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  1. Hi all! Since it is, with its initial release date somewhere in 1989 already a retro add on in itself.... but I was wondering... who is still using the Black Box as I/O device (for storage or as printer/rs232 port). I haven't used my Black Box for quite some time, but now with all these new and modern storage solutions I was like: hey that old black box gave me more the nostalgia satisfaction. Please let me know!
  2. Not sure. It has been a long time since I did this. But I think that is what you mentioned.
  3. Oh I love this one. Might join when back from vacation. A real and cool classic on a8!
  4. My experience with sio2ide is that from time to time the Atmega needs to be reprogrammed. The fuse settings had been wrong initially so there is a chance that it does not operate flawlessly anymore. Not sure if that is the case in your situation. I have sio2ide 3.3a in a cigar box. And although it is terribly obsolete these days, I still love it.
  5. Of course we don't know exactly what happens behind the scene, but there is one thing that we all know and that there is hardly anyone in this scene who takes atari 8bit software development more serious than @flashjazzcat. His products are always from an outstanding quality and we may call ourselves lucky that we have him around. Take the amazing side2 loader or even cooler the U1MB firmware upgrade. Both excellent examples of where we absolutely need somebody like Jon. He knows what the demanding a8 user needs and he knows how to code. I have been testing The Last word, Side2 loader and U1mb firmware for him for months if not years and all those time I haven't had a single argument or problem with this guy. He is extremely dedicated to whatever he feels is his responsibility and I think some people could learn from that. We already have way too much half baken products in the world that were rushed on the market. Meanwhile I have learned two things. 1. If Jon tells me there is a technical problem with this or that, it is worth the time checking it out. He is most of the time completely right. 2. The guy invests all of his spare time to do the job right. It is a good thing to appreciate that. I do not want to put myself in the spotlights, but I really could have done good beta testing for Side3 those last 10 months you are speaking about. If people want to gets things done, I am always willing to help. So please let us stay focused on the development of great a8 stuff. Big thanks to @flashjazzcat and all his hard work for the a8 community.
  6. Perhaps I used the wrong word. I mean this: thanks to FJC we can turn U1MB + SIDE2 (and 3 soon I hope) into real PBI harddrives. That would be great if possible with an external solution in stead of U1MB.
  7. Before people start inventing something from scratch. I would advice take the Turbo Freezer 2011 as a starting point. Add PBI (like U1MB has) and External OS slots (like syscheck II has) and then start adding possible other stuff. Turbo Freezer is already an amazing external device, and it would be a pity if not all those features would be brought to a new-to-design add-on. I have been thinking of an EXTERNAL U1MB for quite some time, and as far as I can see it, it must be possible. I would prefer external over internal anyway. If Turbo Freezer had OS slots, and it had PBI it would be ultimate already. Perhaps external Stereo... yes amazing. I am not sure though whether that is possible.
  8. What you describe sounds familiar with a certain keyboard type of the 800xl. I have to say, and I might be an exception, that those are my favorite 800XL keyboards. Yes the keys are more heavy than on other types, but you'll get used to it when you type a lot on it. When your fingers get stronger, it is not longer a problem. I actually love the feel of these keyboards. And, they give me the impression that even an elephant could stand on the keys, without breaking anything
  9. Those assumptions might be right, but perhaps it is 'dangerous' to conclude too soon about that; especially when you want to 'tackle' issues. My BBS (although offline) mainly operated with a Lantronix MSS100. I have done quite a lot of testing back then, and I found that the MSS serie was in almost every case the best choice. It could be interesting to check what the difference is between the two in operation. By the way, when thinking of 'hanging' connections, the first thing I was thinking of, perhaps there is something going on with flow control. That the Atari BBS or the Lantronix is expecting some XON/XOFF which is not coming?
  10. Please take in mind that there are at least two types of lantronix device servers that operate with a different telnet protocol. The MSS serie appears to give a more stable and genuine connection. The UDS serie gives just a very basic connection without any handshaking or other intelligent acknowledgement. This difference for instance leads to double characters (no matter what setting used on the uds side) when a Lantronix from the UDS serie is used as a modem to host BBS's when calling in with the Mac OS x terminal, and other terminals. While this issue does (and should) not (!) occur on more improved telnet handshaking. When the BBS operates with a Lantronix MSS the connection works great with Mac os terminal and appears to be more compatible and stable by any means. I can not lend anything out, but I hope this information is already quite interesting for further steps.
  11. Once I had a pretty 1200xl but in my crystal ball I saw future problems with side3 so I donated my near mint 1200xl to my dearest friend. Case closed for me
  12. Wow... can't wait to test this out. Perhaps today.
  13. A great. I will check it out soon! (Is that also fixed in the player-routine then, in case I might use one of the newly created CMC's in a demo or game in the future....)?
  14. I have two wishes: 1. Oh... I should definitely learn to arrange stuff like this. I think always way too much from the perspective using chords which eat way too many notes. This is really a fabulous song, with a wide acoustic field. Well done, any suggestion how I could learn this? (I know how music works, it is more that I am not skilled in making this kind of arrangements) 2. I love using atari 8bit, and I dislike using PC / Mac for Atari 8bit stuff. You seem to use RMT (am I right?) ... so that would not my #1 choice, since I want to use my a8 more frequently. Is there anything native on a8 that comes close to what RMT can do? I thought Theta Music Composer was adviced to use on a8 to me... but I can not remember clearly. Is there a good manual available for Theta Music Composer, or do you recommend a different composer on a8? Great stuff emkay!
  15. I most certainly should give this one a try. Although today it seems to be a quite obsolete music editor (compared to other formats like RMT, but even compared with TMC and MPT), but it is the only music editor I ever learned to use. Is this updated version also compatible with atari's with a STEREO upgrade? I noticed that originally CMC songs do weird things on Stereo Atari (which has to set to mono with the switch to sound good). Thanks for keeping CMC alive. I will give it a try soon!
  16. I think you have just described the strength of SIDE3 here. You can mount a cart (loaded from FAT32), and start SDX and have them together running on a stock Atari (with enough memory of course). You also can mount a cart (loaded from FAT32) without SDX of course, on a stock Atari.
  17. This was funny. I saw this thread, and the first thing I thought was: hey what an interesting thread. Lol, turned out, it was the thread I started in 2009 lol. Excellent find Carlsson!
  18. By the way... wasn't that song also in Elevator Repairman (an analog PD version of Spy's demise...)? As a kid I loved Elevator Repairman.
  19. Oh I know exactly what you mean, but then with parcels from Germany. German packages that are shipped with Deutsche Post, are in The Netherlands shipped by DHL. Oh dear... DHL stand (funny joke) in Dutch for "Duurt Heel Lang" (Takes a long time) ... It happened several times here that a package delivered by DHL, originally sent from Germany, took over 4 weeks to arrive (Germany is close to The Netherlands). When I am awake enough I always ask the Germans to ship with UPS. Then it takes 1 day (yes 1 day, that is something else than 4 weeks eh... omg).
  20. Most of my 65XE's though have the buggy GTIA. What you say is true: the buggy GTIA is in the last produced a8's, but it has nothing to do with 800XE. So more the production DATE is interesting. In USA you can buy PAL 130XE's with also the bugy GTIA. Those are probably 130XE's from 1991 (or 1992?).... I am surprised though that there seem no XEGS with buggy GTIA. Another thing, not related to GTIA, is that in the 'youngest' XE's there is not a 6520 PIA but an 6821.
  21. This is some 'fact' that keeps repeating in the a8 scene, but it is actually not entirely correct. The 800XE is around since 1987, and the first 800XE's did not have the defective GTIA's. I have a few of these 'early' 800XE's. Of course you are right that there also do exist a lot 800XE's (and 65XE's) with the buggy GTIA, but those were from the a8 renaissance that happened in Eastern Europe in the early 90's
  22. Since people don't get any amusement from non-working games, they start funny discussions. And I have to admit: I have the popcorn ready.
  23. Best advice is: Take a little time before you decide to purchase anything. There are many choices, and almost all have pro and cons. There is also a SIDE3 pretty close for release, which has very interesting features. It all depends on what you have planned to do. Is it purely to play games, then you'll probably have other demands than when you have plans to do some coding. I also think (but that is my opinion of course) that this looking for the best solution, and comparing all the possibilities are great parts of the hobby. Some of the todays solutions appear to be pretty outdated, but even the older solutions are worth looking at. I am still a huge fan of the MyIDE 2 interface. Yes, SIDE3 will be definitely more powerful, but still... it is just a feeling. I also love my Sio2IDE 3.3a built in a cigar box. Extremely outdated Sio2 device, but I love it. It never fails.
  24. If you want to upgrade the 600XL, don't go for the 256K upgrade. Nobody today should do that, IMHO. Those upgrades are TTL/DRAM based memory upgrades, which are only "reliable" on atari's without anything connected to the parallel bus or cart port. If you want to use a harddrive in the future or some other cool device, those TTL/DRAM based memory upgrades are getting unstable. Better is going for some kind of SRAM based memory upgrades. Those RAM's don't need a stable refresh, so they are much more reliable. If you are handy yourself, and you would like to to some solder jobs yourself, you might want to look at the 512K SRAM upgrade by Hiassoft. It needs 1 GAL and one SRAM chip. I did a few of those, and they work very well. You need a GAL programmer/burner though to program a GAL for this upgrade. The only Atari's I really succesfully upgraded with DRAMs are XE's. They have better logic on board for the refresh of DRAMs. But still... even in XE's I prefer SRAM today.
  25. Thank you so much my friend! Your products are always amazing! I saw the pics and my jaw dropped on the floor.... like: WOW these are stunning! Great news!
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