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  1. Since people don't get any amusement from non-working games, they start funny discussions. And I have to admit: I have the popcorn ready.
  2. Best advice is: Take a little time before you decide to purchase anything. There are many choices, and almost all have pro and cons. There is also a SIDE3 pretty close for release, which has very interesting features. It all depends on what you have planned to do. Is it purely to play games, then you'll probably have other demands than when you have plans to do some coding. I also think (but that is my opinion of course) that this looking for the best solution, and comparing all the possibilities are great parts of the hobby. Some of the todays solutions appear to be pretty outdated, but even the older solutions are worth looking at. I am still a huge fan of the MyIDE 2 interface. Yes, SIDE3 will be definitely more powerful, but still... it is just a feeling. I also love my Sio2IDE 3.3a built in a cigar box. Extremely outdated Sio2 device, but I love it. It never fails.
  3. If you want to upgrade the 600XL, don't go for the 256K upgrade. Nobody today should do that, IMHO. Those upgrades are TTL/DRAM based memory upgrades, which are only "reliable" on atari's without anything connected to the parallel bus or cart port. If you want to use a harddrive in the future or some other cool device, those TTL/DRAM based memory upgrades are getting unstable. Better is going for some kind of SRAM based memory upgrades. Those RAM's don't need a stable refresh, so they are much more reliable. If you are handy yourself, and you would like to to some solder jobs yourself, you might want to look at the 512K SRAM upgrade by Hiassoft. It needs 1 GAL and one SRAM chip. I did a few of those, and they work very well. You need a GAL programmer/burner though to program a GAL for this upgrade. The only Atari's I really succesfully upgraded with DRAMs are XE's. They have better logic on board for the refresh of DRAMs. But still... even in XE's I prefer SRAM today.
  4. Thank you so much my friend! Your products are always amazing! I saw the pics and my jaw dropped on the floor.... like: WOW these are stunning! Great news!
  5. Did I miss something? I read people receive their ordered Freezers. I am still very interested, and willing to pay. Please let know how-and-what. I am worried now that my order from may, 31th is missed out...
  6. If this is true, then the person who did this is a real sad and pathetic person. What a world we live in... what world. Sigh.
  7. The game is really good. I love it, and it plays very well. Not that it matters to the end result, but I gave my deserved 10 points to this game!
  8. There is already a lot written in this thread, but let me specify this part. There are XF551's with different mechanism. One of the 'latest' batches of the XF551 had the so called CHINON mechanism. It is true that all the XF551's can not format a flippy disk. So where you can flip a disk on a 1050 and format the backside like a normal 1050 format (single side of course), you can not do this on any stock XF551. When you format a B: side of a floppy on a 1050 you can also write on this side using an XF551 when you flip the disk. EXCEPT on the Chinon XF551! The Chinon mechanism simply can not handle flippy disks, since it uses the index hole for both formatting, reading AND writing. The simplest solution for this problem is using floppy disks with two index holes. A few years ago someone offered these disks, so I have a very small stock of 5.25" disks with two index holes. Looks pretty odd, but it worked like a charm. Today I stick with my 1050 with Mini Speedy, so I don't have this problem at all. Summarized: formatting B: side on a flippy disk: impossible on any XF551 writing on B: side on a flippy disk: XF551 with most mechanisms can do this, except chinon drives. reading on B: side on a flippy disk: XF551 with most mechanisms an do this, except chinon drives. IIRC most XF551's have a mitsumi brand mechanism. Of course, just like @Mathy already pointed out, all XF551's can write on both sides of the disk, since it is a two-headed mechanism. So that is why I wrote about 'flippy' disks, since a lot of a8 users (and C64, apple ][ users) are used to flip disks. The main reason by the way Mathy, I do not use double sided format is simply because I do not want to limit myself to XF551 drive. I even have been limited myself to 90K format, because I hate ED, and I wanted to be compatible with all my stock 1050 drives. Today I stick with 180K format, since I have many mini-speedy's, so I am secure enough to use 180K format.
  9. This indeed is pretty cool! I am very pleased to notice that it also still works on 'older' versions of OS X ( I am with Sierra here). Great development, I always loved Atari800Mac.
  10. 1. The device is not yet on the market. What you do is pretty unethical. Read again my response about you using the word "some". 2. You take one aspect of AVG and compare that with SIDE3. You enlarge that part and meanwhile you leave out all the good things of side3. That is not pointing out the flaws, that is an unfair way of acting. 3. You seem to make a habit of bashing products that candle was/is involved in. That is a very questionable reputation you built yourself. You can expect people will fight back, due to this. You destroy the reputation of devices, add-ons, upgrades in a way that is unfair and sick. 4. The a8 community is served by people like @flashjazzcat and @candle. Sure you are free to like or dislike these people. But your crusade against them or their product is sad and pathetic. Your way of acting does not fit a community where people try to keep the a8 alive. Stop all the bashing and the hate and make a choice: appreciate it, or cooperate. You could offer your help to test stuff or make things better in stead of grabbing a microscope and look for flaws.
  11. Could be a language thing but it is clear to me that you have to check the meaning of the word "some" again. The way you write it down now, is completely fake news. Side2 runs with U1MB almost all ATR's. There are some exceptions yes, but framing the compatibility with the word "some" is false and also disrespectful.
  12. Pointless and completely irrelevant comparison. First of all is there much more than a (virtual) compatibility rate to decide which card is better. My blackbox is the only device (apart from my turbo freezer) that can break into a running program, so that is the best alternative? Think again. Nothing beats the fabulous and intuitive user interface in FJC loader. That is what counts for me. You might think differently, but you can not decide for other people whether a case is closed or not. And even when Side3 would run 100% of the software I am pretty sure you will write some code not following any standard so it will crash on side3, like you also did on U1MB.
  13. Omg I did not check this topic for a day and in no time this derails into another shitty thread. It is unbelievable how one person tries to pull SIDE or Flashjazzcat's work into bad light. We also saw this happening around U1MB. You can always prefer to use another cart solution like AVG which is amazing of course. But discussions like seen in this thread are pointless and also dangerous. Come on... candle and FJC put hundreds if not thousands of hours of development in SIDE 3. Both guys are known for their dedication and quality products and software. I am very interested in SIDE3. I also love MyIDE2 and although meanwhile this device is no longer the most versatile or first choice HD interface I think it deserves a lot of respect. So all the poisonous, negative and pointless discussion should stop right here.
  14. Did you ever use the FJC version of the SIDE loader? Never seen a more intuitive piece of code on a8. It is excellent and very easy to use. It fits the "It just works" ideology and next to that it is versatile, fast and extremely compatible. It is 1000 times better than the original SIDE loader or any other Fat32 loader for other devices. It looks amazing and it handles directories with hundreds of files like it is nothing. The search feature is a killer feature as well. I never read any doc or manual and the SIDE loader by FJC is powerful and easy to use from day 1. No hidden features, no weird key combinations... it is the best since the invention of sliced bread.
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