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  1. Please tell me if I'm mistaken, look at the Wizard shooting the player (5:32) server times in the back and doesn't die. This happens at other times as well. Regarding the Worluk, he can't shoot only moved around quickly, why would the player be allowed to pass through? In fact, once the game starts the players never die even after being shot several times. Looks like a cheat in place.
  2. This is one of my favorite games. I can't wait for it to hit the US in either cart or rom format. Great job!!!
  3. One last note, in the arcade, when the player dies with the Wizard in play, the player won’t be allowed to continue play, the Wizard escape. The plater starts a new board, if he/she has addition players. Nevertheless, looks awesome.
  4. I noticed the player passed through the Worluk without killing the player (4:10), same with the Wizard (4:14). Is this a bug?
  5. If it's fake it's pretty darn good. If real, I'll purchase a copy.
  6. I just started playing my Phoenix console and noticed two issues: 1) when I plug the console directly into my Sony TV I get a small picture in the middle of the screen. The image is not scaling. I do get sound. 2) when I plug the console into a HDMI 4x1 Goronya switch the image scales to the screen but I don’t get sound. When the console first comes in I hear a few crackles. When I plug in the SNES mini, using the same cable I get perfect sound. Anyone else having similar issues? Thanks
  7. A bit disappointed. Promises were made. Perhaps there’ll be a discount for continuing customers.
  8. I can’t get the device to come up in Windows 10. Anyone have any ideas?
  9. vazquezrick


    Yes. Sorry in the wrong area.
  10. vazquezrick


    When I connect the device, I hear it connect but I don't get a device added to my "This PC". It shows up under "Devices and Printers" in the "Unspecified" area. It is named VecFlash. How do I get the device identified as a mass storage device.
  11. vazquezrick


    Hello all, has anyone been able to get the catt working on Windows 10? Thanks
  12. Hello all, Does anyone have this working in Windows 10? Thank you
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