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  1. Enjoyed reading the initial posts on this thread and how bad people thought a Galaga port would be. Super stoked to receive my copy when Albert sends them out. Bravo for a masterful job creating this.
  2. All this talk of the Flashback, but there is something very pure about hooking up an actual Atari and flipping that on/off switch after popping in a game.
  3. The cover art ("go come") is worth the twenty bucks alone. Nice find.
  4. Looking around on Ebay and found a homebrew released by Hozer Games called Synthosaur. Has anyone played or heard of this cartridge? Says "This is a simple synth program put together by George Dalli. Give your garage band some Atari class!!!" Is it like the Synthcart? Any videos? I can't even find a ROM for it.
  5. Space Rocks is like the arcade Asteroids zoomed in slightly. Great adaptation.
  6. Getting the Berzerk robot to repeatedly shoot the wall at close range, or shooting the wall as you run towards it.
  7. Playing multiple Atari 2600s with Synthcarts on stage in front of a Mike Tyson's Punch Out screen backdrop being played live. https://youtu.be/wLMgAB5z8pI
  8. What new home brew should I get next? Any recommendations?

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    2. Army Of 2600

      Army Of 2600

      Yes, it certainly does.

    3. StanJr


      Stay Frosty II, Dungeon, Cave-In

    4. Wyluli Wolf

      Wyluli Wolf

      Space Cactus Canyon :)

      Also like HALO and seawolf.

  9. I am, but the option for console switches cannot be selected. It is not highlighted for some reason.
  10. I am using an Atari 2600 emulator on my Android phone. To play something with the loopcart, you must use the right difficulty switch. Is there a button or buttons that I can use with my Android phone, or can I only do the loopcart on an actual computer?
  11. Enjoying Jump VCS. Quite hypnotic. Only wish it had a continue feature.

  12. Not many at all. Just doing it for the love of art and Atari.
  13. 2 Ataris, 2 Synthcart cartridges. AO2600. https://youtu.be/TVmt3fycWxA
  14. How are the new Donkey Kong VCS games coming along?

    1. save2600


      Joe's DK VCS is almost done and not sure where DK Arcade sits at the moment. Near completion I think...

  15. Just ordered Jump VCS. Looks pretty cool.

  16. New Star Castle is pretty rad, but Space Rocks is still better. Now which homebrew to pick up next....

  17. That's totally what I was going for. (pumps fist in the air) I'm gonna go watch more Friends.
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