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  1. Yeah, but that is the (for Pal systems fixed) version of 1984. There is also a 1983 version, which has equal gameplay but does not show the scores of the spiders and the DDT looks slightly different. There are also two cart versions; there also does exist a 1984 cart version, which is equal to the file version. I applied the Fandal fix on that ROM.
  2. What I find very interesting in this game, is the fact that every crawling creature has it's own sound. This makes the game so funny for nut just visual but also audio senses. A few tips in this game: 1. The beetles with the prrrrrrrr sound do never come at the max left or max right position. So if you want to be in a relative safe spot when these approach you, pick that position. 2. Keeping the fire button pushed down is in most of the cases the best choice. But... beware the 'intervals' of the shooting can be risky when you approach the spiders, so better release the fire button then. 3. If you are in a swarm and you expect yourself to die there, look at your score. If you have lives enough left (so you can afford to lose one) and you are very close to getting a new life, choose for a kamikaze action. If you die with your score so close to a new life, you'll recover with the bonus life. If you die just after you received your bonus life then it might take too long before you get another life. 4. Try to learn (if you did not yet) the different sounds of every creature. I find it extremely helpful. 5. If a swarm is almost there (the game runs in cycles) make sure you have killed enough mushrooms around the DDT. As soon as the swarm start, shoot the DDT. It results in lots of points, AND it gives you for a few seconds a safe lane under where the DDT was. Stay there and the swarm will recover from DDT and then you have excellent position for shooting more of the insects. (Beware for the spiders though who are always in the swarms) 6. If no swarm is expected soon, shoot all the DDT's as well. Give quite some points! And did you notice that DDT increases the points you get for what you kill with DDT? I am still not sure, but it seems that killing a spider on a short position from DDT with the DDT results in 1800 points for that spider. It is always during a very short time visible that score, but I believe it says 1800.... wow! Well If I have more tips, I'll let you know. This is by far my most favorite and played atari 8bit game ever.
  3. I always start with 30.000. I think these starting scores do not make much sense anyway. You can maintain max. 6 lives (no more bonus lives above these 6) so when you manage to keep 6 lives around 100.000, 200.000 or 300.000 points (max start score) it wouldn't even matter that much to me personally if one uses 300.000 as start point every time. But not every participant in the HSC reaches 300.000 points, so perhaps it is best to start with 30000 points every time.
  4. NO THIS ONE DOES NOT COUNT (!!) But I was so proud of this score, I had to share it. Last month I played Millipede and I had quite an amazing score and shared it on WhatsApp with my Friend @Thelen. I also pointed him in the direction of this HSC. I hope he will join. But I will have to do some practice to get over this personal record. Since I did not play this one in this HSC round, it should NOT be counted.
  5. Wow amazing score! Very nice! I will still have a hard time winning this game... but I am motivated and if I don't win, it doesn't matter, since it still will mean I played millipede!
  6. And please let me say THANK YOU SO MUCH! all for voting for this game. I have been 'begging' a lot for this one, so I am extremely thankful and pleased with it. Let us have some fun!
  7. This game is actually the only game I consider my self a "master" in (and Ms. Pac-Man and Pac-Man Arcade as good second and third). I love Millipede though. It is all these years my absolute number #1. If there were no other games left, but millipede, I still would keep my Atari. It is amazing how much fun this game is.
  8. The most important thing with Sio2IDE (well, the version I use -> 3.3) is that you need to defragment the CF card. If you format it and you copy all the files in one move, if everything works right the cart does not need to be defragmented. You do not need any files, but there needs to be a ini file (not sure though from memory whether it is called SIO2IDE.INI) ... in every directory there needs to be such a file. I will have to look for the exact filename. The Config program is called FDISK. I wrote years ago (2009 or so) a tool called S2ITOOL. It is only tested with the Sio2IDE 3.3 ... it makes it much more convenient to mount atr's and browse through folders. There is also the jukebox program. Sio2IDE is pretty obsolete these days, but it is still a cool little device. The successor with the USB port was not my favorite version. It had not a nice D1: D2: swap, which I loved on the 3.3 version.
  9. Hey @therealbountybob is there a chance you missed my 1st city lost score here?
  10. Hopefully my last word on this matter (Lol, I also say this to myself...) If someone bought a cart from @video61atarisales, and he or she is not satisfied with the purchase, or experiences other issues. Please contact Lance from Video61 first, and he will work it out with you. There has been said enough about this matter. Atari 8bit is a lot of fun, and it is a loss to let negativity throw a shadow on the fabulous computer hobby. Happy Atari 8bit wishes to all of you! Marius
  11. I noticed a while back someone posting a picture of a 'fake' device. Can't remember whether it was SIDE2 or U1MB, but it was an clone indeed. I responded to that post that it felt wrong that someone did this. I got a pretty annoyed and abusive answer. Pity that people do not simply buy the hardware. It is not that you or Lotharek make a fortune out of it. Good that you write about these things on the forum. I wished it wasn't necessary.
  12. Grmbl when I typed my enthusiastic please-let-it-be-Millipede post, it was the only one with 6 votes (IIRC though)....
  13. Oh.... let us hope Millipede will stay on #1 position!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. You seriously should make a new thread. You'll get way more responses then, and indeed this derails the side3 thread completely.
  15. No I meant the endless discussion about Downloadable versions of the games. I still think it is a good idea, and I am very glad to read KJMANN's post about the subject, but I really brought *that* subject up too many times in the past. The reason I think it is a good idea, is indeed because of the nature of software. Software almost ever needs fixes, so then RAM is a better choice than ROM .... but well... I'll leave it now.
  16. Wow Sal, this was a post I did not see coming. Nice to have you back here. And people always can change their minds. I also wrote earlier today that I admit that I shouldn't have brought up this subject over and over again. When I could do thing from the past over, I would also make different choices. I know you and I had some pretty big arguments about this as well in the past, but I left this behind us already years ago. I love your musical arrangements (I still think the Space Harrier music is one of the greatest tunes on pokey ever created!) and the fact you are back is nice too! I wish you all the best with your health, and let us all enjoy Atari 8bit and pokey chiptunes!
  17. @peteym5 and @video61atarisales Since you seem to be completely aware of anything that happens here in this thread, just for your info: I have an e-mail here in my mailbox written by Lance R. (sent from an address V****[email protected]**.net) from date May 18th, 2017. In which Lance (yes already in 2017!) writes to me that: 1. I (Marius) found a bug 2. Peter says he found the errors Ok... let me summarize this. In 2017 the bug was mentioned, and confirmed by Lance (Video61). Also confirmed was in 2017 that Peter found the errors. Then read this BS Peteym5 write now in his FB group: So what is interesting here. 1. He blames Sal (Kjmann) 2. He states that due to Sal he was not aware of any bugs. 3. He states that it took several years before the bug was noticed by anyone... Well even if these three statements are true, it still does not explain why they already in 2017 knew about the bugs, and that in 2020 still carts were/are sold with the same bug. So who is telling lies now?
  18. Never am I talking about dumping and distribution. I am talking about the fact that people should not lie. Not big companies, not small companies. That's all. Of course people decide by themselves what they buy or not, but in a scene like this one, when people think they are talking to someone else just like a regular user, and it turns out that it was a fake person, ... then I can understand people feel robbed. That is the behavior I am talking about all the time. I do not want anything to be dumped or spread. I want bad habits to stop.
  19. It seems you make some kind of a sport trying to justify wrong behavior. That other companies do bad things, does not mean that I should act differently (because I could know the information I read is false). That means that the world is sick, and I will stand up against that till I die. You simply can not compare 'big business' in a small scene like this... well you can compare, but the comparison doesn't make any sense. If person #1 reports: hey there is a bug with this program. and then fake person #2 reports: oh I bought the cart and here everything works fine. There is really NOTHING that justifies that behavior of person #2. It is wrong, and it should be judged that way. Also by you XXL.
  20. Well that is not completely true. Lance will do refunds. I think he is not a bad guy, but he should communicate about this. He could make sure that what he sells has a certain (good!) quality. In my opinion he lacks that attitude too much. I am sure Lance accepts returns of the cart, and he will do a complete refund. So that is a good thing. But I also know people won't return, or perhaps they think they can't return. He simply should stop selling crap. Let someone please help these guys in improving their stuff. From a positive point of view: the titles have most certainly some potential, and with a little bit of help here and there, they could become real classics. Lance will probably sell way more titles, if all this trouble is left behind. But well... as @flashjazzcat already mentioned. I should stop supporting these people, and I also should stop dreaming about a perfect world.
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