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  1. I’ll take one for XL and one for XE.
  2. The FujiNet is a really device. The are some interesting images on various sites. I’ve managed to copy the modem software from one of the TNSF servers to a 5.25 floppy (why? just because) using DOS. However, there are other images that aren’t standard size (floppy disk) so not easily copied. Does anyone have a suggestion of how to copy these non-standard images to the local FujiNet SD card?
  3. Hello all, I just received my and there are a few issues: 1) The flasher program under Windows 10 (20H2) and Mac Catalina will not recognize the FujiNet. I've tried several cables nothing seems to work. 2) When I use the Fujinet on my Atari 130XE with a RAPIDUS and Ultimate 1MB does not work. When I use my Atari 800XL with an Ultimate update the Fujinet comes up. I managed to configure the Fujinet. However, there issues loading images from the Internet. This may be related to not having the latest firmware. Does anyone have any ideas? I'll try proving power to the Fujinet similar to the recommendation for an Atari 800. Thanks
  4. All caps changed. Intellivision fixes.
  5. I plan to order both required capacitors tonight.
  6. Do you have the specifications for for the capacitor? Is this it? 3300uF 50v Axial TVX Nichicon Electrolytic Capacitor, 2000 Hrs 85°C 3,300uF https://console5.com/store/intellivision-2609-3668-system-3-iii-tandyvision-cap-kit.html
  7. Attached are the photos of the power supply and tTrans.HEICransformer.PW Supply.HEIC
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