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  1. Great work on the cart. Can't wait to have it working fully and am happy to hear that the only thing that is missing is the cd emulation. Will be a definite buy for me as it is very hard to find games.
  2. Does it matter if I get a lynx 1 or 2, or are they about the same in quality?
  3. metzger130

    Lynx price

    Looking to get a Lynx to finish my Atari collection and wondering what the going rate people see for them is. I also am wondering if they are plagued with needing to be recapped like the game gears seem to all have. Thanks in advance.
  4. I'll start by saying I'm lazy and don't want to read 42 pages of comments, but was wondering how progress was going and do we know if this will be out spring/summer/fall? Debating whether to buy anymore games or just save up for the cartridge if it's going to be out soonish. Basically looking at 1 game currently, attack of the mutant penguins, and if I can save about $50 due to SD card coming out soon, I will do that.
  5. My jaguar was 175 and the CD was 300, but they took 100 off since I was buying both. Jaguar came with 2 controllers, power, rf hookup, no games. CD came with cd drive, power, 1 controller and the memory cartridge.
  6. Now that I own a Jaguar I can not wait for this to come out. I have 3 games right now, tempest 2k, Iron soldier, and Brutal Sports Football, and probably won't get another game til this comes out as most games, if you can find them are around $35 or so. I, definitely, got into this great machine way to late as prices are skyrocketing. I have the CD unit to keep me a little busy while waiting for this to come out, via burned discs as games are really high for CD games too and not many out there worth the price that is wanted.
  7. So a good chance the iso image is missing the checksum then?
  8. Here's a weird one, to me at least. I burned world tour racing and it came up as an audio cd. Ran jagtopia first, then put the burnt cd in and it worked perfectly. something wrong with the burned copy that the jaguar thinks it's an audio cd if I don't use jagtopia?
  9. You can't see it, as I didn't show the jag, but it came with a memory track cartridge.
  10. So looking back on the thread it looks like the flash cart is coming along, but I imagine it will be a bit yet before it will be available. I was wondering when I looked something was said about CD, is this going to be able to play cd images without the cd?
  11. Don't have any original CD's as none were available for sale around here, so I burned a game and you can see what happens. This an issue with the drive or my burn? https://www.facebook.com/20923623/videos/10105269004205340/?l=399514507925545576 If this can't be viewed, let me know, not sure how to show video here.
  12. I bought a Jag and Jag CD for "Christmas." Does that count?
  13. Are there any homebrew jaguar CD games being made? I know cartridge probably not since you would need cartridges for it.
  14. Went to a local store and asked if they would be willing to give me a deal on the Jag/Jag CD, they agreed to take 100 off of the total price so I went for it, should have enough money to cover it by end of next month. lol I am getting Tempest 2k and Iron Soldier from my fiance for Christmas so I have games for it. I do not however have any CD games. Can someone tell me a game that would be good for me to burn to make sure the CD unit works? I know you should buy the games, but none are around here and I only have a limited time to make sure it works. They said if something doesn't work that I could return it, but I hope I don't have to. Also is there anything I can get so that I don't have to use RF for output for this thing? Thank you!
  15. Since I am barely familiar with the Jaguar catalog, how big of an SD card do you think we would need for the entire library?
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