Oh that is a good one. I was most certainly under the impression that my cart was Championship Lode Runner as well, but you are entirely right here. Very good point!
  12. It is how the game looks (at least on PAL) ... I have it on cart, and looks just like that as well. There do exist loderunner variants in color though, but I always believed those were hacks.
  13. This is absolutely true, but I have 5 blackboxes from 3 different batches. One of my black boxes is the oldest one, and comes from Bernard Kok (Becotel). It's my most favorite BlackBox. It has absolutely "everything" socketed and works the most stable from all Black Boxes. Two of my black boxes had the 1.41 Firmware and are from another batch. I purchsed them from Bo and Ernest Schreurs Then much later I purchased another one from Bo and Ernest Schreurs. I suppose this on is from the same batch as the 1.41 one. And much later I purchased one directly from Puff. That was the newest batch. All with green and red LED Perhaps the yellow LED is a custom fix from the owner?
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