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  1. Thanks sir! I kinda thought it might be more than XB... I guess I should have tried that approach first as it completely makes sense. I guess the blue screen and all the loading threw me a bit.. I also thought, but see now that it was not, that the sprites were using more than a single color.. I thought it was using the mode that RRunner used for the sprites. Thanks! -Kory
  2. Does anyone know if there is a listing or file that I can download for this cool little demo, or what was used to create it? This really caught my eye for some reason, and gave me a couple of ideas for something similar that I'd like to try out as I refamiliarize myself with programming. Thanks! -Kory
  3. That's what I was looking for! Thank you Sometimes99er! -Kory
  4. Hi Mike. Thanks! I did look through that, and yeah there is a lot of great info. I really like the VDP manual from Texas Instruments! -Kory
  5. Hi everyone! I'm new here and like most or everyone here I have a love for the Ti which goes back to 1983 when I got my first one for Xmas! I want to get back into programming games using XB, and have always wanted to learn Assembly...Which brings me to why I am posting! I saw a post here that demonstrated a number of square or rectangular sprites randomly appearing. The background was cyan, and the boxes were random colors. The movement was pretty fast. I think it was done using the graphics mode 2.. like Rock Runner. If someone could point me to that post/vid I'd be most grateful. The post had a lot of video clips if that rings a bell for anyone. Thanks, -Kory
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