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  1. I can’t get the device to come up in Windows 10. Anyone have any ideas?
  2. vazquezrick


    Yes. Sorry in the wrong area.
  3. vazquezrick


    When I connect the device, I hear it connect but I don't get a device added to my "This PC". It shows up under "Devices and Printers" in the "Unspecified" area. It is named VecFlash. How do I get the device identified as a mass storage device.
  4. vazquezrick


    Hello all, has anyone been able to get the catt working on Windows 10? Thanks
  5. Hello all, Does anyone have this working in Windows 10? Thank you
  6. I have a SD-Max and somehow the touch screen is not calibrated. Can someone please tell me how to recalibrate the screen? Thank you
  7. DK JR DK 3 not listed Galaga any other
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