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  1. Great transaction and arrived super fast, even from the great white north! Thanks again
  2. I've only had problems with Rescue on Fractalus. I have one copy that works with a little bit of fidgeting, the other has never worked for me even though it's in pristine condition. Every other Atari release for the system works perfectly first time every time. Here's the board from the bad Fractalus:
  3. Was great to fill several holes in my 2600 collection. Highly recommended seller!
  4. Too small, that's for sure. I don't know if I've hardly seen one where the sides and front aren't bulged out from having the controller in it. I can't speak for a regular Jag controller but the ProController box is 6-3/4" H x 6-1/4" W x 1-7/8" T. That's if it wasn't deformed from having the giant controller jammed in it.
  5. Sad I don't see more hate for Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story in this thread. I'd play any other game for the system for hours before having to deal with that one.
  6. Do you have a picture of the chip on the corner of the 5200?
  7. That's funny as I've always felt that the red label one sticks out like a sore thumb in a 7800 collection. I've gotten rid of them before in favor of the silver ones.
  8. Careful with a bid like that, you might just summon the Lock Ness Monster... I bid $375
  9. That's exactly the one I want. It would be a 7800 exclusive as far as home ports go. Plus I really want this artwork on a 7800 Cart. It's even already set for that sweet silver border.
  10. I just want Paperboy and Ataxx. Both would even be very possible.
  11. Stadium Events has always been so stupid to have as the NES's holy grail. The gameplay sucks, the cover art sucks, and it's a glorified label variant of a super common game anyway. I really wish someone could find a pallet of them and wreck the market just so a more interesting title could take its throne.
  12. That Wii collection is a thing of beauty. There's gotta be at least 700 titles there. I've been curious for a while of what a complete Wii collection would look like. 1500+ games is no joke. I've also been interested in seeing a full PS2 collection in all its glory. Every time I see people scrambling for overpriced NES games I can't help but think how silly it is to not be hunting down Wii, PS2, GC, DC, or Xbox games. That's where it's at these days in terms of price.
  13. The thrift stores near me have become a lost cause for games. They're great for music though. These days more and more people are just ripping all their CDs to hard-drives and dumping the physical copies at the thrifts. There's pretty good turnover too.
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