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  1. DrTypo

    Fallen Angels

    Thanks guys for the nice comments on Fallen Angels. I'm not planning on improving the game. My Jaguar is shelved at the moment. I may make new games if I have good ideas but I'd rather not make any promise!
  2. Cool stuff! More of this please!
  3. DrTypo


    Incredibly expensive. I had to sell my copy of BattleSphere Gold.
  4. DrTypo


    Thanks guys. For the moment I'm not further developping this game. I may take another stab at doing a driving thing but I'd rather not make promises...
  5. DrTypo


    Yep, the audio somehow screws up VJ. It doesn't happen on hardware.
  6. DrTypo


    Hello, here is a small game I made in the past few weeks. It's a very simple driving game. You must drive fast and collect gems. To play it, you need a Jaguar with a Skunkboard, a BJL kit or a JagCD (in this case, you must convert the file with JiFFI). Enjoy! gemrace.zip
  7. Good job! I tried it on my jag, it run fast! I'm looking forward to your progress. I like 2.5D stuff on the jag.
  8. I just put together my Jaguar setup to play a few of these games. Good stuff These ports are an impressive achievement since, except the 68k, the jag and the ST have nothing in common.
  9. DrTypo

    Fallen Angels

    Thanks for the nice comments everyone. The sprites (pilots & ships) are blocky since they are only 32x32. It is because of anticipated memory constraints. Well, in the end there is some memory left but I prefer to leave it at that. I have many many ideas for improvement but not enough time. About the levels: there are about 9 kinds of terrain, 6 colors schemes and the day/night cycle (one day is about 6 levels if I remember right). The diffculty reach its maximum at level 20.
  10. DrTypo

    Fallen Angels

    Thanks. I don't plan to add any new feature in this game. I may reuse the engine and improve it in some future game...
  11. DrTypo

    Fallen Angels

    Yes, if it works for you, you don't have to get the file from post #27.
  12. DrTypo

    Fallen Angels

    You should not bother with the file in the OP. However if the file at post #27 doesn't work, that's weird...
  13. DrTypo

    Fallen Angels

    Green helmet = alien. But sometimes an alien manages to take a white helmet. The only way to be sure is to wait for the pilot to knock on your door. An alien will try to destroy the cockpit.
  14. DrTypo

    Fallen Angels

    I think I missed the edit window on the OP. I sent a message to Albert so that he can give me the rights.
  15. DrTypo

    Fallen Angels

    Thanks to sh3-rg testing, I managed to isolate the issue. Here is the fixed binary. Now, how can I edit the OP to avoid confusion? fa01.zip
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