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  1. I remember now, the 5200 used the POKEY chip in it. That's what I was thinking and I knew the 7800 had the same 2600 sound chip in it, but also knew that there was another sound possible for it. Didn't realize it was in the cartridge.
  2. Ok, I'm reading these posts and am very confused. I see pokey, pokey max, hokey. I thought that the pokey was a chip in the 7800 itself or am I wrong here? Also, I want to be able to play commercial games and play homebrew games also. The one that is coming out without the hokey will run these, correct? Also, what is the advantage of the hokey one that might come out?
  3. I listen to the stone age gamer podcast every week and last week they interviewed Tommy about the amico and they talked about several other things to. If anyone is interested in listening it is on Geekade.com under the stone age gamer podcast. It is a long one. They split it into 2 different tracks of 1 hr 45 minutes a piece. If your just interested about what they asked about the amico you just have to listen to part 1. Part 2 they talk about music and a bunch of other interesting things. I am in no way affiliated with stone age gamer or the podcast, just a loyal listener and wanted to get it out to anyone that is interested to listen to someone interview him. I thought they did a very solid interview, not just agreeing with him, but asking him some tough questions and not always agreeing with him which is something that you don't hear very often in interviews.
  4. Person I talked to at ACE couldn't find them on the webpage so he couldn't help me. get them. Any idea what the part number would be or anything?
  5. I hook mine to an old VCR and then use the composite out on the VCR to the receiver. You might be able to find a VCR cheap if you don't have one laying around.
  6. Also, with the links it looks like it's just the ball your buying. Do you have something between the ball and the controller? Looks like a small shaft maybe? I hope this makes sense.
  7. Our ACE doesn't have those knobs and they look great. I would like to find something like those. Anyone have any links to something like that? Links I see have knobs, but no hardware for it.
  8. I'm sure I'd be fine with a ball top on the controller. The only problem I find with using a sega controller is that you only get 1 button and not 2. I'm not sure how many games really use 2 buttons, but it does make a difference. Is there any special Y adapter or any Y adapter would work? I saw people buying ball tops from ace and I think that would be easy to do.
  9. I played my coleco for the first time in a while last weekend and ended up buying the atarimax SD cart for my 5200 and coleco at same time so that I could get $50 off. My question is, I played for about 30 minutes and my hands hurt. Is there anyway to play these games other than the regular controller that cramps my hands after a little bit? I must be getting old. lol I know the genesis plug is the same as the coleco, but what I heard is it will only work 1 button. Any suggestions as I really love the system, but can only play for short times because of the controller.
  10. I found a bunch of 5200 conversions in an old topic, from 2011, but have never seen anything about 5200 homebrew roms. My atarimax should be here tomorrow and would like to have a few homebrew if they are out there. Also, is there an updated version of conversions since 2011?
  11. I know there are a couple games that will not work on a 2 port system. I just bought the atarimax sd cart and was wondering if this would solve the issue or is the issue in the game itself and nothing can be done to make them work on a 2 port system.
  12. So, why would I get one of these if I have a bunch of sega genesis controllers sitting around? What would be the advantage of me spending money?
  13. Reading all these is making me not sure if I want to get one or I should get one. I think it would be more comfortable to use than a regular atari 2600 joystick as it's more like an NES or sega controller and I can hold those for a long time compared to an atari controller. Was hoping the paddle would be better than what I have heard as none of my paddle controllers want to work. I move it an inch and it flies across the screen, probably needs fixed, but not sure how to do that. Would people recommend one of these or not? I just got a harmony encore cart and want to play games on my 2600/7800 and would like to be comfortable as possible with it.
  14. I was looking at a way to go back to the menu while running a game. Oh well, I'll just turn it off then back on whenever needed.
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