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  1. DrTypo

    Abyss (beta)

    Indeed the game is still not that stable. I managed to make a full playthrough but at return to the main screen there were noise in the music. I also had brief graphic glitches during gameplay. I'll try tonight on my other jag (the "good one") to see what happens.
  2. DrTypo

    Abyss (beta)

    Thanks for playtesting! Yes, it gets pitch black at the bottom. But you should still see the items. They are dark blue so maybe they don't show up well on your TV. I made a bigger crosshair in version 074. I'll try a different control scheme in the next version: - dpad up: up - dpad down: down - dpad left: turn left - dpad right: turn right A : accelerate B : fire C : brake
  3. Early Amiga games, which are ST ports and do not use the custom chips, could maybe made to work on a Jaguar by patching the binary. But I don't how you could make Amiga game that use the custom chips work on a Jaguar by merely patching the binary. The Amiga blitter is a very different beast from the Jaguar blitter. And there is the copper, which is a very simple programmable processor in itself. You would need cycle exact emulation of these co-processors for Amiga games to work. The Amiga also has hardware sprites and dual playfield. A clever use of the Object Processor could maybe done to emulate those features but I doubt it is possible.
  4. Indeed, the Jaguar does not have sound channels. It just has 2 DACs (left and right). There is no DMA either. You must program the DSP to fetch the samples, mix them and send them to the DACs. You can also do software synthesis with the DSP. Basically, everything is done in software.
  5. DrTypo

    Abyss (beta)

    @SCPCD OK. To my knowledge, I don't enable DMA priority on any processors. I'll check again. I'll try the RELEASE bit. My bitmap (the framebuffer) qualifies as "low colour" I think, it's an 8-bit image.
  6. DrTypo

    Abyss (beta)

    @Songbird Thanks for the gameplay feedback! I think having the bubbles float up would be disorienting for the player. Usually there is nothing else to see so it would give the impression that you're diving. Of course the depth meter and the water color tell otherwise but it would be strange. I think I'll make the bubbles less "bouncy". Enemy torpedoes: initially you could shoot at them. I added an exception to the collision detection routine to prevent this but I think that you're right: dealing with the drones, especially the crab drones is a bit unfair for the player. The crab drones are in effect more agile than the player (they rotate-strafe, which you can't do). So I'll remove the exception. the grinding noise is intentional. When you're too deep, the shield gradually fails under pressure. So your time is limited. It's not a worry in version 073 (you're invincible). I think I'll keep this feature but make the shield stronger. About the occasional static lines appearing on screen: I noticed it too, though it seems to happen on my "defective" Jaguar. On the good jag I haven't seen this. I'm not sure what's the deal with the crashes, memory corruptions and random static happening on a few Jaguars. To me the weirdness started when I used the DSP. I first implemented the 3D engine in the GPU. Everything was OK. Then I moved it entirely to the DSP (rasterization included). When rendering large triangles, there were black thick lines across the screen. It was like the DSP was preventing the Object Processor from doing its job. Now the 3D processing is split between the DSP (geometry transformation and clipping) and the GPU (rasterization). There is also the sound interrupt on the DSP that seems to be involved in the weirdness somehow. There is one concerning sentence in the Jaguar Software Reference v2.4 from 1995, page 4, section "Object Processor Performance": "Refresh cycles will normally be postponed until object processing has completed." If the DSP can sometimes prevent the OP from doing its job, maybe the RAM refresh are also delayed, which could explain the memory corruptions. This is my guess but I don't have much way into investigating this.
  7. DrTypo

    Abyss (beta)

    @Clint Thompson Thanks for this comprehensive feedback! So you have glitches that resemble the memory issue I have on my newer unit. Especially the screen going dark sometimes. It looks like there is also an issue with residual crap in the RAM after reset. I made a new version (073) that clears most of the important data at startup. I'm not sure what happens with the issues on mission 5 & 6. By the way you can select a mission by pressing 0 to 7 at the menu. The plane on mission 6 is supposed to be a barge supported by the barrels. You have to sink the barge by destroying the barrels. Yes, I'm using the 68k for most of the gameplay code except collision detection (done on the DSP).
  8. DrTypo

    Abyss (beta)

    Good catch! It was one of my numerous tests to try to make things work. It is useless so I will remove it.
  9. DrTypo

    Abyss (beta)

    Here is the title screen under Phoenix emulator: Mission briefing (level 2): A drone sending you torpedoes on the pipeline level 7:
  10. DrTypo

    Abyss (beta)

    @RadiATIon Now that's really weird. It doesn't seem to be the memory corruption I have on my Jaguar. Could it be another bug? So on my side I dusted off my first Jaguar, the one I bought in 1994. In 2011, when I went back to the Jag scene, this console was giving red screens so I bought a new Jaguar. I have been using the new Jaguar until now. But I was curious about my original Jaguar. Maybe the red screen was due to a loose cart connector. The Skunkboard being a tighter fit, I thought that maybe it could work. Well, it seems I was right, the old jag works fine with the skunkboard. On this jaguar, I don't have the memory corruption bug. So maybe the newer unit is defective. But the issue mentioned by RadiATIon is very perplexing...
  11. DrTypo

    Abyss (beta)

    Thank you for your feedback. So it seems to work fine on NTSC Jaguars at 50 or 60Hz. Maybe my unit is defective (K-Series PAL 50 Hz) but one other person has reported the bug on his PAL Jaguar and other games (Doom, Cybermorph, Hover Strike, Iron Soldier, I-War...) work fine on my Jaguar. @CyranoJ: if you have a PAL Jaguar at your disposal it would be nice to test it. And thank you for your appreciation! I work with the Jaguar limitations and, well, my own. I like to keep things simple otherwise I would never get anything done.
  12. DrTypo

    Abyss (beta)

    Help everybody! So I'm working on a 3D game and things are not going according to plan. First, about the game itself: you're piloting some kind of submarine and must attack enemies defense and infrastructure. There are currently 8 missions, you can select a starting mission by pressing 0..7 on the numpad then A. Craft controls are: dpad up: accelerate, down: brake, left: turn left, right: turn right dpad+C: up: go up, down: go down: left: go left, right: go right B: fire torpedo 1: switch sonar on and off. By switching off the sonar, enemies are less likely to find you, but you don't detect them either. 2: launch a decoy. The enemy will attack the decoy. * and #: abort mission Now the big problem: I'm facing a serious memory corruption bug. It is most likely to occur when DSP and GPU are working in parallel for 3D computation and DSP is also processing sound interrupts. I can reduce the occurrence of the bug by having DSP and GPU not working in parallel. But still, when there is lot's of computation going on, the bug eventually occurs. The bug doesn't occur on emulation (try Phoenix, it is nearly unplayable on Virtual Jaguar). It seems the bug doesn't occur on all Jaguar models. 1/3 seems affected. It works better in the newer versions. Your homework (yeah, this is a beta test, I need your feedback!): You need a skunkboard, or a BJL Jag or a GD: - try the cof file in jagxxx.zip: after loading, stay on the title screen. If your Jaguar has the bug, you should start hearing horrible noise in less than 2 minutes. There may be screen corruptions and the Jaguar may eventually crash. Whether you have the bug or not, please tell me what kind of Jaguar you have: PAL or NTSC, maybe a 50/60 Hz mod. If you are really motivated, you can take a look at the source code, especially if you know your way around the DSP. The source code is in the attached file clipxxx.zip. If you want to build from the source, additional files are needed. Ask me and I'll explain. That's it for now, thanks for your attention. EDIT v074: This version seems more stable. Apart from clearing the buffers (v073), I also clear D_FLAGS and G_FLAGS at init. It seems to help. In this version you're not longer invincible. But you have defenses: - you can shoot at enemy torpedoes - you can send a decoy by pressing 2. You can use 3 decoys for the moment. When the decoy is active, sonar is frozen. Thanks to Songbird for decoy suggestion. - I made a cross-hair. - Main music is a bit amplified. clip074.zip jag074.zip
  13. No problems. I checked myself and the regsvr32 command is useless on this dll: when you remove the /s switch (silence) it gives an error. So that was a moot point. Anyway I installed and moved the emulator and it works. Windows does seem to remember in the registry the various places where you put the emulator (search phoenix in the registry). It don't really know where to go from here...
  14. Ah! I played Alpha Waves on my Atari ST a while ago. I liked it but I don't think I'd make a similar game. Something like BattleZone remains the most realistic option but it still requires quite some work to be fun to play.
  15. clip_sa.ppr is a project file for the PSPad editor. It may be handy if you use this editor but you don't need it to compile. I think I got vc.cfg from my vbcc instal but it doesn't seem to be included by default in vbcc installation archive now. vc.cfg is the compiler configuration file. The compiler looks for this file in $VBCC\config. VBCC is an environement variable. For example, if your vc.cfg is in C:\MyJaguarDevPath\bin\config, set the env variable VBCC to C:\MyJaguarDevPath\bin The contents of the vc.cfg file is something like: -cc=vbcc -quiet %s -o= %s %s -O=%ld -IC:\MyJaguarDevPath\include -IC:\MyJaguarDevPath\projects\MyInclude -ccv=vbcc %s -o= %s %s -O=%ld -IC:\MyJaguarDevPath\include -IC:\MyJaguarDevPath\projects\MyInclude -as=vasm -quiet -mid=0 -Faout -phxass -opt-pea -opt-clr -opt-fconst %s -o %s -asv=vasm -Faout -mid=0 -phxass -opt-pea -opt-clr -opt-fconst %s -o %s -rm=del %s -rmv=del %s -ul=-l%s -cf=-F%s -ml=10000 It's the -I option that defines the default include files search path. Your JAGUAR.H should be in one of the path defined. You can find the latest vbcc here: http://www.compilers.de/vbcc.html
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