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  1. Good luck with that Intelliouya of yours. Because it's just like ouya - developed with good intentions in mind and not as a scam, but will fail hard.
  2. So? Use a cross-platform UI library, like wxWidgets, Qt or GTK+
  3. Not in Nestopia but I still find these suggestion to be useful. - An ability to connect android device with an app using a special protocol to act as a wireless Inty controller. This is due to the fact that it's a nightmare to connect original Inty controllers to the PC if you don't know how to solder (and even then, conversion kits allowing to connect it via USB are hard to come by) and because of a keypad, it's hard to map an existing controller to the Intellivision without losing few buttons along the way - you'd still have to go for numpad and that misses the point of why somebody would want a controller. Therefore, such a virtual Inty controller would be next best thing. - Easy way to record, play a sequence of inputs so we can do tool-assisted speedruns.
  4. Mainly based on how NES emulator Nestopia does things that are unrelated to NES/Famicom itself, so if you have used it before, you can skip the thread to the next post that has other suggestions as this one basically "make it more like Nestopia" - Menu bar for opening roms/setting configurations and so on - Video config with stuff like ability to set a filter such as scanlines/simulating NTSC color bleed and scaler used from nearest neighbour to supereagle/hq2x and so on (I think you could safely skip bilinear as I don't think anyone would want their games blurry) - Easy input config instead of aving to fuss with files like you currently have - Extension config to set the paths for Intellivoice/GROM/ECS and so on bios files and enable/disable them as needed - (not necessary, but...) a library where you could scan one or more folders for ROMs. It could then detect game name based on a hash of the rom file, going for the file name in case the game wasn't recognized. - Rewind function so you can undo a few seconds if you made a mistake.
  5. I'd rather have it dynamic since it would give much more flexibility to the coder - many more instruments could play, just only 4 at the same time.
  6. Cool. Any plans of adding a way to specify instrument envelopes in code without having to go to prologue/epilogue? From what I've read the syntax is similar for both so it could be done. This way you could have different instruments at play and music in all games won't sound the same. Yeah, I know you can change them in epilogue/prologue but the process to do so isn't straight-forward not to mention that you're basically editing a default template and will have to revert back if it's just for a specific cart.
  7. Nope, I'm talking about improving IntyBASIC experience for the existing Inty. The new thing looks more and more like another Ouya to me - people behind it have good intentions and it doesn't seem to be a scam, but it will be DOA anyway. //edit: And yes, STOS/AMOS would be a good comparison as well.
  8. Frankly I'd be down for ports of modern Indie titles that could be sensibly demaked to fit down Inty specs and still be playable. Binding of Isaac, perhaps?
  9. Well, at first, sure. But there's homebrew scene and I think they'd put III/IV emulation to a good use if it becomes available. And with support in IntyBASIC for those (or a separate fork of IB to support these things - I really wish IB was opensource, lol), it could be very easy to fix the "no software" issue . Anyway, that's beside the point. The point was that these unreleased consoles deserve to be finished, even if it would be only for the fans of the brand (as I've said - once emulator/hardware appear, the homebrew scene will do a thing and it will be put to a good use).
  10. No, I'm not asking for an IDE. This is IDE: And that's how a fantasy console-style interface looks like: One is more user-friendly than the other and I'm not talking just about programming languages involved. And yes, IntyBASIC is already easy to use, but this thread is about making it so easy that even 8yo could use it. Then we advertise it as "Intellivision is just like fantasy consoles now", make a portal where users could share ROMs they'd make (we could use mod.io for that) and not before long we have thousands of homebrew to choose from. If done right, this has the potential to revitalize the platform. Sure, there will be crap games, but there would be also gems. Unfortunately has too much work lately to try doing it myself, hence the thread.
  11. So I've been thinking. Due to the IntyBASIC compiler that's both capable and easy to code for (even without what I'm about to propose) is THE easiest retro console to make homebrew for. But how about making it even easier, while keeping it powerful? First let's talk (a bit) about fantasy consoles. I won't be boring you with details, do a little research, but fantasy consoles are fun little game SDKs with arbitrary limits. Some of them such as TIC-80 and Pico-8 are very popular, as they include full gamedev suite, from a code editor to sprite maker, music/sfx tool and even a map/level editor, all in one app. How about making a toolkit for IntyBASIC that feels like a fantasy console? Obviously it would be limited by Intellivision's own limits. But with tools to easily design your game's data (music, sfx, graphics, levels) and then ability to load/include them from within an IntyBASIC files, it would make the process of making a game even easier. This will also help bring new game devs (and subsequently, players) to the system which would also be tangentially helpful for the new Intellivision system that's coming out. To do it, an all-in-one package that can subsequently compile and run the game would need to be developed. It would need to feel natural and easy (just like TIC-80 and PICO-. Any takers?
  12. Intv IV, please. http://www.intellivisionlives.com/bluesky/hardware/intelli4_tech.html
  13. Because no one ever did it and I think it would work quite well, the only reason PS controller has only 4 face buttons is because it was heavily inspired by SNES controller (Playstation being originally a SNES add-on and all) and the only reason Xbox controller has 4 face buttons is because it was inspired by the Playstation DualShock controller.
  14. I think it depends on the kind of interpolation. If it's linear, it may be choppy and a bit unresponsive. But if it's smoothed out (not sure what kind of interpolation it is, but the one used in Bezier curves), then it could be good.
  15. Sorry for digging this up, but does anyone sell it with included controller or does anyone know of any Intellivision controller reproduction that works with USB?
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